Don Joergens, always cheerful and unflustered, beside Teijins gondola. Don had no parachute training, and was lucky to survive.

He now lives in his native Holland.

Because both he and Stan made emergency, unpremeditated jumps, (unlike my jump) they became eligible to join the "Caterpiller Club."

In WW2, parachutes were made from silk, and a club was formed for those airmen whose lives were saved in emergency jumps. Don and Stan, each have the club badge. A silkworm with its silked thread.

The gondola was made with a frame of aircraft aluminium, and cladded with aluminium roof cladding. The loops of steel cable at the bottom were for attaching the tethers.

Also on the trailer, is the heavy drag rope.

The burner was made from cast iron, steel piping and brass. It was closer to an industrial burner for a furnace. It was enclosed in a tube of sheet iron. The asbestos cover was added to protect both the envelope and the crew from burns.