retablo: the saint
These works commemorate the miraculous intercession of, among others:

St John the Baptist (Highways)

Archangel Raphael (Happy Meetings)

St Adjutor (Yachtsmen)

St Joseph of Cupertino (Pilots)

St Mildburga (Birds)

St Mathurin (Fools)

St Venerius (Lighthouse Keepers)

The Blessed Virgin Mary (Anything You Like Really)

St Andrew (Fishermen)

St George (Boy Scouts)

St Francis of Paolo (Seafarers)

St Placid (Against Peril at Sea)

St Morand (Vintners)

St Romanus (Against Drowning)

St Peter (Fishermen)

St Nicholas (Fishermen)

St James (Cockle Shell)

St Bernard of Montjoux (Skiers)

St Charles Borromeo (Apple Orchards)

St Expeditus (Emergencies)

St Gertrude of Nivelles (Against Mice)