Welcome to My Website.

In 1967, as someone interested in aviation, I joined the group. Over time, I've produced this largely pictorial record which I hope will be of interest. Follow the links on the left to explore ballooning further.

Hang gliding introduced me to a large tree and Spinal Injury. My mobility is now restricted, and rather than pursue aviation or other sports, I've been trying to develop my skills as a writer. Follow the links on the right to read a few of my short stories, as well as the first 3 chapters of UNDER THE WATER UNDER THE WIRE and THE MEN WHO SANK THE SYDNEY.

You can explore further, and follow my interests in Airships and their construction.

I have a section on the BASICS of FLIGHT and another on PARACHUTING around 1960 at Camden, NSW. This was before the days of Tandem Jumps.