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This first visit in March 2008 went 2,500 metres down and discovered the wreckage of the Kormoran and the Sydney. Here are some photographs and enough detail to verify the German account of the battle.


A second visit in 2015 with greater technology provided further information and videos, as you can see here.



Here are many details about the construction of the Kormoran, the involvement of captain Theodore Detmers at this early stage and day to day details of his year long voyage to Australia.


After surviving the sinking of U-168. Helmuth Pich and his surviving officers were rescued and interrogated in Australia. This lengthy report details their experiences and the awkward Jap/German relationships as allies. Also Japanese treatment of the local population. It is necessary to scroll a long way down to very end for extra photos and reports on Uboats.


More details regarding uboat development and the politics of the time.


The Laconia incident refers to the controversial events surrounding the sinking and aborted rescue attempt of a British troopship, and the speculation about a war crime.


A comprehensive video about how the enigma machine was developed largely from Polish mathematical origins, and the effect on WW2 when the codes were broken. (in English-23 mins)


A completely different and longer video about how the enigma machine was developed from Polish mathematical origins, and the effect on WW2 when the codes were broken. (some English, and Polish subtitles-45 mins)


Huge resource on German U-boats. Every U-boat commander, his background, history, photo. Eck's war crime and many other events. More direct links are below.


It could to fly at about 400 ft, and the pilot could see about 25 miles with binoculars. He could report by telephone and in an emergency descend by parachute.


On Sept 18, 1943, U-537, commanded by Peter Schrewe landed in Labrador and set up a weather station.


Museum near the prision camps. Tours, books & memorabilia relating to the prison camps.

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