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February, 2000
Colin Dunne and Jean Butler took the ancient myth and wove it into a piece of Irish dance theatre. By the time it opened, after a delay, in Drury Lane, London, there were already changes planned. The opening on February 8, 2000 at the reknown Radio City Music Hall in New York City saw a show that had already undergone development and maturation.

March, 2000
- An article from March 10 New York Times that was posted on the DoDG MB.
- An incredible show report by Marcia, that she posted on the DoDG MB.

April, 2000
- Here is an article that appeared in the New York Magazine on April 3, 2000.
- Solas has moved on to produce another album and prepare for an extended tour. This article, appearing on Sonicnet by Earl Hitchner, covers their plans for the future.

May, 2000
There is much concern being shown by the fans of the show over the lack of information available regarding the rescheduling of shows that have been postponed or cancelled - Toronto postponed and Chicago cancelled. We can but wait for official word - one tidbit I can offer is that I have been told that at the moment the planned shows in Toronto in July are still happening... this is NOT official, just from a reliable and informed source.

December, 2000
Well, as is probably common knowledge, "Dancing on Dangerous Ground" was cancelled indefinitely due to financial difficulties. In the months since this happened there have been numerous rumours, and a few reports. Finally though, there is good news. In an interview with Colin Dunne, the Celtic Cafe was able to confirm that they are working to again bring the show to the world. He also talks about the video that has been released. To read the full interview click here.

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