Generation 5 - John Troup MILNE (1887-1919)




John Troup MILNE and Myra Ernestine HANSEL

Lived in the family home at Artarmon. Later, after John's untimely death, Myra moved to her father's house in Woollahra.

Includes trace-backs in the Hansel, Scheibel, Zimmer and Gondolf lines.


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John (Jack) Troup MILNE (b. 20 May 1887, Donnelly Street, Balmain, NSW, Australia, . d. 18 June, 1919, Hampton Road, Artarmon, NSW, Australia. bur. Gore Hill Cemetery, St Leonards, NSW.)

Myra Ernestine HANSEL (b. 23 July 1891, 294 Edgecliff Road, Woollahra, NSW, Australia. d. 19 August, 1966, Royal North Shore Hospital, St Leonards, NSW.)

Married: 11 December, 1913, St Stephen's Church, Phillip Street, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

St Stephens Church, Phillip Street, Sydney, 1875-1835.


  1. John (Jock) Troup MILNE (b. 18 December, 1915, Hampden Road, Artarmon, NSW, Australia. d. 15 September, 1989, 4 Wyuna Road, Pymble, NSW. bur. St John's Anglican Church, Gordon, NSW.)
  2. Margaret Emily MILNE (b. 5 June, 1918, Hampden Road, Artarmon, NSW. d. 2003, Sydney, NSW.)


John (Jack) Troup MILNE snr.
Myra Ernestine HANSEL with son John (Jock) Troup MILNE jnr.
Margaret Emily MILNE, John Troup MILNE jnr, with their mother, Myra Ernestine HANSEL


John Troup (Jack) MILNE, according to his son's birth certificate, was a commercial traveller. He and Myra lived at Nardee, Hampden Road, Artarmon where Jock and his sister Margaret were born. The children were very young when their father succumbed to the Spanish Flu pandemic following the Great War. With no husband, or father for her babies, Myra moved to live with her parents in Woollahra. Young Jock was surrounded by females so he was well cared for! Myra continued to live at the Wollahra home until her death in 1966.

(L) Myra Hansel at Belbrae, with Brainey the dog.

(R) Young 2 yo Jock Milne with his mother Myra at 'Nardee'. their Artarmon home.


16 yo John Troup MILNE snr.

The Hansel Branch

Adolph HANSEL lived in Chemnitz, Saxony, Germany where his son, Gustav Adolph HANSEL was born 29 July, 1851. When and why Gustav came to Australia can only be surmised; he would have been of military age around the time of the Franco-Prussian War and may have had some part in it. In later life, his engineering workshop in Woollahra, Sydney, NSW, manufactured rifle sights for the AIF during WW1. Did he learn his specialist skills during his time in Saxony?

Be that as it may, he met Margaret SCHEIBEL in Sydney. They were married in Woollahra on 7 November, 1885 and lived initially in Paddington, an inner suburb of Sydney, for a few years before moving to their new home at 294 Edgecliff Road, Woollahra - the house still stands - where he added a compact workshop at the rear, along the eastern boundary of the sloping block. Being on an incline may have been an advantage for the pulley-driven machinery of the day, clearly seen in this photograph of his workshop.

The modest house, built on the slope that lends its name to the road, managed to accomodate their large family, and after 1919, when John Troup MILNE snr. died in the Spanish flu pandemic that followed the end of WW1, Myra and her two young children, Jock and Margaret, moved from Artarmon to Edgecliff Road.


