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****A Botanical Latin Home Page ****

My U.S. Mirror at will be closing in late 2009 - the data files there are very much outdated and should not be used!

About Me

I'm a botanist with a special interest in ferns, a Botanical Latin enthusiast
and a long-time programmer hence the Botanical Latin programs
TRANSLAT and LATIN which are available below.....

TRANSLAT.EXE converts botanical Latin to English, LATIN.EXE generates declined Latin from Latin dictionary forms.

Initial instructions and TRANSLAT Detailed Information

latest versions: TRANSLAT v. 4.15, LATIN v. 2.16 **

TRANZIP.EXE (Windows WinZip-based self extracter, 614K)


TRANINST.EXE (MSDos self extracting zip, 616Kbytes)

OR get 2 separate MSDos files: (1) TRASMALL.EXE (375Kbytes), no Examples or English-to-Latin 'dictionary' files

AND (2) MISCDATA.EXE (182Kbytes), containing only Examples and English-to-Latin dictionary file

  ** programs and data updated July 29, 2009 (see list of corrections)

Some of my favourite links.........

I recommend a visit to the Internet Directory of Botany . The Latin Grammar Aid and Wordlist is a useful link for Latin, as is the iLoveLanguages Page. Detailed explanations of (species) epithets are available at the Dictionary of Botanical Epithets site. For a bit of light relief, see Doug Yanega's personal home page for oddities of zoological and botanical nomenclature.  If you are seeking commercial Scientific Latin Translation services, see Mark A. Garland's site.


Thelypteris confluens, Stradbroke Island, southern Queensland, Australia: the confirmed Australian distribution of this fern consists of two sites in Queensland, and one in southern Victoria.

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Email me if you have problems with TRANSLAT, or want to talk about ferns (see email address in the image >>>>>)


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Author: Peter D. Bostock

Adiantum hispdiulum var. whitei, photographed in the Anstead area about 18 km W of Brisbane. (© P. Bostock 2005)


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