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    Animating with MicroStationAnimation with MicroStation
    by Jerry Flynn.

    "Animating With MicroStation" is the newest title from the Bentley Institute Press and is the follow-up to the successful "Animating With MicroStation."  400+ pages + CD. A$95.00 (GST incl.)


    MSRenderRendering with MicroStation
    by Jerry Flynn.
    Through illustrations and hands-on exercises, this book covers every aspect of rendering in detail - including cameras, materials, lighting, environment maps, and rendering set- tings. 400+ pages + CD. A$110.00 (GST incl.)


    MicroStation 2D in Practice
    by Kate Scaife

    This book is for new comers to MicroStation as well as those with more experience, wishing to increase their efficiency and update their knowledge of this powerful CAD package. The book is a self-teaching aid. The tools and features of MicroStation V8 are explained through the context of simple and relevant exercises with clear and full explanatory text.

    Learning MicroStation VBA
    by Jerry Winters
    offering both step-by-step learning for inexperienced programmers and a complete MicroStation VBA reference guide for others. 902 pages + CD. A$120.00 (GST incl.)



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