The Woollahra home (R) in 2016. The workshop (above), now demolished, was behind the palm trees. (Google, 2016)

Children of Gustav and Margaret:

  1. Earnest HANSEL (b. 1887, Paddington, NSW.)
  2. Francis (Frank) S. HANSEL (b. 1888, Paddington, NSW)
  3. Margaretta A. M. HANSEL (b. 1890, 294 Edgecliff Road, Woollahra, NSW. d. before 1891)
  4. Myra Ernestine HANSEL (b. 23 July 1891, 294 Edgecliff Road, Woollahra, NSW. d. 19 August, 1966, St Leonards, NSW)
  5. Otto HANSEL (b. 1893, 294 Edgecliff Road, Woollahra, NSW.)
  6. Linda B. HANSEL (b. 1895, 294 Edgecliff Road, Woollahra, NSW.)
  7. George Edmond HANSEL (b. 294 Edgecliff Road, Woollahra, NSW. d. 13 February 1917, Military Hospital, Lincoln, England. bur. 15 February, 1917, St Nicholas Cemetery, Newport, England)
  8. Mabel (Amble) O. HANSEL (b. 1899, 294 Edgecliff Road, Woollahra, NSW. d. San Souci, NSW.)


Linda HANSEL remained a spinster and lived with her widowed mother, Myra, in the Woollahra home before moving to a retirement home. Mable HANSEL married William C. ROBINS and, when widowed in later years, lived with her daughter Gwen ROBINS and son-in-law Dr Miles SEATON in Sans Souci, NSW. Gwen and Miles adopted son Michael SEATON who died sadly when a young adult. Francis HANSEL married Mary W. CASHMAN.

George Edmond HANSEL had a distinguished academic and athletic career before his untimely death at 19 from cerebro-spinal meningitis during WW1. His obituary in the Sydney Morning Herald speaks volumes:


George Hansel's Promising Career

On February 13 occurred the death of one of the finest athletes New South Wales has known of recent years, Flight-Sergeant George Hansel, youngest son of Mr. A. J. Hansel, of Edecliff-road, Woollahra.

Mable (Amble) ROBINS (nee HANSEL) and nephew John Troup (Jock) MILNE.

He joined the colors (sic) about six months ago, and left Melbourne on October 25 with the 2nd Flying Squadron, arriving in England towards the end of December. His relatives had no further news of him until Thursday, when the official notification that he had succumbed to cerebro-spinal meningitis was received. He was within a month of his 20th birthday.

George Edmond HANSEL, 1917.

His loss will be felt severely by all who knew him, for he was the possessor of a singularly cheerful and attractive disposition. As a student at the Technical High School he gained honors (sic) in both sanitary and electrical engineering. He was among the first flight as a sportsman. Hansel commenced his athletic career at an early age, and ran second in the all schools' age championships at both 9 and 10 years, and won at 11 and 12 years. At the time he was a pupil at the Woollahra Superior Public School.

Upon entering Fort-street he won his age championship, but shortly after left for England with the contingent of cadets that attended the coronation of King George V. Later he was a student at Technical High, and in 1914 won the blue riband of the engineering section and the open championship of the school. He then joined the East Sydney Club, and was placed second to J. H. Leadley in the 100 yards club championship 1914. Last year he won both 100 yards and 220 yards titles. His first open race was on Eight Hour Day, 1914, when he carried off the sprint. He won the 100 yards State title at Pratten Park in 1915, and the 100 and 220 yards metropolitan blue ribands last year.

His swimming performances were equally meritorious. Among the most prominant were: First, 100 yeards all schools' championship, 1913 (time, 1min. 5sec.), championship FOrt-street, 1913; First Keiran memorial races, 1912, 1913; championship Bondi Swimming Club, 1913. Last year he won a 50 yards handicap from scratch in 26sec. dead.

He was always big for his age, and wisely refrained from training while growing. As a result he did not seriously prepare for any of his races, and it speaks volumes for his ability that he should have accomplished such feats.

Badge presented by the Department of Defence to George's mother, Margaret: "To Women of Australia - For Duty Done".

Several of his sporting and military medals survive and are in the possession of his Great Grand-Nephew, Ian David WILKINSON. Read a list of his achievements.

AMF Patch, 27th Battalion, WW2 RAAF Badge (JTM), Artillary Badge, Epaulette Pip, 'Women of Australia' Badge (MS), WW1 Crown Badge.

GEH Athletics and Swimming Medals (front)
Read detailed list.

