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Tom, 2007
Time I updated the picture that was here, it is over a decade old and I don’t look quite like that any more! Must find a more recent pic I like.

This site served initially for the display of personal photographs. Since they always seemed to be way out of date and I never got around to updating the site, I have decided the space would be better used for other purposes.

This page — and those at the links below — are all you can see for now and they are just here as little more than a place-marker. Other material is placed in my web space from time to time – usually try-outs for other sites I am working on. Unless you know the specific address of those trial sites, it is not possible to access them. wink

If you are one of those few people who may still wish to access material that used to be on this site but is now deleted, I still have it all on disk. Send me an e-mail and I will see whether I can help you.

My e-mail address is


In the meantime, check out (if it is still there):

  • A number of sites dating up to ten years ago (Now deleted — too long ago!)
  • The four-state road trip I made with my elder son, Matt, in July-August, 2011, to visit (again) Kris and Sean. (Only kept because people still ask me where the log is.)
  • Oh...and you might like to have a look at a book I wrote and published way back in October, 2005.


Is that all there is? huh?   Yep. Too busy being retired and working on other people’s sites! grin such as this one.