The Grossers in Australia

The Grosser Family came from Grünberg, Silesia, Prussia, (present day Zielona Góra, Lubuskie, Poland) to Australia during the religeous persecution of the mid-19th Century. They settled in Bethany, South Australia, bringing with them their Luthern beliefs and skill in viticulture and oenology.


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"See this family arriving in Bethany in 1842, venturing in faith, eager to pioneer in the land of their religious freedom: Albert Grosser (41 years of age) and Rosina (38) and their six children ranging in age from less than a year to almost sixteen years!"

So begins the book: "The Grossers from Gruenberg. 1841 - 1991. The story of Albert and Rosina Grosser and Their Descendants in Australia." Lutheran Publishing House (1991), ISBN 0646053299. With such a wealth of imformation on the family already published I need only give a summary here.

Karl Albert Hermann GROSSER (1799-1849)

Grünberg/Zielona Góra, Lubuskie, Poland

Albert (Karl) was born in Grünberg, Silesia, Prussia (present day Zielona Góra, Lubuskie, Poland), in 1799. He was a staunch Luthern and served his church at a senior level. He married Anna Rosina WOGISCH IN 1825. Anna was born on 2 October, 1802 in Buchwaldchen, Silesia. She died in 1856. (See also; The Australian Grosser Saga:

On arrival in Bethany in 1842 on the Skjold, the deeply religious community initially held worship in the open air, however, from 1843 they were held in the Grosser's house for 2 years until the first church was built. Albert was elected 'Schultz' or headman by the settlers and exercised some judicial authority in the early village.

Vinyards, Grünberg/Zielona Góra, Lubuskie, Poland


  1. Amelia Rosalia Eva GROSSER (1826-1876)
  2. Karl August GROSSER (1827-1912)
  3. Hermann Eduard Louis GROSSER (1832-1882)
  4. Hermann Eduard Ludwig grosser (1833-1891)
  5. Johann August Traugott GROSSER (1835-1903)
  6. Maria Magdalina GROSSER (1837-1912)
  7. Maria Salome GROSSER (1841 - )
  8. Benjamin Dienegott Leberecht GROSSER (1844-1917)

The first 6 children were born in Grünberg, Maria was born at sea near Trinadad, en-route to Australia, and Benjamin was born at Bethany in the Barossa Valley of South Australia, where the family settled. Their second child, August (Karl) was 14 at the time of their sea-journey and remained in Europe awaiting compulsory military training. He rejoined the family 10 years later.


Descendancy Chart

Brian and Jan Grosser (1992)


  1. Karl Albert GROSSER (1799 - 1849) and Anna Rosina GROSSER (1802 - 1856)
  2. 8th Child: Benjamin Dienegott Leberecht GROSSER (1844 - 1917) & Maria BARTUSCH (1840 - 1883)
  3. 2nd Child: Charles Albert GROSSER (1872 - 1954) & Bertha RATHKE (1872 - 1924)
  4. 2nd Child: Brian William GROSSER (1938 - 2010) & Jeanette Helen STEPHENS (1938 - 2011)
  5. 1st Child: Kylie Jo-Anne GROSSER (living) & Andrew Thomas WILKINSON (living).
  6. Children: Sara Ellen & Hailey Marie WILKINSON (living)


Kylie WILKINSON (nee Grosser)


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