Any show that graces the stage with more than a single light, some music played live, and other performers is the work of not only the leads, but in fact a whole team of dedicated people. "Dancing on Dangerous Ground" is no different. 

Dancers, musicians, lighting technicians, seamstresses, sound engineers, stage hands, carpenters caterers and physios are just some of the team that make this show a success. Each of these people have put their time, effort and committment onto the front line, and each of these people has played an important part in bringing this show to you.

Unfortunately it is oft forgotten that they too are critical to the presentation and success of a show. So here we will give credit to those who are the strength behind the scenes, the masters behind the music, the dedicated dancers, and the other omnipotents. Here are....

The Troupe

Acts US
Acts UK

Well here they will be as pictures are contributed! [g] Here is one that has been sent, and huge thanks to the contributor!
Colleen Farrell (left) and Colin in "bar scene" with Solas

Some of the troupe in rehearsal, from the London program.
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