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People & Places Magazine

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IPF's People & Places magazine is in addition to our pen friend service and is a fun and informative way to stay in touch with the pen friend world.

Available by subscription and professionally published in full-colour, People & Places contains information on all aspects of IPF's activities and items submitted by members, including pen friend stories, letter writing adventure and advice, travel articles, photographs, etc.

There are also competitions, prizes, member profiles and an award of US$200 for the best item published in each edition.

The 2017/2018 edition was published late December 2017 and is now being produced as a digital magaazine!

All exisiting subscriptions will be sent in the mail as a printed magazine. All new subscriptions will be sent as a digital magazine by email.

The magazine can be viewed on computers, laptops, smartphones, iPads and tablets. You can also print the magazine using your printer.

The magazine is only available for subscription to IPF members and the prize money in each edition is only available to subscribers.

The price of the digital magazine is: AUD$7, ¥1,000, €6, £6 or US$7 and is shown as the DM service on application forms. (Click here to pay with PayPal).


Everyone who subscribes has FREE entry into the Letters from Holly and Ted Competition and could win US$50!

People & Places is only published in English.

If you have any further queries or would like to advertise in the magazine, please contact:

Julie Delbridge
People & Places Magazine
International Pen Friends
PO Box 430
Paynesville VIC 3880


Tel: + 61 3 5156 1144