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MicroStation 3D By Examples (Second Edition)

by Noel Addison
This book provides a method for MicroStation operators currently restricted to 2D to dramatically increase their productivity. The "real world" is in 3D, so why model it in two dimensions? This book uses practical examples of 3D modeling to teach the efficient application of MicroStation 95 to design projects.

It contains very detailed practical examples to enable the reader to "learn by doing". The book features hundreds of illustrations, all of them produced by MicroStation. It is written as a self-teaching guide for individuals, as well as being an ideal textbook and course guide for classroom training. It is the perfect companion to "MicroStation 2D by Examples", by the same author. Topics covered include: Free-forms, Modifying surfaces, Blending surfaces, Composite surfaces, Extensive B-splines surfaces coverage, Drawing composition, Introduction to Lightning. All exercises are performed using AccuDraw.

Click here to download the 3dbook2.zip (1.07Meg) containing the MicroStation files used in this book.

Reader Comments

A reader from Canada , August 6, 1998 2 out of 5 stars
Having gone through this (Adventures in 3D) book with a fine-toothed comb I noted a very high incidence of errors...specifically with the exercises! The CD which came with the book did NOT correspond to what was written in the book! It seems that Online Press was very sloppy with their editing of this book. My recommendation would be to get "MicroStation 3D by Example" Author is Noel Addison. Excellent.

I saw the book at www.tmc.org. I also saw the book referred to at www.amazon.com. Someone who reviewed the "Adventures in MicroStation 3D" book said that "MicroStation 3D by Examples" was better.

Tim Jenkins, Jinks, USA

PS. I know it sounds like a bad American, but when I saw your price as A$69.00 I thought that was $69.00 American dollars. While I am quite glad that it was not (that would be $151.00 Australian dollars), I am sure that other Americans reading your site could make the same mistake. I almost didn't want to purchase your book because I thought I could get 2 others for the same price. Sometimes it's nice to be wrong.


I bought your book yesterday and I wonder where the site is with the file 3dbook2.zip? I like your books on MicroStation. They are easy to read and understand.

Thanks from Henrik Jensen, Sweden


Description Price (Australian Dollars)  
MicroStation 3D by Examples, 2nd Edition
ISBN  0-9586831-1-5
524 pages.
 A$69.95 (for overseas clients)

A$76.95 (for Australian clients - GST included)

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