Crime on Earth

E.T. Hack
Chapter One
BENT: the Ministry of Discipline and Bondage was established with the aim of ensuring that everyone got what was coming to them.t... COOL: on Planet Cool style is everything, and if you haven't got it you can't get near the place, you won't make it past the Bouncer Satellites... DIRT: my home. We're all hermaphrodite there. It enables us to have sex with ourselves and thus avoid scandal. Reproduction is taken care of by centrifugal recombination.. CRANK: proposed the construction of a vast galactic bumper bar to protect us all from the impending collision between the Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxy.
GLUT: the Gluttoids stripped other planets of everything edible in what came to be known as 'gourmand tourism'. QUIZ: the Quizzoids' most pitiful victims were the poor naive and now extinct Suckers, who were induced to swap the whole atmosphere of ... of SUCK for whatever was in the box - a handful of cosmic dust. DOPE: produced a comprehensive drug catalogue (the Galactic Narcome Project) catering to the neurochemistry of every solvent life-form in the galaxy.
copyright Peter Tonkin 2007