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Welcome to Dating for the Disabled,  
an online meeting place for 
Disabled & Amputee Pen Pals, 
Friendship, Dating and Relationships

"A Relationship and Friend Finder Club for People with disabilities"

MEET people with DISABILITIES from around the world for
friendship, penpals, dating, mutual support or long term relationships in a clean, safe,
wholesome environment where your PRIVACY is protected.

(Able-bodied members are welcome, our only requirement is a readiness to meet people with disabilities.)


PLEASE JOIN OUR dating for the disabled COMMUNITY

You will be in good company as everyone here either has
a disability or is open to having a 'differently-abled' 
     person for friendship, penpals, dating or  relationships.

                    So relax, be yourself, have fun and make some new friends today!


We are here to help physically or mentally challenged people find new friends,
by creating a "Password Protected  Page" for you where you can make contacts in complete privacy.


It is  your very own personal matchmaker for those seeking friendly relationships. 

Our System will match you with people of similar interests and place a link on your private page to their private page,
simply CLICK and make contact!


You can choose to be matched with Males or Females, disabled 
or non-disabled, according to your personal preferences.

Do a search now 

NOTE: We do not allow members to post smutty or sexually suggestive profiles or messages on this system.
Please report any violations of this rule so we can remove the offending member's account.


(Whatever you do in private and by mutual consent is of course up to you, all we are saying is don't
use our service to make another member feel threatened, harassed or uncomfortable.)


HOW MUCH EASIER Can Finding NEW Friends BE?



"A Relationship and Friend Finder Club for Disabled People!"



To get a Dating for the Disabled membership, 
all you have to do is: Place a Free Ad.

There is not a lot of typing involved, it mainly consists of clicking on your interests.

Our system will take the information about your likes and dislikes and automatically create a personal page for you.

If you don't place an ad, it's impossible for anyone to MEET YOU!

Isn't it time to give someone the opportunity to "click" with you?

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Privacy Protection Guarantee:

* Your Real name and E-mail address are hidden at all times

* We never sell, rent or in any way make members'
email addresses available to outside sources.

* You communicate with your Matches using your own private
     message board that only you and the person you are talking to
can see and read.

* You decide which of your matches you want to communicate with.

* You can remove any unwanted matches, which blocks them 
from making any further contact with you.

* No one else can see who you are talking to or who you have been matched with.

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