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International Pen Friends' Head Office:

Julie Delbridge
International Pen Friends
PO Box 430
Paynesville VIC 3880


Tel: + 61 3 5156 1144
Mobile: 0417 376 452

International Pen Friends (IPF) is a registered business: ABN 80 070 592 343
20 View Street, Paynesville VIC 3880, Australia

Please Note:

Our logos, slogan and name are protected under copyright and trademark law. International Pen Friends (IPF) is a registered trademark.

We have a well-documented, meaningful and genuine history. We have a large number of representatives worldwide, and many of our representatives have web pages and promote IPF's services locally in their country.

There are also some organisations that have taken extraordinary steps in establishing services that appear to be very similar to our service and name, including an organisation that claims the right to being the 'original' provider of a pen friend service. We strongly dispute that claim and have relevant legal evidence to prove it is false. We are definitely not part of, or associated with in any way, that organisation in Chelan, Washington State, USA.

In 1996/1997 a name very similar to our name was trademarked in USA. The organisation responsible continues to falsely align the now long-dead trademark with respected pen friend services and brand names that have operated over the history of time.

Please contact us if you would like to confirm if a particular website or person represents our organisation.