The Way I played the PERSEUS mission.

Previously known as "THE" mission.

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   I would like to inform everyone that this walkthru is at this moment being revised to a more 'cleaner & neater' format. Most of the grammar has also been corrected. On another more lighter note I would like to take this opportunity to thank Melissa for pointing out a small error I made (in the original walkthough). The Xenon threat in Getsu Fune, was a Xenon M2, not an M1. Sorry about that. But it was one of the few things that I didn't take a picture of, so my memory failed me.

Below, you will read and "see" my adventures, about the "PERSEUS" mission, how I started, and how I played it, through to the end.

(In other words, My personal experience, about THE mission, in X-Tension v2.1, told in a story telling way).

I would also like to thank everybody that helped out with hints and 'tips' about this mission, and all the others that went through it before me, as they where able to give very good hints and help, without giving the details out, and keeping the suspense up.

Read the below, ONLY where you are having difficulty, or your brain is just stuck, but please do not read it all, unless you have completed the whole mission.

After some time (after lets say July of 2001A.D), and, if you are new to this game, and you can not find your answers in the forum (because either, none of us "oldies"(from the forum that is) will be around any more, or, a few years have past, OR, you played it, and just can not remember what you did), then this is for you.

SO to ALL, may you enjoy!

And many thanks to Egosoft for this wonderful game. Images are taken from inside the game, and changing the format to JPEG, and resizing for easy viewing on the web.

Please keep in mind, that there may be slight variations in your game in some spots, I will point it out.

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  1. The Begining - How it all started
  2. The Argon Shipyard.
  3. Finding Bala Gi, the Boron
  4. Finding Klarix.
  5. Finding the Perseus.
  6. After the Perseus.

Part 1. The Begining - How it all started.


Picture of when I just dropped my satellite. There I was, minding my own business (adding a Satellite, in a 'safe' spot), and I thought, ah, what the heck, I need to go to the Goners, to get some life insurance, as I was running low. So, I just started cruising along, in my newer model 'Split Mamba'. Never did get my hands on, one of the older ones, as those had two shield bays, so it came out as 'protective' as nearly all the other M3's, the exclusion being, the Pirate Orinoco of which is, a crude attempt from the pirates, calling it an M3 class ship, with only 2x5Mw shields, but as rumours go, the Mambas were just to dangerous for the common populace of the universe to own, but personally, I believe, that the Split didn't want there top fighter, to be available to anyone, that had the money to buy it that is, so it just maybe also, that they have another ship up there sleeves, or they succumbed to the political pressures, from most of the other races, as they were targeted, to be on the brink of war with the Boron, and that they wouldn't have had a chance. But then again, who knows, to many strings go around in this galaxy. Anyway, at the moment, I was located in 'Priest Rings'. So I started westwards, towards Cloudbase Southwest. On my way there, just entering 'Paranid Prime', I got hailed, by some dude, going by the name 'Krak el Fong', his understanding of the universal language, was very basic, or he spoke through a low grade electronic translator. He said that he was authorised to ask from as many pilots as he could find. But that sounded fishy, so I started to ask him for more info... And this is how it evolved.


Here is Krak el Fong. We have a crisis situation. I am authorized to ask all independent pilots for support. Do you want to help us? Possible selections 2: 1st Yes. What am I supposed to do? Option 2. No, I am in a hurry. Good bye. By looking at this image, you understand what I mean, about the universal language. You can just make sense, about what he is on about. So I thought, since it is a crisis, I might as well make my self useful, as I usually do, when I see things that are not going good, like freighters being attacked by pirates, when unprovoked, or lending a hand in combat, when the military is having a hard time in there sector of patrol, and either the Xenon are hammering them, or there overwhelmed by pirate activity. So I kindly asked him what I could do to help him. So as you could read on the next screen he directed me, as to what to do, and where to go, to make myself of any use. By the looks of things, whatever there crisis was, they where in a big hurry, and needed a lot of help, to ask others, and me.


Dock as soon as possible at the Shipyard in the system of Paranid Prime. There you will receive detailed information. Thank you. Possible selections (only one option):1. I am on the way So off I went, full throttle, and a use of the booster, to go to maximum speed. It didn't take me long to arrive at the Paranid Shipyard, as, I had maxxed out my Mamba to the fullest it could go. Before docking, I looked up my status, to see how I am fairing with them, as we all know, they have a weird priest hood, as there government and it is not always that easy to make friendships with them. Ah, I can still remember the first time I arrived in Paranid Space, when I was exploring the sectors south of Argon Prime, and after visiting the Goner temple, they told me that there is a very socially closed race, beyond the south gate. Upon setting my foot on the station, I received an urgent message.