GEH Athletics and Swimming Medals (back)
Read detailed list.


The Scheibel Line

Anton SCHEIBEL (1795-1895) was born in Ober-Mörlen, Hesse, Germany. His sons Leonard (or Lenhardt) SCHEIBEL and Anton Werner SCHEIBEL were both born there (but see later), Leonard in 1819 and his brother in 1822. Both emigrated to Australia; Leonard on the "Daniel Ross" to Sydney in 26 April 1855 and Anton Werner, with his family from Rottedam, The Netherlands, in 30 November, 1859 on board the "Noach" to Sydney. Leonard died on 5 April, 1897 in Parramatta, NSW.

Anton Werner SCHEIBEL (b. 1822, Hesse, Germany. d. 8 February, 1866, Shoalhaven, NSW, Australia) (Obituary) was a labourer-carpenter. There is some inconsistency in his place of birth whch may have been Heppen, which no longer exists, but was an old town (~250 km) north of Frankfurt am Main not far from Soest, wheras Ober-Mörlen is ~30km north from Frankfurt; both are in Hesse province. He married Margaretta Catherine ZIMMER and lived in Niederaula (aka Neatameala), Hesse, Germany, until they emigrated to Australia. Although they disembarked at Sydney, the family soon moved to Shoalhaven where Anton died on 8 February, 1866, a little over 5 years after arrival in Australia.

Margaretta Catherine ZIMMER and Anton Werner SCHEIBEL had several children even before emigrating to Australia in 1859.

Margaretta Catherine SCHEIBEL (nee ZIMMER), Gravestone, Lismore Cemetery.

  1. Johanna SCHEIBEL (b. 1 January 1847, Niederaula (Neatameala), Hesse, Germany. d. 20 August 1938, Woollahra, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. bur. Waverley Cemetery, NSW)
  2. Anton SCHEIBEL (b. c.1850, Niederaula (Neatameala), Hesse, Germany. d. 27 September 1931, Lismore, NSW, Australia)
  3. Gertrude SCHEIBEL (b. 1 January 1852, Niederaula (Neatameala), Hesse, Germany. d. 14 May 1917, Lismore, NSW, Australia))
  4. Ernest SCHEIBEL (b. 1854, Niederaula (Neatameala), Hesse, Germany. d. 13 May 1938, Coraki, NSW, Australia)
  5. Unnamed SCHEIBEL (b. 1856, Niederaula (Neatameala), Hesse, Germany. d. 1856, Niederaula (Neatameala), Hesse, Germany.)
  6. Francis (Frank, Franz) SCHEIBEL (b. 19 May 1858, Niederaula (Neatameala), Hesse, Germany. d. 22 July 1949, Sydney, NSW, Australia)
  7. Margaret SCHEIBEL (b. 27 March 1861, Shoalhaven, NSW. d. 1949, Cronulla, NSW)
  8. Catherine SCHEIBEL (b. 26 June 1963, Bomaderry, NSW, AUstralia. 8 November 1949, Kyogle, NSW, Australia)
  9. Anne SCHEIBEL (b. 4 October 1865, Bomaderry, NSW, Australia. d. 21 July 1960, Bellingen, NSW, Australia)



(L to R) Johanna SCHEIBEL (1847-1938), Gertrude SCHEIBEL (1852-1917), Franz SCHEIBEL (1848-1949), Annie Elizabeth SCHEIBEL (1880- )




The Scheibel Children

We follow Johanna SCHEIBEL through the GONDOLF branch.

