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My 15 minutes of fame

Yes, it's been a while since I wrote my last article. A lot has occurred and  the highlight has to be my appearance on Today Tonight (Perth only). It was a Perth based story, (see yet I live on the east coast. So an 8am 'interview' at the local Seven studio solved that problem. On watching the video, I must admit I looked really tired. So I'm not cut out for morning talk shows.

My 15 minutes of fame started out in the Seven studio which was an office that has been converted to a 'living room'. The interview was very well organised with the interviewer reading Seven Perth's scripted questions. I remember being asked, 'tell us what you have won?" and my response, "just about everything except for a car". The cameraman didn't like that at all, he said answer the question. It was ironic that Seven Perth used my response as the introduction to my book. It was a great experience, and one for the grand kids.

Speaking of winning, my wife has done very well in the last few weeks. She  won twice with Garnier Fructis, both 25wol but using different email and postal addresses. To claim her prizes, she needed proof of purchase, i.e. a receipt during the promotional period plus the barcode. The barcode was easy, she turned the house upside down looking for the receipt, but no luck. She emailed them her hard luck story and asked if the barcode will suffice. They responded that it is outside the terms and conditions but will allow it this one time only. She only claimed one prize, as she "didn't want to push her luck". Just goes to show that terms and conditions are flexible.

She also won on Hot Hits, and I thought Hot Hits was just impossible to win. She entered her details using 3 different email  addresses for one week and bingo, she received a DVD plus 2 music CDs - all current releases. Then she kept winning, baby stuff, lots of DVDs/CDs, movies tickets, cosmetics and a skateboard pack. We still have not received the skateboard but she already won a skateboard 6 months ago (IXL Competition). We have locked that away otherwise our boys will destroy themselves and the house as the eldest is not 4 years old yet. Alas we are still waiting for that car win (aren't we all).

The secret to her success are the Three Laws of Comping. She always makes  sure she is in the Winning Zone. To achieve this she needs to enter at least 40 competitions a week. I think her strike rate is a lot better, one in 30, and if she sticks to 25wol, it seems that she wins constantly.

A recent reader wrote:

Dear Mach

I read the whole book without putting it down. It's excellent! The only  problem I have is locating the favourites file on the companion website which is mentioned at the beginning of the book.

Could you please help?
S. K.

Thanks for those kind words. I removed the favourites files because it was getting out of date. I will update it and post it back on the web. On a parting thought, if you think 25wol are hard to do then have a look at the winning entries published on this website (note, the link is current in late April 2005) .

You have to agree that just answering the 25wol almost guarantees a prize. Considering that the Coke site must receive thousands of entries, the judges probably judged the entries as they came in, until they awarded all the prizes. I must admit the winning entries are pretty good and have given me ideas for other competitions.

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