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Kennedy, alternately O'Kennedy and Kennedie, is a surname of Irish and Scottish origin (wikipedia). There are also an Irish Kennedy family and a Scottish Kennedy clan of Carrick in Ayrshire, which are unrelated to one another. It is a not-uncommon name in Ireland as this photo of a licensed grocery store in Tipperary shows. Our branch of the Kennedy family traces back to Dublin in the mid-19th Century.

Our story begins in Dublin, Ireland with the birth of Frederick James KENNEDY there in 1863. He married Eleanor Jane MOLLOY, 5 years his junior, from Donegal in 1891. Frederick was an Insurance Inspector and both he and Eleanor were literate, not a common skill amongst the Irish of the late 19thC.. Their first 4 children were born in Dublin South, in Rathmines, a well-to-do suburb, where now many of the grand houses of the area offer comfortable B&B.

Around 1900 the family moved to Belfast, to 5 Glenworth Street, Duncairn Ward, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland, (See Ireland Census, March 1901) where Jack was born. Like Dublin on the River Liffey, Belfast straddles a river - the Lagan. In contrast with Dublin, however, Belfast sits in 2 Counties - Antrim north of the river and Down south- with the R. Lagan marking the boundary. Being Church of Ireland, the move to Belfast may have been prompted by the mounting politico-religious conflict between the Church of Ireland and the Church of Rome, and the anti-Westminster sentiment, both leading to the Easter Uprising of April 1916 followed by Partition of Ireland between North and South on 3 May 1921.

Frederick and Eleanor's children were:

  1. Frederick (Fred) John KENNEDY (b. 9 November 1891, Rathmines, Dublin, Leinster, Ireland. d.-)
  2. Ethel Florence KENNEDY (b. 1894, Dublin, Leinster, Ireland. d. ) {Never married}
  3. Robert Francis KENNEDY (b. 1 April 1896, Dublin, Leinster, Ireland. d. 20 December 1959, Wrexham Maelor Hospital, Denbighshire, Wales)
  4. Alfred Earnest KENNEDY (b. 1899, Dublin, Leinster, Ireland. d.- )
  5. Jack KENNEDY (b. Belfast. d. 1916)

Frederick (Fred) John KENNEDY

My thanks to cousin Royston (Roy) William Kennedy for much of the material on the Kennedy line.

The Molloy and Carrol Lines

John MOLLOY was born in Ireland (probably Donegal), May 1844. He and wife Margaret CARROL, born May 1847, Donegal, Ireland, had the then traditionaly large family:

  1. Eleanor Jane MOLLOY (b. 6 November 1868, Donegal, Ireland)
  2. Mary MOLLOY (b. 6 November 1868, Donegal, Ireland)
  3. Patrick MOLLOY (b. 1871, Donegal, Ireland)
  4. John MOLLOY (b. 1872, Donegal, Ireland)
  5. Margaret MOLLOY (b. 1875, Michigan, USA)
  6. Sarah MOLLOY (b. 1877, Michigan, USA)
  7. William MOLLOY (b. Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA. d. 1 November 1956, Butte, Silver Bow, Montana, USA)
  8. Lizzie MOLLOY (b. April 1882, Michigan, USA)
  9. James MOLLOY (b. September, 1885, Michigan, USA)

Margret's parents were Mary and D. S. CARROL. Pesumably the emigration of her and John to the United States around 1873 was due to severe poverty in the aftermath of The Great Famine (Irish: an Gorta Mór) of 1845 to 1849. By 1860, with the advent of the American Civil War, the attention there shifted to the issue of slavery, and discriminaton against the Irish began to decline.

Interestingly, young Eleanor remained in Ireland, which begs the question; "Who cared for this child from the age of about 5, and what about siblings Mary, Patrick and John?". Her marriage to Frederick John Kennedy, suggests she had moved to Dublin by the time she was a young adult and where she met him. By 1901 we find Eleanor's mother, Margaret back in Ireland, widowed and living with her daughter and son-in-law Frederick James Kennedy at 5 Glenworth Street, Belfast, Co. Antrim. The census (See Ireland Census, March 1901) lists her as Church of Ireland.

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