Anton SCHEIBEL married Mary Anne SCHMIDT. She was born in 16 March,1857, Hunter River, New South Wales and died on 6 September, 1934 in Lismore, NSW, nearly 3 years after her husband. Their family comprised:

  1. Mary Ann SCHEIBEL (b. 1877, Alstonville*, NSW. d 1962)
  2. Francis Anton SCHEIBEL (b. 25 April 1885, Lismore, NSW. d. 5 April 1964, Richmond River, NSW)
  3. Johnanna SCHEIBEL (1887, Lismore, NSW. d. 9 September,1957)
  4. Anton SCHEIBEL (b. 22 April 1891, Lismore, NSW. d. 2 May 1891, Lismore, NSW)
  5. Percy John SCHEIBEL (b. 1892, Alstonville, NSW. d. 12 June 1967, Lismore, NSW)
  6. Lillie May Isobel SCHEIBEL (b. 1894, Lismore. d. 8 November 1980, Lismore, NSW)
  7. Mabel Maud Matilda SCHEIBEL (b. 8 November 1896, Lismore, NSW. d. 29 April 1982, Lismore, NSW)
  8. Alice Pearl SCHEIBEL (b. 1898, Lismore, NSW)
  9. Catherine Maia SCHEIBEL (b. 1901, Lismore, NSW)

*Alstonville is a short distance (~20 km) from the larger township of Lismore on the NSW north coast just inland of Ballina.

Gertrude SCHEIBEL married Emanuel DAVIS on 10 September 1872 at Blakebrook, NSW. Blakebrook is not far from Lismore on the opposite side to Alstonville. Emanuel was born on 29 September, 1845, Richmond River, NSW. He died 10 October, 1915 at South Lismore, NSW. Their family:

  1. John Francis DAVIS (b. 1873, Richmond Rover, NSW. d. 1907, Waterloo, Sydney, NSW)
  2. Mary Catherine DAVIS (b. 1875, Richmond River, NSW. d. 1935, Lismore, NSW)
  3. Gertrude Mavis DAVIS (b. 1876, Richmond River, NSW. d. 18 October, 1943, Lismore, NSW)
  4. Arthur Emanuel DAVIS (b 1877, Richmond River, NSW. d. 4 January 1948, Lismore, NSW)
  5. George Anton DAVIS (b. 1879, Lismore, NSW. d. 1935, Casino, NSW) Casino is somewhat further inland from Lismore.
  6. Edward Ernest DAVIS (b. 17 February, 1881, Lismore, NSW. d. 10 October 1947, Lismore, NSW)
  7. Walter James DAVIS (b. 11 December 1883, Coraki, NSW. d. 29 May 1964) Coraki is a little south of Lismore.
  8. Grace E. DAVIS (b. 1884, Lismore, NSW. d. 23 November 1960, Lismore, NSW)
  9. William Thomas DAVIS (b. 16 September 1886, Lismore, NSW. d. 25 April 1928, Cairns, Queensland)
  10. Percival Robert DAVIS (b. 1888, Lismore, NSW. d. 1970, Lismore, NSW)
  11. Stanley R. DAVIS (b. 1890, Lismore, NSW. d. 1964, Murwillumbah, NSW) Murwillumbah is rather north of Lismore.
  12. Lily Mavis DAVIS (b. 1891, Lismore, NSW. d. 1970, Lismore, NSW)
  13. Amy Isobel DAVIS (b. 1893, Lismore, NSW. d. 1964, Lismore, NSW)
  14. Emilie Josephine DAVIS (b. 8 January 1895, Lismore, NSW. d. 13 September 1980, Lismore, NSW)

After moving from the Davis Richmond River home around 1878, the family lived in and around Lismore - Asltonville, Casino, Murwillumbah, Coraki - except for John Francis DAVIS who moved to the state's capital city Sydney, and William Thomas DAVIS who travelled north to Cairns.

