On December 4, 1999, in London's Drury Lane Theatre, the mystery and passion of an ancient celtic legend was woven into our time. For the first time a theatre production was presented using Irish dance to weave it's tale into the viewer's tapestry.

The tale of Diarmuid and Grania, one of love, passion, drama and tragedy, had been likened to that of Romeo and Juliet, Lancelot and Guinevere. It is the tale of the eternal triangle, of one betrothed and wedded out of duty, suddenly swept away by passion, lost in the anguish of desire, then fleeing from the anger of those wronged, seeking justice.

Colin Dunne and Jean Butler, two international stars of Irish dance, collaborated to present an interlude that takes you into the heart of a tale of the heart. With their 35-strong troupe of talented dancers, the music and skill of Seamus Egan and Solas, they choreographed an ancient legend into modern theatre.

This site is here to present some of the information gathered together by those who have already experienced the show. Seasoned audience members, and ardent fans alike, have contributed their experiences, and memories of

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