Generation 4- Martin Luther MILNE (1868-1923)


Martin Luther MILNE & Lucy LODDER

Lived in the Sydney harbour-side suburbs of Balmain and Drummoyne, NSW.


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Family Group Record

Family Group Record: Martin Luther MILNE and Lucy LODDER

Anyone for Tennis? The Milnes and Lodders at Sherwin Street, Henley, c. 1912. Geoff MILNE lying front, Lucy Harding (Topsy) MILNE on rug, William LODDER middle rear, Lucy snr. and husband Martin Luther MILNE rear left.


Martin Luther MILNE (b. 7 July, 1868, Balmain, NSW, Australia. d. 6 September, 1923, Drummoyne, NSW, Australia. bur. Field of Mars Cemetery, Ryde, NSW.)
Lucy LODDER (b. 4 November, 1873, Auckland, New Zealand. d. 30 June, 1918, 8 Nicholson Street, East Balmain, NSW. bur. Field of Mars Cemetery, Ryde, NSW)

Married: 27 November, 1897, Balmain, NSW.


  1. Geoffrey Luther MILNE (b. 19 October, 1898, Balmain, NSW, Australia. d. 8 May 1967, Parramatta, NSW, Australia.
  2. Douglas Arthur MILNE (b. 1 December, 1899, Balmain, NSW. d. 27 June 1955, Chatswood, NSW, Australia)
  3. Margaret Mercy MILNE (b. 1 June, 1901, Drummoyne, NSW. d. 21 November, 1901, Drummoyne, NSW. bur. 22 November, 1901, Family Vault, Waverley Cemetery)
  4. Lucy Harding MILNE (b. 3 January, 1903. d. 31 December, 1978, Denistone, NSW, Australia). Notes by Lucy on her maternal grandparents.
  5. Ruth Jessie MILNE (b. 11 May 1904, Balmain?, NSW. d. 4 April, 1994, Canberra, ACT, Australia)
  6. Heather MILNE (4 October, 1905, Balmain, NSW. d. 15 August, 1962, Drummoyne, NSW.)


Martin Luther MILNE

Martin Luther MILNE was born in Balmain, NSW, Australia, on 7 July 1868, and died in nearby Drummoyne on 6 September, 1923. He is burried in the Field of Mars Cemetery, Ryde, NSW.

The Lodder Family

Lucy's parents were William LODDER and Sara Selina HARDING.

William LODDER was born, 1 June 1838, in Stour Provost, Dorset, England. He married Sara Selina HARDING, 19 July, 1857, in Rotherhithe, Surrey, England. They migrated to Auckland, New Zealand sometime during the next 3 years as he served in the Military there 1860-1870. Sometime between 1886 and 1897 they moved to Sydney (Drummoyne), Australia with their 2 youngest daughters, Lucy and Ida, their eldest, Sarah Mercy LODDER, having married, remained in Auckland. William was an Engineer. He died, 10 October, 1917, in Drummoyne, NSW and is buried at North Ryde, NSW.

Lucy LODDER, c.1918

William LODDER

Newspaper Obituary, William LODDER:

"Mr William Lodder, an old Auckland resident, died on Thursday at Drummoyne, Sydney. Mr Lodder, who was a native of Dorsetshire, came to New Zealand sixty-one years ago, and saw service in the Waikato Maori war, when he was engineer on a small steamer on the Waikato River. He was subsequently manager of the Auckland Steam Packet Company, and later acted in a similar capacity for the Kaipara Steamship Company. For a time he was Lloyd's surveyor at Auckland. Mr Lodder was a prominent Freemason, having been master of the Remuera Lodge and also district grand master. He took an active part in church matters, having been a member of St Mark's vestry for some years. About 25 years ago Mr and Mrs Lodder went to Sydney where, a short time ago, they celebrated their golden wedding. Mr Lodder is survived by his wife, three sons and six daughters. The eldest son is chief engineer at the Gear freezing works, Wellington, and the other two sons are engineers in Australia. Three daughters - Mrs H. Kinder, Mrs Dettman wife of Professor H. S. Dettman, of Remuera, and Mrs Pullman, of Waikato - are in New Zealand, and the other three reside in Australia."

Sarah Selina Harding

Sara Selina HARDING was born in Shadwell, Middlesex, England, on 15 July, 1841 and Christened in St Paul's Church of England, Shadwell, Middlesex, England, on 15 August, that year. Although she migrated to NZ and Australia, she returned to her home town Rotherhithe, Surrey, England, after the death of her husband and died there on 13 June, 1918 not a year after her husband's death. Her body was returned to Australia and she is buried with her husband in North Ryde, NSW, Australia.

Howland Wet Docks, Rotherhithie, c.1850

Sarah Mercy LODDER married Robert POLLOCK ( - 1914) in Auckland, NZ, in 1887. They had 5 children - 4 sons and a daughter. She died from a heart attack in Kaipaua Flats, Auckland on 12 June, 1940 after a long period of high blood pressure. 2 days later she was cremated and is interred in the Waikumete Cemetery, Auckland, NZ.

The LODDER family. (l to r, back:) Sara Selina Harding, William Lodder, Sarah Mercy Lodder. (front:) Lucy Milne (nee Lodder), Jack Kinder (son of Eliza), Eliza (Em) Kinder (nee Lodder). (Photo, M. O'Halloran)

The Lodders had 3 sons and 7 daughters:

  1. William LODDER (b. England)
  2. Emily LODDER, married H. KINDER.
  3. Sarah Mercy LODDER (b. 20 February, 1863, New Zealand. d. 12 June, 1940, Kaipara Flats, Auckland, New Zealand. bur. 12 June 1940, Waikumete Cemetery, Auckland, NZ) In 1887, Sarah married Robert POLLOCK in New Zealand.
  4. Nell LODDER, B.A. Sydney Uni. 1915, married Professor H. S. DETTMAN.
  5. Albert LODDER
  6. Arthur LODDER
  7. Selena LODDER, married PULLMAN.
  8. Eliza LODDER (not married)
  9. Lucy LODDER (b. 4 November, 1873, AUckland, New Zealand. d. 30 June 1918, 8 Nicholson St., East Balmain, NSW. bur. Field of Mars Cemetery, Ryde, NSW.)
  10. Ida LODDER (b. 9 March 1886, Auckland, New Zealand. d. 1970) (not married). B.A. Sydney Uni. 1912.
Lucy died of chondrosarcoma, a rare cancer that affects the bones and joints. It is interesting to note that a later generation of the Milnes married a Harding, in Sydney. It is not known if these Hardings are related.

Lodder Ladies Tea-Party. L to R. Lucy Milne (nee Lodder), Ida Lodder, Sara Selina Lodder (nee Harding), possibly Eliza Lodder.

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