My pesronal statistics at the moment. Titles: Professional Privateer: 73%. Vice Admiral: 44%. Argon Accepted Friend[L]: 43%. Boron Queens Knight[L]: 3%. Split Firend[L]: 50%. Paranid Friend of Priest Duke[L]: 2%. Teladi Company Trafer[L]: 16%. Goner Trusted Member: 65%.So, having a look at my status. I noticed, all the normal things, in other words my standing with each race. I'm still a privateer, and thanks to my factories starting to sell to outside customers, the rating is starting to go up. No need to be doing trading all by myself any more, after they changed the way they calculate it. I recall, many young and excited people just starting out, and older ones, that were established, were just not being given justice, for setting up factories and then selling there product to the market, and the only way to advance, was, if you done all the trading by yourself.

Luckily, now, there was a resolution, in a recent meeting in the chambers of commerce, and we are all able to benefit, from the buying and selling that our factories do. Boy, am I glad, it eventually got to be passed! On the other hand, it seems that I hadn't been doing too much shooting, as my Combat rating wasn't as high as I thought it would be. Thankfully, chasing a few pirates in Paranid Space fixed that situation a little.

Looking now at my notorieties with each race, I noticed that I went up, in standing, with the Paranid. Seems that I got a boost also just by getting those pirates recently, not only in regards to my combating, but also in making the Paranid feel, more, comfortable with my presence in there space. After all, I have bought a few of there factories.

All the other seemed to be near where I remembered them.

So as soon as I docked at the Paranid shipyard, the person in charge there, had a bad case of mouth "discomfort"! He just couldn't calm down, he was crazy, just talking in quick bursts! Luckily I had my computer record everything he was saying, as there was no way I could have kept up with him. He was mumbling, jumbling, talking incoherently something about a ship, shields, and an anti-missile device! Sure seemed to me like they must have been visiting B.N.J.!!! As he is the only one I know of, having similar technology. Anyway, after playing his whole speech in slow motion, and actually reading, instead of trying to listen to what he was saying made my hair stick up, and get goose bumps! If that ship reaches its destination, we are ALL doomed. So I hastily accepted the mission. And to be sure I could be in time, as I was ordered to go to Argon Prime, I actually, did get to stop by the Goner temple and buy me myself a jumpdrive! Seems like I got 2, for the price of one, insurance and the jumpdrive. I am starting to have second thoughts about these priest here, how did they acquire so hi-tech things, and being so humble? So anyway, below, you too can have a 'peep' as to what I was told. Please keep in mind though, that what you will read is TOP SECRET - Classified.

Good morning, pilot. A few hours ago a special ship from our research station was kidnapped. It must not fall into enemy hands. Do you want to help? Possible selections 2. 1st. Yes, I need more information. 2nd. Yes, but I'm badly equipped.The stolen ship is called 'Perseus' and being a prototype has been fitted out with the newest developments of our holy engineers and technicians. Above all the loss of the new anti-missile defence technology and the information about the installed experimental shields to the enemy would have catastrophic consequences for all of the Community of Planets. Before the Perseus had left our God Realm in the system of Priest's Pity, we could determine the course of the [[Page Down]] >> Two options: 1st. Ok. 2nd. No, I don't have time for it.

<< [[Page Up]] thief, which points to the only recently discovered enemy sector. The ship will reach the target system in approximately 5 hours! For security reasons the Perseus will show on onboard computer requests with information about our successful Prometheus. The current whereabouts of the Perseus we unfortunately do not know but we would like you to seek a well informed person named Bala Gi, who is to be found at present in the [[Page Down]] >>Two options: 1st. Ok. 2nd. No, I don't have time for it.<< [[Page Up]] lawless Pirate sectors north of the sector Priest's Pity and surely can help. In order to be able to catch up to the valuable prototype, the Argon goverment puts at your disposal the fastest of the known M3-class ships. You are expected in the Shipyard in the system of Argon Prime. Accept the Argon offer, then find Bala Gi and in the name of the Holy Trinity you must not let the prototype ship reach its target! In the name of the Pontifex Maximus we wish you succes. Two options: 1st. Ok. 2nd. No, I don't have time for it.

