Grahame Wilson


I was born in New Zealand, completed high school in Australia, then worked as a science teacher in Sydney.

I was always interested in photography and underwater diving. To that I later added free-fall parachuting, ballooning and cave exploring. With photography, I was able to share these unique experiences with my science students.

After 13 years teaching, I began training in educational television production at Goldsmiths College, University of London. I returned to Australia and worked at Sydney University as a film/TV producer in the University's Television Service.While my production work concentrated mainly on the sciences, many academic departments had very different and unique requirements. Treating Multiple Personality Disorder; Designing and operating radio and optical telescopes. The English department wanted to convert number of early medieval dramas to TV.

After 8 years of this challenging work, I had a serious hang gliding accident which confined me to a wheelchair with only the use of one hand. I was lucky to survive, and had great support from the University, the staff of the Uni TV Service, and the staff of the RNS Spinal Unit. The greatest support was from my wife. A year later, I was able to continue as a TV Producer/Director. Camera work was left to others. I continued working for another 12 years, until the TV unit was closed and we all became redundant. I began a writing course with the Writing School, published a few short stories on Australian Reader, then became an associate member of the Australian Society of Authors. I also taught myself how to build websites. I had a great deal of information, photographs and personal experiences regarding ballooning, including my involvement in a balloon crash. This I have now archived here for others to share. Following my injury, I started up another website, Australasian Spinal Research Trust, (now SpinalCure Australia.) in 2,000 and maintained it for 6 years.