This is from the original UK program and show.




From out of Ireland's mythic past the dance brings forth our story's main characters:  Diarmuid, Grania and Finn McCool.

At The Court of Finn McCool
We enter the court of Finn McCool, leader of The Fianna, the Irish military force, and meet Diarmuid who is revered as the finest of The Fianna.

Grania's Arrival
Grania arrives at Finn's Court to meet her intended husband for the first time.

The Gift Of The Bodyguards
To show his love for Grania,  Finn presents her with four of the elite Fianna force who are sworn to be her escort of personal bodyguards.

Diarmuid & The Fianna
In another part of Finn McCool's fortress home Diarmuid puts the elite Fianna force through their paces in a training session during which Diarmuid demonstrates the skills which make him matchless amongst his peers.

The Women of The Court
The women of Finn's Court take center stage in a dance celebrating the forthcoming ceremony.

The Meeting In A Late - Night Bar
Out on the town for an evening, Diarmuid's encounter with a musician leads him into a late-night bar where he joins a boisterous session of music and dance amidst which he is unexpectedly drawn into a passionate tryst with another man's bride-to-be.


At The Wedding of Finn & Grania
Finn & Grania are now husband and wife and the celebrations are well under way in the Great Hall at the Court but take an unexpected turn when Grania conspires with the women of the Court to ply Finn and the Fianna with adulterated wine.

The Awakening
It is the morning after the wedding and the Fianna struggle to shake off their drugged stupor as they prepare themselves to respond to an enraged Finn's cry for vengeance.

The Cry For War
The women of the Court dutifully assist the Fianna in their preparations before demonstrating the military side of their nature as they similarly prepare themselves for the hunt for the fugitive lovers.

The Pursuit
The chase after Diarmuid and Grania follows them deep into the forest where the pursued lovers have fled in the hope of finding sanctuary from the forces of Finn's rage. For a time it appears they have found a safe retreat.  But Grania has a nightmarish premonition of impending disaster which all too quickly becomes realty.

The Capture And A Death
At the height of the pursuit Diarmuid and Grania become separated and Diarmuid is cornered by the Fianna. With every possible escape route closed his pursuers close in on Diarmuid with fatal consequences.

Grania's Lament
The terrible and tragic events in the forest are now in the past and Grania is found alone in her grief, bereft of her one and only true love.

Their story told Diarmuid, Grania and Finn return to the mythic past from whence they came.

This material is reproduced from the program from the UK show
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