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Valentines's Day 2004

Happy Valentine's Day - I hope all those admirers have shown their love.

For us it started out well. On Valentine's morning, I got a nice shirt from my wife (I told her she should dress me) and I gave her duty free perfume from my recent work trip. She gave me a card with the following 25 words or less - I thought this was going to a fun night.

Sweets for sweet, sugar for my honey
If you play your cards right, I'll be your playboy bunny.

I was convinced the 25wol was really good and she should enter it into a competition. She said it was too corny, what do you think?

Back to story because by late morning, our son was acting very irregular wanting to go to bed with his 'blankie' (blanket). We knew something was wrong, because he was in PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit) six months ago for an asthma attack. So we rush him into emergency, and lo behold he was immediately admitted. We spent Valentine's night in the hospital cafeteria with our lovely bowl of soup de jour - minestrone. Luckily the attack was not severe and we only had to spend one night in hospital.

But the Valentine's moment was gone ...

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