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Before we start, there's some housekeeping to be done. The question I get all the time is whether there is a cost in subscribing to this mailing list. The answer is no, it's free. You don't even have to buy my book - Winners are Grinners. But, theres a catch and that is I cannot promise when you will get an email. On a positive note I wont be clogging your inbox with spam. Furthermore, the list is only used for the purpose of sending you tips and tricks. You don't need to send me your street address or contact numbers, just an email address. How do I benefit from providing this service? Its two fold, it helps spread the word about my book and I get feedback about what compers are doing out there, so I can spread the word. Feel free to forward this email in its entirety to all your friends.

Have you seen those books on how to make millions of dollars on the stockmarket or property investments? These books promise to show you how to buy low and sell high, and live like Donald Trump. We've all bought those books, certainly I have several of them, but I'm no Donald. So where did I go wrong? Were the books telling me a phurphy? It's all down to execution, hard work and persistence. So let's do the hard work and collect those prizes. To put you into what I now will term "The Winning Zone", you need to stick to my three Laws of Comping. If you are still not winning, then one of the three laws of comping has not been observed In this bulletin I will harp on the first law of comping and that is "you have to be in it to win it".

Here are some statistics which we use to show when I have entered the Winning Zone. I know that at a worse case, including dry spells, I will win 1 in 50 competitions entered. Given my current commitments I try to enter about 100 competitions a month. This may seem like a lot but it works out to about 3 a day (which I think is quite easy to achieve). What you will find is that as your skill level increases you might get a win after only about 30 competitions entered (this is especially the case with 25wol). Your win ratio varies between individuals and is based on skill level and types of competitions entered, i.e. 25wol or lucky draw.

My wife does most of the comping, and her 25wol are bearing fruit. You would not believe how hard it is to get her winning entries, it is like extracting teeth. This month she is feeling especially generous and is sharing her recent win of a Sunbeam Hair Staightener $79.95, from the New Woman Freebies in June. The question was why do you deserve to be spoilt? Her winning entry:

'Big hair, peroxide, teasing and tears. Could use a new "doo" to get me by the next twenty years!'

They offer various prizes every month so she even allowed me to share her July entry on why she deserved to win the Jockey competition.

"Deserve this prize because haven't seen much action lately and have heard that

O-n the body

She had heard that the promoters always like the brand name mentioned so she came up with an acrostic poem. Also being a brand of underwear, a certain amount of raciness was the order of the day. We'll have to wait and see what happens. I don't know if she'll win with this but wish her luck.

On a parting note about the Winning Zone, it's like the story about the guy who was praying to win the lottery. God finally answered his prayers and said after the 3rd day. "How about meeting me half way and buy a ticket". So the moral of the story is you have to be in it to win it. I know I sound like a broken record but that's Comping Law #1.

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