Sending Stuff to Oban

There are two ways you can send Oban your legend or drawing.


Send the legend in an e-mail with the drawing attached to:

If you don't know how to attach the drawing look in the help section of your e-mail software or ask a parent or teacher

In the e-mail include your name, age, home town and country. Also include a title for the drawing. We will put this information next to your drawing and legend when we publish it on Oban's web site.

E-mail size

No more than 1000 words for the legend please.

Save your drawing as either a JPEG or a GIF file. Maximum file size 100k, maximum screen size 320x240.

If your drawing is on paper, use a scanner to turn it into a digital format. If you don't have a scanner look in the telephone book under desktop publishing for people who can do it for you. Telephone a couple of places to check out the best price. Oh yeah, you should take a floppy disk with you to bring your scanned image back home.

Oban's web site isn't very big, so drawings larger than 100k can't be published. Also waiting for a large image to download is really annoying for other people visiting the site. They could be doing a lot of other fun things instead of hanging around while a humungous file appears.

Snail Mail

If you can't scan your drawing, write your legend on paper and send them both by

snail mail (the post) to:

Oban Rheame

27 Bowen Street


Victoria 3181


Snail mail takes longer but will still get to Oban. Remember to include your name, age, home town, country and the title of your drawing. Oh yeah, don't forget to include your e-mail address so we can tell you we received your drawing.

Snail Mail Size

No more than 1000 words for the legend.

Maximum size for the drawing 18cm(7inches) wide and 23cm(9inches) long

Publishing Time

Oban sometimes forgets where he puts his reading glasses so it may take a while before your legend appears on this site.


Your drawing must be original and not a copy or tracing of some one else's.

You must tell the legend in your own words.

You retain copyright in the material you send us. The act of sending it to us, automatically gives us the right to display it on this web site and to display it in any advertising related to the site that we may undertake.

All the items on this site are copyright protected material and no items can be copied, reproduced or used in any medium without written permission of Word Design InterActive Pty. Ltd.

Space permitting, we will try to publish as many of your drawings and legends as we can.

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