They want you to lead worship
(a book I wrote and published in October, 2005)

They want you to lead worship 

For some time I have been conscious of a need within the church of a booklet that gave guidance to Elders and others within the church who get called upon, often “out of the blue”, to lead Christian worship. Such books do exist but most of them were written well over 60 years ago and, as you may have noticed, the world has moved on a little since then!

And so the idea of They want you to lead worship began.

It has taken some years to reach fruition but the book is now available for purchase and has already given great help to many who would never describe themselves as preachers but who, never-the-less, are now giving competent and helpful worship leadership to congregations in Australia and even in a handful of other countries.

The book is written in a conversational style and, whilst I have tried to check the accuracy of each quote and citation, the text is not weighed down with footnotes, academic references and theological jargon. I believe the theology is sound and the scholarship trsutworthy, but it has not been written as a technological textbook nor as an academic thesis. It is written for ordinary people who need guidance in the extraordinary task of leading Christian worship.

The book measures 13cm x 20cm and has just under 250 pages. It has been published in the paperback format. The book has been enhanced with several black-and-white sketches by Denis Towner.

So what is in it?

The book is divided into six chapters, each dealing with a different aspect of leading worship, as you can see below. It also includes two appendices, one dealing with the use of multimedia in worship and the other going through a typic act of worship section by section.

Here is a copy of the Table of Contents with the page numbers deleted. To let you glimpse the contents of the book, half a dozen of the entries below are links to other pages that contain snapshots of actual pages. Each is between 65k and 75k in size so, unless you have a really slow connection, they should load quickly. You may have to scroll your page to see each one.


1. Worship in General “What is worship all about?” (a) What is worship? (b) Public worship, private devotions and evangelism (c) Listening to God and responding (d) Five senses, two hemispheres

2. Preaching Preparation “How do I get a sermon ready?” (a) Preaching from the Lectionary (b) Listening to God and proclaiming (c) Touching the listener (d) Practical considerations

3. Preaching Delivery “How do I get the message across?” (a) Clarity of thought (b) Conversational English (c) Voice, posture, gesture, expression (d) Use of illustrations

4. Prayers and Praying “How do I lead the people in prayer?” (a) Praying versus leading in prayer (b) Types of prayers (c) Writing and sourcing prayers (d) General and particular

5. Hymns and Music “How can we make a joyful noise unto the Lord?” (a) Choice of hymns and songs (b) Placing hymns and songs in worship (c) Learning new hymns and songs (d) How many and which tunes? (e) Communion settings

6. Psalms and other bits “What about all the details and bits and pieces?” (a) The use of Psalms and readings (b) The Bible readings (c) Movement and mechanical features (d) Use of visual aids, music, lights etc. (e) The role of stewards and other functionaries

Appendix 1. The use of multimedia in worship (a) What is multimedia? (b) Resources for multimedia (c) The charge of gimmickry

Appendix 2. A sample Order of Worship Sample Order of Worship The Order in more detail Part 1 Into the presence of God Part 2 Hear the Word of God Part 3 Respond to the Word of God



How can I get this book?

Because I have published the book myself, it is only obtainable from Macpublish, a tiny print and web publishing company of which I am part-owner with a friend of mine. To book costs $AUD37.95 or $AUD45.00 including packing and freight anywhere within Australia (overseas prices on application).

To obtain the book, e-mail me at with your postal address and I will reply with mine.


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