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MicroStation 2D By Examples
by Noel Addison

For MicroStation 95, but applicable to MicroStation SE. This book starts with the basics of Computer Aided Design, using the powerful MicroStation 95 package. It is written for  those starting out and for advanced users who need to increase their efficiency. The fundamentals are introduced by a series of simple practical examples, with full explanations.

It is written to be a self-teaching guide to individuals, as well as being an ideal textbook and course guide for class room training. Topics covered:

  • The MicroStation 95 design environment
  • Fundamentals of design creation
  • Using AccuDraw
  • Using Cells
  • Vector and Raster reference files
  • Text and Dimensioning options
  • Efficient use of settings groups, Custom and Multi-line styles
  • Tags
  • Printing/Plotting


Description Price (Australian Dollars)  
MicroStation 2D by Examples
ISBN 0-9586831-0-7
 A$59.95 (for overseas clients)

A$66.00 (for Australian clients - GST included)

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