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The World Game, aka The World Cup

What a year for sports, we had the Winter Olympics, Commonwealth Games and the upcoming World Cup Football Championship. Yes, the game with the round ball is called Football, I was kindly reminded when I called my Dutch friend and asked him if he was going to the soccer and he drew a blank, then said you mean football?

When Australia qualified for the World Cup, there were numerous calls and statements to the effect of see you in Germany! After everything settled down, the logistics of getting to the games in Germany became apparent. Flights, thats the easy part. Accommodation, well thats doable, someone said just sleep in the street because the police have enough to worry about. Then it came to the tickets one suspects winning the lottery will be easier. The tickets are now allocated via a ballot, there are numerous T&Cs so please check the official website for more information.

After failing to get even one ticket from the last ballot, (they only accept MasterCard as they are a major sponsor) I quickly calculated the odds of winning the Sunrise SMS competition were better. I decided that the money saved, I can get myself a brand new plasma screen to enjoy the game at 2 in the morning. But wait, Winners are Grinners, I can try to win my way to Germany so I have entered as many competitions as I can get my hands on. So here they are:

The first place to start is the home of soccer in Australia There are several comps, so make sure you enter them all. The 160 characters or less will be the most challenging but Computing Law number 2 if it is harder to enter, then it is easier to win. The reverse is also true.

SMS or phone to win a trip with Today

Gillette is having a promotion, head down and purchase M3Power razor for a chance to win tickets, airfare & accommodation.

Answer a simple question on Mens Health Magazine for a chance to see Australia vs. Brazil\\

How about donating some blood for a worthy cause and get a chance to go the game

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Sorbent Grand Slam competition
The Sorbent Grand Slam competition has extremely desirable prizes, including a choice of Grand Slam trips to the value of $40,000.


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