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4. Who do you like best?
Oban   Sanjit   Agor  

5. Would you like to learn to ride Agor?
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Would you like to play games with Sanjit?
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Would you like to help Oban save his world?
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Do you want to say anything else?
Tell us what you would like to do with Oban, Sanjit or Agor.

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Want to see your legend on Oban's page?

Find a legend or myth about an animal from your country, write it in your own words in an e-mail, and send it to Oban. He'll put some of the legends on his page.

You could also draw a picture from the legend and tell Oban more about the people the legend comes from.

Important: Before sending stuff to Oban, check out the rules - Sending stuff to Oban


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