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MicroStation 2D by Examples, 2nd Edition
by Noel Addison

Totally revised, this book starts with the basics of Computer Aided Design, using the power-ful MicroStation package. It is written for those starting out and for advanced users who need to increase their efficiency. The fundamentals are introduced by a series of simple practical examples, with full explanations.

It is written to be a self-teaching guide to individuals, as well as being an ideal textbook and course guide for class room training. Click here (zipfile, 56KB) to download a preview of the book.

Topics covered include:

• The MicroStation/J design environment
• Fundamentals of design creation
• Manipulation of design elements
• Using "Cells"
• Vector and Raster reference files
• Text and Dimensioning options
• Efficient use of settings groups, Custom and Multi-line styles
• Printing/Plotting, document production


Description Price (Australian Dollars)  
MicroStation 2D by Examples, 2nd Edition 
ISBN 0-646-37095-2
512 pages
 A$59.95 (for overseas clients)

A$66.00 (for Australian clients - GST included)

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