Ernest SCHEIBEL married Elizabeth KUNKLER in 1876, Richmond River, NSW. Elizabeth was Australian born, 1854. Their family:

  1. Annie Elizabeth SCHEIBEL (b. 1880, Richmond River, NSW)
  2. Ada Jane C. SCHEIBEL (b. 1882, Lismore, NSW. d. 1961, Lismore, NSW)
  3. Ernest Henry SCHEIBEL (b. 1884, Lismore, NSW. d. 1943, Casino, NSW)
  4. Atholina SCHEIBEL (b. 1886, Casino, NSW. d. 1887, Casino, NSW)
  5. Margaret SCHEIBEL (b. 1888, Casino, NSW. d. 13 March 1915, Casino, NSW)
  6. Josephine SCHEIBEL ( b. 1890, Casino, NSW. d.d 1924, Casino, NSW)
  7. Violet May SCHEIBEL (b. 1895, Casino, NSW. d. 1974)
  8. Katherina SCHEIBEL (b. 1898, Casino, NSW)
  9. John William SCHEIBEL (b. 1900, Casino, NSW. d. 1943, Casino, NSW)

Francis Thomas SCHEIBEL married first, Elizabeth HENSLEY in 11 October, 1887 in Mudgee, NSW. Elizabeth was born 1867 in Uarbry, NSW. Uarbry is a small town on the Golden Hwy. east of Dunadoo. The family lived in Mudgee where their 3 children were born: Thomas Anthony SCHEIBEL (b. 1890, Mudgee, NSW. d. 14 October, 1974, Willoughby, Sydney, NSW); John Francis Vaughan SCHEIBEL (b. 1893, Mudgee, NSW. d. 12 January, 1917, in action WW1); Hubert E. SCHEIBEL (b. 1897, Mudgee, NSW). Elizabeth died in 1897 at the age of 30. Thomas married Kathleen A. V. LOUDEN (b. ~1890, Australia) and had Mary Ellen SCHEIBEL and Thomas Francis SCHEIBEL. Catherine CROAKE married the widowed Francis 18 May 1900 in Rylstone, NSW. Their daughter, Margaret M. SCHEIBEL was born in 1901, in Rylstone.

The story of Margaret SCHEIBEL is told in the Hansel branch above.

Catherine SCHEIBEL married James DAVIS (b. 23 October 1849. d. 27 June 1924, Lismore, NSW) Richmond River, NSW and probably younger brother to Emanuel and like him, followed the Scheibel family to Lismore. Their children:

  1. Ethel E. DAVIS (b. 1883, Lismore, NSW), married John WOOD.
  2. Maud G. DAVIS (b. 1886, Lismore, NSW), married Orion HARDING.
  3. Charles DAVIS (b. 1886, Lismore, NSW), married Emily ABBOTT.
  4. Annie M. DAVIS (b. 1887, Lismore, NSW)
  5. Ernest Thomas DAVIS (b. 13 Julu 1889, Terrania Creek, Lismore, NSW. d. 9 September, 1954, Prince Henry Hospital, Little Bay, NSW)
  6. Harold DAVIS (b. 1890, Waterloo, NSW)
  7. Claude A. DAVIS (b. 1891, Waterloo, NSW)
  8. Herbert H. DAVIS (b. 1894, Lismore, NSW)

Ernest (1889-1954) married Victoria Alice De La GARD (b. 21 July 1893, Balmain NSW. d. 10 May 1970, Parramatta, NSW) who had Jean Ivy DAVIS (b. 17 January, 1921, Bellinger River, NSW. d. 24 May 1973, Campsie, NSW) and Thomas George James DAVIS (b. 5 July 1916. d. 15 February, 1987, Concord, NSW)

On 15 Septmeber, 1884, Anne SCHEIBEL married first husband Henry Edward REIS in Lismore. Henry was born in Rose Hill, Richmond River, NSW in 10 November, 1862. He was 39 when he died on 29 April, 1901 in the Sydney suburb of Randwick, NSW. The couple lived in Lismore for a while where Grace Margaret REIS was born in 1885, died 28 July 1936 in Sydney, and Francis Edward REIS, born in 1890. After Henry's passing, Anne married Alfred James PERRY on 30 June, 1902 in Lismore, NSW. They had been living together for sometime before then. Alfred was born in Kameruka, ACT on 6 September, 1866 and died 27 April 1945. Anne and Alfred's children were:

Alfred James PERRY, gravestone.

