About this Site.
This site started as a history, covering the early days of hot-air ballooning in Australia. It does not cover the early origins of gas ballooning in Australia.

It begins around 1962, with the first hot-air flight after a break of over forty years, and the start of the Aerostat Society of Australia. After the balloon accident in 1967 described here, the Aerostat Society changed considerably.

At that time there was no formal balloon training. No pilots licences. In NSW, the only permissible free flying was outside controlled airspace, i.e as far out as etc.

As a result most of our flights were on a tether, and not higher than 200 feet. In those not so early days, there were no balloon builders in Australia. It was possible to purchase from overseas, however lack of funds and lack of experience added up to lack of sponsors. There were very few offers of financial support.
    Balloons were designed and built here, which in a way was re-inventing the wheel. Many of us obtained perhaps our greatest enjoyment from designing and building these monsters. Perhaps we secretly believed that we could produce something better than what could be purchased.

The entire history of manned flight has depended on the enthusiasm and energy of individuals. It has been a succession of joyous triumphs, and heart breaking disasters. The Australian story told here was no different. Phil Kavanagh, joined us in 1968 and has since been building balloons commercially.

Students of the sport may learn from our numerous mistakes.

I have included details on my visits to Cardington in England to witness Airship Construction.Since May 2013, I have included chapters from my historical drama -

"Under the Water Under the Wire, and the Men who sank the Sydney."