Me leaving the Paranid Shipyard in located in Paranid Prime.So I do believe, you can understand my frustration, and agony, when, I double looked, at what task it was, and what was being asked from me! I never had dreamed that something of this importance, and weight, would be asked of me, a small, humble, proprieter of a few minor factories, and a mediocre gunshot! I just could not believe my eyes. I was so dumbfounded by the offer, which my jaw dropped to the bottom of the cockpit, and had to stretch my hand under my chin, to put it back up! Here I was with a Split ship, in Paranid territory; but then again, it was for the good of all of the "Community of Planets". So off I took, with my trusty Mamba; but then again, I didn't like the hint, that my ship being duped for something the Argonís had! To the best of my knowledge, I WAS IN the FASTEST M3 class ship! So what is going on? The Paranid have a super duper ship, and the Argon, so where does that leave the Split and the Boron! And and and... Just too many questions!!!

So I decided to take a picture of me leaving the Paranid Shipyard, in Paranid Prime, for memoryís sake, as I don't know when, or if, I even get to come back alive.

So next stop, Goner Temple, to get the jumpdrive, and life insurance, hoping that the Almighty creator will pity my soul if I don't get to make it, and resurrect me, just incase anything goes awfully wrong.


End of Part 1.


Part 2: The Argon Shipyard.

So after a while on S.E.T.A. and full speed, I reached the Goner Temple, in CloudBase SouthWest. I strained all my bank accounts (from the various factory's, as I was on a buying spree), and had enough credits, to by myself a Jumpdrive and many Salvage Insurances (around 230, since I wasn't planning on coming back, any time soon).

Having bought a new gadget, I thought I might as well go to the local S.P.P. to have some energy, since reading the manual, that came with it, it stated that it is very "power" hungry, so I decided to get some E.C. to go with it. Since I had already a Nav Sat. in Argon Prime, I thought I might as well use it for something more useful. So after a while, and hearing a voice starting a count-up, and braced my self! I didn't notice any difference than using a jumpgate, the feeling was the same.

Being in a hurry as I was, I targeted the Shipyard, and started to make my way over there. Surely after a while, in my Mamba, that trip was short. Upon landing I got the following greeting:

Welcome pilot, we already expected you. In the landing bay is the terrestrial X-Shuttle available for your use. We hope that you protect the Community of Planets against harm and prevent the Paranid ship from reaching its target. The representatives of all governments wish you success for your mission. Options available, only one. I will do my best.



Part 2a: The Argon Shipyard. - Their generosity.

So after a while on S.E.T.A. and full speed, I reached the Goner Temple, in CloudBase SouthWest. I strained all my bank accounts (from the various factory's, as I was on a buying spree), and had enough credits, to by myself a Jumpdrive and many Salvage Insurances (around 230, since I wasn't planning on coming back, any time soon).

Having bought a new gadget, I thought I might as well go to the local S.P.P. to have some energy, since reading the manual, that came with it, it stated that it is very "power" hungry, so I decided to get some E.C. to go with it. Since I had already a Nav Sat. in Argon Prime, I thought I might as well use it for something more useful. So after a while, and hearing a voice starting a count-up, and braced my self! I didn't notice any difference than using a jumpgate, the feeling was the same.

Being in a hurry as I was, I targeted the Shipyard, and started to make my way over there. Surely after a while, in my Mamba, that trip was short. Upon landing I got the following greeting:

Welcome pilot, we already expected you. In the landing bay is the terrestrial X-Shuttle available for your use. We hope that you protect the Community of Planets against harm and prevent the Paranid ship from reaching its target. The representatives of all the governments wish you succes for your mission. Only one option: I will do my best.

Taking her out for the first test run. Image shows the ship just exiting the hanger.

Seems like I was expected and there was NO time to waste on formalities. So after seeing it in the landing bay, I fell in love with it strait away! Here is the photo taken when I first took her out, when changing ships. I just couldn't resist, it was overwhelming, She just flew like a beauty, handled very nice, but then I remembered, that I will have plenty of time in my hands to find out all the quirks associated with this little babe. She also had one of the best open views, it even came close to the Bayamon, but after reading the info one her, she was much better than that ship, but apparently, the Argonís, must have been in a hurry to patch her back, as I heard that she was a much tougher baby, before, and more powerful. So bellow you can see how her cockpit view is, (yep, I did get those pirate ships ;) ), and I got to transfer many items over to her from my Split Mamba, besides some firepower.

Shows the inside of the spaceship and on the radar there are some pirates.

Some statistics

A few more Stat'sAnd more statistics on the craft.