  1. Irene Agnes PERRY (b. 10 October, 1899, Jiggi, NSW. d. 12 October, 1989)
  2. Hunter Pickford PERRY (b. 5 September, 1896, Lismore, NSW. d. 14 September 1978, Casino, NSW), married Freda Federal WINKLER (b. 31 December, 1901, Grafton, NSW. d. 14 August, 1983, Ballina, NSW)
  3. Alfred Charles PERRY (b. 20 September, 1898, Lismore, NSW. d. 27 August, 1937, Randwick, NSW)
  4. George Henry PERRY (b. 6 September, 1901, Lismore, NSW. d. 1 December, 1987, Grafton, NSW), married Mary May Ann WINKLER (B. 15 May 1898, Grafton, NSW. d. 13 November 1954, Grafton, NSW)
  5. William James PERRY (b. 1904, Lismore, NSW. d. 11 August 1937, Randwick, NSW)
  6. Allan Anthony PERRY (b. 1909, Lismore, NSW) Married Alice Doreen, CLARK (1909- )

Irene Agnes PERRY and Carl Frederick WINKLER on their wedding day. (Forrestel)

Irene (1899-1989) married Carl Frederick WINKLER (b. 11 December 1894, Grafton, NSW. d. 9 July 1974, Urunga, NSW) and had Eric William WINKLER (16 January, 1927 - 1986) and Annette Linda WINKLER.

The Zimmer Connection

Margaretta's parents were Christoph Ernest ZIMMER (b. 24 Nov 1787, Konz, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. d. 12 November, 1857, Konz, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany) and Johanna Elizabeth SCHAWEL (b. 6 February 1794, Konz, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. d. 31 October 1861, Konz, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany). Their children were:

  1. Catherine ZIMMER (b. 1 October 1819, Ober-Mörlen, Hesse, Germany. d. 17 March 1872, Casino, NSW, Australia)
  2. Leonard ZIMMER (b. 1819, Ober-Mörlen, Hesse, Germany)
  3. Johannes ZIMMER (b. 12 March 1822, Konz, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.)
  4. Margaretta Catherine ZIMMER (b 25 October, 1824, Konz, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. d. 13 November 1902, Boggumbil, Jiggi, NSW, Australia. bur. 14 November 1902, Roman Catholic Cemetery, Lismore, NSW, Australia.)
  5. Maria ZIMMER (b. 19 July 1827, Konz, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. d. 17 March 1884, Konz, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany)
  6. Joanna ZIMMER (b. 14 January 1838, Konz, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. d. 23 November 1860, Lismore, NSW, Australia.)

The Gondolf Branch

On 29 July, 1867, Johanna SCHEIBEL married Peter GONDOLF, in the Roman Catholic Church in Nowra, near Shoalhaven, NSW. Peter was born in 1827, Frankfurt am Main, Germany and came to Sydney, Australia, on board the Daniel Ross in 1855 with his parents Werner and Gertrude. Peter was first employed as a mechanic then later became a gold miner. Their marriage certificate lists Peter as a gold-miner, and after their marriage, Johanna and Pater went to Tambaroora, Hill End, NSW a rich gold field about 70 km north from Bathurst, NSW. Peter was moderately successful and sold his lease in the early 1870s (but after the finding of the Holterman "Nugget" in 19 October, 1872 to which he was not connected) and bought the house at 16 Moncur Street, Woollahra, NSW.

