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I am researching my family, the Gamble Family and my mother's family, the Turner and Beveridge Families, as well as my wife Lea's family, the Sessions family and her mother's families, the Udermans and White Families.

William GAMBLE was born circa 1760 and married Mary Williams and they had five children.

Peter's paternal grandparents: Richard Ernest GAMBLE was born in 1880 in Birkenhead, Cheshire. He married Janet Ellis MUSKER who was born in 1879 in West Derby, Lancashire and they had five children.

Peter's maternal grandparents: Thomas TURNER was born in 1878 in Liverpool, Lancashire. He married Henrietta BEVERIDGE who was born in 1880 and they had eight children.

This coat of arms was granted to Sir David Gamble, 1823-1907, in 1897. He was awarded a K C B in 1904 and was Mayor of St Helens, Lancashire 1858-70. He was the son of Josias Christopher GAMBLE and Hannah GOWER.

Arms: Or, on a pile gules between two trefoils slipped in a base vert, a fleur-de-lis of the first, a chief ermine.

Crest: On a mount between two trefoils slipped vert a stork argent, holding in the beak a rose gules, stalked, leaved, and slipped proper.

Motto: Vix ea nostra voco meaning I scarce call these things ours.

Stephen SESSIONS was born around 1790 in Surrey, England. He married Deborah DARBON sometime around 1815. and they had seven children.

Lea's paternal grandparents: William George SESSIONS was born in 1876 and died in 1954 in Brighton, Sussex. He married Daisy WHALE born in 1891 and they had three children.

Lea's maternal grandparents: Charles William Ernest UDEMANS was born in 1890 and died circa 1926 in Cape Town, South Africa. He married Sarah Ann "Sally" WHITE born in 1892 in Cape Town and they had five children.

This coat of arms was granted to....

Arms: Gold and blue with three griffins heads counterchanged.

Crest: A gold Griffin's head.

Motto: Hope for the best.

Although no link has yet been found between the families being researched and the families who were awarded the coats of arms, we can always Hope for the best !

Some of the material for the Gamble Family has come from Donald Gamble of Rhode Island, USA, while some of the material for the Sessions Family has come from Lesley Silverstone (nee Hinchcliffe) of Vancouver, Canada.
These web pages record the information about their descendents that we have uncovered so far.
Please let us know of any corrections or additional material.

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