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So the question is, "Should I use a PO Box address or a street address?". The short quick answer is it doesn't matter, and here's the long answer.

If you are entering a competition that is a lucky draw, then a PO Box or Street address will not effect the outcome. You were asking about Take 5, then a PO box will not be detrimental to your chances.

Here's some food for thought, a PO Box address is a valid mailing address but is an invalid street address. So you may be disqualified for providing a mailing address instead of a street address. How can you tell? Check the Terms and Conditions. If they ask for an address or contact information, then you can use either. If they are specific and ask for a street address, then put that down. I would highly recommend that when you use a PO Box number to put down you mobile or home number (even if they have not asked for it). A phone number will allow them to call you to tell you something along the lines of "Congratulations, you have won ...; by the way where do you want me to send your prize?" This has happen to me a few times already as some organisers do not prefer to send to a post office box. Admittedly I have also collected numerous winning parcels from my PO box.

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