16 Moncur Street, Woollahra. (Google, 2016).

Peter's parents lived with them at the Woollahra home after their retirement. Both Pater and Johanna died there, Peter in 17 November 1914, and Johanna in 20 August, 1938. Their children:

  1. August GONDOLF (b. 1868, Tambaroora, NSW. d.1951, Mayfield, East Sussex, England)
  2. George Anthony GONDOLF (b. 1871, Tambaroora, NSW. d. 1956, Liverpool, NSW)
  3. Charles Peter GONDOLF (b. 7 October, 1876, Woollahra, NSW. d. 6 July, 1936, Canterbury, NSW)
  4. Percival Ernest GONDOLF (b. 1878, Paddington, NSW. d. 1952, Kogarah, NSW)
  5. Mabel Cecilia Julia GONDOLF (b. 5 June 1880, Paddington, NSW. d. 4 October, 1955)
  6. Leslie Francis Werner GONDOLF (b. 1882, Paddington, NSW. d. 2 December 1958, Sydney, NSW)
  7. Myra Clarise Edith GONDOLF (b. 1884, Woollahra, NSW. d. 1968)
  8. Beatrice Alice Edith GONDOLF (b. 1887, Woollahra, NSW.)

August GONDOLF (1868-1951) married Edith J. SOMERVILLE (b. 1867, Maitland, NSW.) 1894 at Randwick, NSW. Their son, Werner Augustus GONDOLF, was born in 1905 at St Leonards, NSW and died 1970 in Katoomba, NSW)

George Anthony GONDOLF (1871-1956) married Mabel Endora Gillies SOMERVILLE (b. 1870, Maitland, NSW) in 1892 at Woollahra, NSW. Mabel's parents were Robert SOMERVILLE and Isabel GRIFFITHS. Their children:

  1. Ivy L. GONDOLF (b. 1890, Waterloo, Sydney, NSW. d. 1892, Waterloo, NSW)
  2. Clifford George GONDOLF (b. 22 February, 1895, Sydney, NSW. d. 3 March 1969, Gosford, NSW) married Dorothy STOCKBRDGE (b. 1896, Sydney, NSW. d. 13 September, 1975, Toongabbie, NSW). Their children: Frank George GONDOLF, Irene GONDOLF and Dora Mabel GONDOLF.
  3. Ruby M. J. GONDOLF (b. 1900, Waverley, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) married Clement E. SHAKESPEARE (1890- ) in 1922, Waverley, Victoria.

Charles Peter GONDOLF (1876-1936) married Helen STYMAN on 6 November, 1909 in Hay, NSW. Their children:

  1. Evelyn Julia GONDOLF (b. 16 August 1910, Sydney, NSW. d. 7 December 1989, Kogarah, NSW)
  2. Betty Joan GONDOLF married John Marwood WOODWARD (b. 23 June 1922, Haberfiedl, NSW. d. 4 August 2010, Kogarah, NSW) son of Andrew WOODWARD (b. 20 June 1887, Glamorgan, Wales. d. 18 June 1966, Auburn, NSW) and Vera Adelaide SALES (b. 14 April 1892, Luddenham, NSW. d. 20 December 1987, Doonside, NSW) and had Janis Helen WOODWARD and Roger Charles WOODWARD
  3. Doreen May GONDOLF

Percival Ernst GONDOLF (1878-1952) married Francis Joanna K. FITZGERALD, 23 May 1898, Woollahra, NSW. Their children:

  1. Mary D. GONDOLF (b. 1898, Sydney, NSW. d. 1901, Paddington*, NSW)
  2. Norman GONDOLF (b ~1900)
  3. Peter GONDOLF (b. 1900, Balmain South, NSW. d. 1900, Paddington*, NSW)
  4. Imelda Myra GONDOLF (b. 31 March 1901, Adamstown, NSW. d. 31 May 1963, Myrtleford, Victoria, Australia) married Samuel John ROGERS.
  5. Michael J. J. GONDOLF (b. 1902, Sydney, NSW. d. 1902, Paddington*, NSW)
  6. William Patrick J. GONDOLF (b. 1903, Sydney, NSW. d. 1983, NSW)
  7. Isabelle GONDOLF
  8. Loretto Frances GONDOLF (b. 4 January 1923, Woy WOy, NSW. d. 22 May 2007)

* The reference to 'Paddington' here is the Royal Womens Hospital which, between 1901 and 1997, operated from its site in Paddington before moving to Randwick.

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