Stan Grincivicius


Years later, I had this conversation with Stan Grincivicius.

" I still have shivers about that. It could have dragged us both down. When you stepped out, the balloon heaved up but the air had nowhere to go, so I believe it blew out the side ripping a hole there. At that stage Don and I decided to stay, with a decision to jump at 3000ft if it did not look to safe. I put the camera back in the bag and got back on the rim of the gondola.

The decision was taken from us when we heard the rip going horizontally along the crown tape. We did not wait after that. People ask me if I had done parachute jumping before - I reply no but all you got to do is pull the cord and then roll forward on landing as we all have seen in the movies - ha, pretty hard to roll forward when one is hanging backward supported by D rings at the level of one's nipples.

It still bless Ken Bath for getting reserve chutes with spring-loaded drag chutes & for packing them well.
Don nearly hit powerlines.
As I was coming down I saw the barbed wire fence stretching in direct line with the family jewels.I missed it by a whisker.


Despite knowing Newtons third law on motion I still tried to throw myself to the left.
As the story goes I missed the fence, but good news there was a ploughed field next to the fence, but bad news I missed the ploughed field and landed on the hard strip next to the fence.
All I remember after that day, the beer was the best beer that I ever tasted, the leak was the best leak of my life."