Third Generation, Robert Milne (1840-1909)


Robert and Margaret MILNE

including major trace backs to the Brown & McMurtrie lines with minor links to Blow, Connelly, McClymont, McMurtrie, Smith and Winter.


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Family Group Record, Robert and Margaret MILNE


Robert MILNE (b. 1 September, 1841, Coalford of Drum, Aberdeen, Scotland. d. 11 January, 1909, 'Braemar', 3 Alexander St., Balmain, NSW, Australia.)
Margaret BROWN (25 February, 1842, Kirkoswald, Ayreshire, Scotland. d. 24 October, 1911, 'Braemar', 3 Alexander St., Balmain, NSW, Australia.)

Married, 1870, Cambewarra, NSW.


Robert and Margaret had no children, but adopted Eleanor 'Nellie' WINTER.
Eleanor 'Nellie' MILNE (b. 1873, Sydney, NSW. d. 1958, Orange, NSW, Australia)


Robert MILNE (1840-1909)

Robert was an early autumn child, born on 1 September, 1840 in Coalford of Drum and Baptised 2 October, 1840 at the Drumoak Parish Church. At the age of 17 he emmigrated to Sydney, Australia with his brother James and family.

Robrt Milne (1840-1909) Gravestone.
Photo, M. O'Halloran.

In 1870 he married Margaret BROWN, in Cambewarra, NSW. Cambewerra is an established rural town on the Shoalhaven River, near Nowra, South Coast of NSW.

Their daughter Eleanor 'Nellie' MILNE (b. 1873, Sydney, NSW, Australia. d. 1958, Orange, NSW, Australia) was born Eleanor WINTER and adopted by Robert and Margaret.

Eleanor (Nellie) Winter-Milne.

Robert died 11 Jaunary, 1909 and Margaret on 24 October, 1911, both at the "new" family residence of "Braemar", 3-5 Alexander Street, Balmain, NSW, Australia.

The BROWN family of Ayreshire, Scotland

Margaret's family, the Browns, came to Australia from Kirkoswald, Ayreshire, Scotland (via Ardnamurchan, Argylshire and Kirkhill, Invernessshire). They settled on the South Coast of NSW at Cambewarra in the shadow of Brown's Mountain. Most of their decendants have remained in and around the region of Nowra-Kiama.

Gravestone, Thomas Brown (1804-1867).
Photo: M. O'Halloran

Her father, Thomas BROWN (b. 1804, Kirkoswald, Ayreshire, Scotland. d.9 August, 1867, Broughton Village, Kiama, NSW.) Australia. bur. Gerringnong Cemetery, NSW), the son of John BROWN (d. 1857) and Margaret (d. 1857), married Agnes MUIR (b. 31 July, 1811, Kirkoswald, Ayreshire, Scotland. See Agnes' Church Birth Record. d. 27 December, 1884, Broughton Village, Kiama, NSW, Australia), the daughter of John MUIR (d. 1857) and Jean McClymont, in c.1836.

Gravestone, Agnes Muir (1811-1884).
Photo, M. O'Halloran.

They had 8 children, all born in Scotland and later settling in Australia.

  1. John BROWN (b. 1837, Kirkoswald, Ayreshire, Scotland)
  2. Jane BROWN (b. 1838, Kirkoswald, Ayreshire)
  3. Thomas BROWN (1) (b. 1839, Kirkoswald, Ayreshire. d. 2 August, 1925, Gerringong, NSW, Australia)
  4. Margaret BROWN (b. 25 February, 1842, Kirkoswald, Ayreshire, Scotland. d. 24 October, 1911, 'Braemar', 3-5 Alexander St., Balmain, NSW, Australia.)
  5. Robert BROWN (b. 1844, Ardnamurchan, Argylshire, Scotland. d. 4 July, 1929, Long Nose Point, Balmain, NSW, Australia.)
  6. Elizabeth BROWN (b. 1847, Ardnamurchan, Argylshire, Scotland. d. 1919)
  7. Thomas BROWN (2) (b. 1848, Ardnamurchan, Argylshire, Scotland. d. 1922)
  8. Aenea BROWN (b. 13 February, 1851, Kirkhill, Invernessshire, Scotland)

Gravestone for Thomas (1839-1943) and Jemima Brown.
Photo M. O'Halloran.

3. Thomas BROWN (1839-1925) married Jemima BLOW (1844-1926). They had 7 children:

  1. Anna BROWN (1874-1943)
  2. Thomas BROWN (1877-1953)
  3. Agnes BROWN (1879-1958).
    Agnes married William A. McMurtrie (1871-1950) and had a daughter Enea McMurtrie (1915-2005)
  4. Jane BROWN (1881-1973)
  5. John BROWN (1884-?)
  6. Enea BROWN (1886-1961)
  7. Robert Burns BROWN (1889-1965)


5. Robert BROWN (1844-1929) married Ada A. D. WINTER (b. 1867, Sydney, NSW, Australia. d. 27 May 1892, Kiama, NSW) at Broughton Creek, NSW (between the Cambewarra Range to the west and the mouth of the Shoalhaven River, at Nowra) in 1889. Their children:

  1. Jean BROWN (b. 15 December, 1889. d. 4 October, 1890)
  2. John Clifford BROWN (b. 26 November, 1893, Berry, NSW. d. 30 April, 1959, Kiama, NSW.)
  3. Ada BROWN (b. 27 May, 1892, Kiama, NSW. d. 18 June 1978, Werri Beach, Gerringong, NSW)

Gravestone for Robert, Ada and Jean Brown.
Photo M. O'Halloran.





The McMurtrie Connection.

Margaret Brown's niece, Agnes BROWN (1879-1958), married William A. McMurtrie (1871-1950), the son of Archibald Muir McMurtrie (1834-1902) and Elizabeth Tudor CONNELLY (1842-1901) (see marriage certificate) whose 12 children were:

  1. John McMurtrie (1867-1927)
  2. Hessie G. McMurtrie (1868-1950)
  3. George McMurtrie (1870-1965)
  4. William A. McMurtrie (1871-1950)
  5. Archibald McMurtrie (1873-1873)
  6. James McMurtrie (1) (1873-1873)
  7. James McMurtrie (2) (1874-1877)
  8. Archie McMurtrie (1876-?)
  9. Elizabeth S. McMurtrie (1878-1954)
  10. Alexander S. L. McMurtrie (1881-1965)
  11. James M. McMurtrie (1884-?)
  12. Pedlow J. McMurtrie (1887-1947)

Archibald Muir McMurtrie (1834-1902) (see death certificate) was the son of William McMurtrie (1803-1864) and Helen (Ellen) Whellis MUIR (1813-1865). See Death Notice. Their children were:

  1. John McMurtrie (1832-1878). See death notice.
  2. Archibald Muir McMurtrie (1834-1902). See death certificate.
  3. Jemima McMurtrie (1837-?)
  4. George McMurtrie (1848-?)
  5. James McMurtrie (1850-1901)
  6. Jane McMurtrie (1853-?)

William McMurtrie (1803-1864) parents were John McMurtrie (1775-1831) and Christian SMITH (1781-1821)

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