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About This Site

Animals, Myths & Legends

tales from

Oban the Knowledge Keeper

The 'Animals, Myths and Legends' Web site is the first stage in the development of an interactive exploration game.

The characters and game concept for the 'Animals, Myths and Legends' have been created from an original concept by Bob Smith and Mary Lancaster of Word Design InterActive Pty Ltd.

Age Level

The suggested age range for the game is 8-13 year olds. We say suggested age range because from past experience, games intended for a younger audience sometimes skip boundaries and receive fan mail from adults in the 20-30 age range.

The Myths and Legends

Myths and legends tell us many things about the relationship between animals and the world's indigenous peoples including: different versions of:

How the world began

How people came to be

How the sun first came to the world.

How beings, half animal-half human once roamed the world.

Human history and geographical change have always been interwoven with the development of animals, birds and reptiles.

Our modern world struggles to support the growth of industrialised countries while preserving our environment and its animals and people. The ancient wisdoms behind myths and legends can give us insight into living in harmony with nature and the animals that inhabit this world.

Goals for this Site and the Game

  • Act as an aid in the research and further design of the game.
  • Encourage feedback from children and adults about the characters Oban, Sanjit and Agor. What they like or don't like about them and things they would like the characters to do.
  • Explore myths and legends of many cultures involving animals.
  • Establish links with communities and schools around the world to receive input from their countries.
  • Stimulate children to find out more about the legends and myths of their own country and other cultures.
  • Encourage children to seek the common themes occurring in different cultures and how an animal can be seen as an instrument for good in some cultures and evil in others.
  • Increase children's ability to communicate by expressing ideas both in words and drawing.
  • Provide children with intriguing puzzles and activities which allow them to learn while having fun.


We can not be responsible for all the material published on sites listed in our links pages. We would ask all parents to join in with their children while they explore the world of myths and legends.

Legal Stuff

Copyright for all concepts, drawings and information used on this site has been assigned to Planet Ozkids Pty. Ltd. This includes our list of links to other sites.

All rights are reserved for copyright protected material and items cannot be copied, reproduced or used in any medium without written permission of Planet Ozkids Pty. Ltd.

We ask you to respect the protection of our copyright, and that of other creators. Any material sent to us by you or children known to you, must have been created by you or them. The myths and legends must be retold in your own words and the drawings must be original - no copies or tracings of other people's material please.

You retain the copyright in the material you send us. The act of sending it to us, automatically gives us the right to display it on this web site and display it in any advertising related to the site that we may undertake.

Thank you for reading all this boring legal stuff but it is necessary for your protection and ours.

We ask you to introduce the 'Animals, Myths and Legends' story to the children you know. Your help, and their input will ensure that our game is developed with a truly global appeal.

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