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Various Additions.


This rather unique insignia was painted on the conning tower of Timm's U-251, then on the tower of his second command, U862. It shows a chimney sweep with a torpedo coming out of a bag. Those simple bags used at the time for children's sweets. They resembled old gramophone horns.

They're called Tutes and Tute was Timms' nickname because of his love of music.


There was great danger from allied submarines in the shallow waters of the Straits of Malacca. The crew were ordered to stay on deck for the whole day, with life jackets on and to jump overboard if a torpedoe approached. Timm was sick below.



During WWI, Gordon Campbells advice on disguising a cargo ship

earned him a promotion to Rear-Admiral.



Hanna Reitsch in her two seater Fieseler Storch with Luftwaffe General Robert Ritter von Greim.



A long range Uboat under aerial attack.







An Arado floatplane with German markings.

Giant Anenomes on the sunken wreckage.









Amongst the wreckage of the sunken Kormoran was this German gasmask lying on the sea floor.



It was a custom in the German Navy to name their guns and list ships damaged or sunk.


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