As is to be expected "Dancing on Dangerous Ground" already had an expectant band of faithful followers awaiting its launch. With the creators/lead dancers/choreographers and producers already well known from their successful careers with Riverdance, "DoDG" was eagerly anticipated. Here will be some of the experiences and memories presented for you by those who have been willing to share their time with "DoDG". Thanks to all the contributors!


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On December 29, 1999 in Drury Lane, London, a young Irish dancer, Alicia, had her dreams come true. No only did she have the chance to meet the stars of "DoDG" she was also given a 'prize' sought after by many young Irish dancers, the autographs of two of the best, both on their pictures... and the soles of her ghillies! Thanks, Dad, for sharing her pics with us.
İD Rule
Alicia and Jean.
İD Rule
Alicia's ghillies, now with special meaning.
Alicia's autographed memory of both.
İJean Bradley
Jean Bradley sent this picture of Jean and Colin at an autograph signing
after a show at RCMH, New York.
İD Rule
Alicia and Colin 'having a chat'.
Alicia's autographed memory of Colin.
Alicia's autographed memory of Jean.
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