At least this baby can also carry Hornets, you know the rockets that make a very big BOOM!!! Now is no time to stall, what did the Paranid tell me? Ah yes, find a person by the name Bala Gi... that sounded like a Boron name, and I was to find him above Priest Pity. Having a quick glance on my map of searched sectors, I noticed that I had gone through all of that area, and my eyes fell on something 'fishy'! A sector name called "Bala Gi's Joy". Since I didn't believe that much in chance, I suspected that that would be a good starting point, and having a Nav Sat, located in "Olmancketslats Treaty", thought I might as well go to the Equipment dock, to bring this babe up to class, and then make a jump for it!

End of Part 2.



Part 3: Finding Bala Gi, the Boron.

So here I am. In "Olmancketslats Treaty", jumped to the north gate. All I had to do now was to go through it, to arrive in "Bala Gi's Joy", and keeping my fingers crossed that my hunch was correct.

Unfortunately, I felt left down, so I went to the s.p.p. in system, and decided to take out a salvage insurance. So after docking, saving, and then, plotting my way to leave the system through the west gate, to "Farnhamís Legend", I do one last scan of the system, as I exited from the s.p.p. It showed up a ship, with a "weird" name!

Scan showing a ship named 'Octopussy II'. So I decided to have a look at the ships specifications as I know the Boron have an M5 class ship, called the "Octopus" but "Octopussy II"? Was this another new type of ship! So here is what showed up.


Turns out to be a Boron M4 class ship. Now if only I could remember the boring Boron names of their ships.

With nearly everything maxxed out besides his cargo bay. Not a bad all round fighter, but never did like their consule readout.

So looking at the image that came back to me, and looking at the states, that SURELY was no "Octopus"! This was an M4 class ship, and you guessed it, it was a Boron one on that too, it was maxxed out, besides the cargo bay.

So I took the Liberty of contacting the pilot, and prepared myself, for another psycho shock, as I never did like the site of Boronís.

It turned out to be the person that I was looking for. The one and only, Bala Gi.

So here is what happened in that conversation.



Part 3a: Mission offered by Bala Gi

I am pleased to see you dear pilot. I already heard that you are on a responsible mission. Can I help you in any way? Two selections: 1st. I'm looking for the kidnapped ship. 2nd. No, I do not need your help.I can help you. Would you be so kind and free this area first from a Xenon plague? You will find the enemy ships at present near the sector Farnham's Legend. I will cover your rear for you. Two selections: 1st. Sure. I am already on the way. 2nd. No, it's too dangerous for me.


So I decided to use my jump drive. To beat him to the gate, and then find the prey. I never liked flying in a group, I was lone gun, a person that took after himself, so the idea of having someone "baby sit" me, just didn't sit well, and being a Boron, I hated every thought of it, but needed this guys info, if I was to complete my mission that I had. So waited for the count up to finish, and then went through the gate.

As soon as I appeared through the gate, I had a look at the system, and saved immediately. Although Bala Gi mentioned... NEAR Farnhamís Legend, I found them INSIDE the sector. So I as their course was from the south gate to the east gate, that made things easier for me. There were a few M's and some L's. I switched to my powerful weapons, and speeded up to full throttle, very soon, laser shots started spilling everywhere, lucky I had good shielding, as these Xenon where more of a challenge then your regular Xenon. I didn't have time to play, and started wasting the M's first, and then went in for the kill. When I wasted the second last L, I decided to try and capture the last one, to have a trophy. But that was not to be... Bala reached me by then, and decided to just blast him rather then let me make the Xenon abandon ship! I got furious! I came so close to getting that ship, and not only that, he just got him with a few bursts, as I had the L's shields lowered very much! So the Almighty decided to let me try again, and this time, I wasted all, and got my percentage up. Maybe I might be able to play this part again, and this time come lucky, and might capture an M at least.

Many thanks! The Xenon group is defeated. If you want to find the stolen ship, turn best to the Goner cartographer Klarix. He is to be found at present near the sector Rolk's Legacy. I wish you luck! One option: Thank you, good bye.

So surely enough, after speaking with Bala again, he said that he was very thankful for my help, and told me, if I wanted to find this stolen ship, the best person to ask would be a Goner cartographer, by the name Klarix. So I was polite to him, and bid him fare well, and thanked him all the same.
Notice: Please note that for you it may be a different system where you have to go and find him. He is usually with-in one jump from the system you are told.

End of Part 3.



Part 4. Finding Klarix

At this point, I would like to stress out; that there is a possibility, that you might be told that Klarix is to be found elsewhere. As the first time when I done this part, I was told that Klarix is around "Tharka's Sun", and found him in "Chins Cloud". So it may be different for you in this stage. Also, when jumping to "Montalaar", as I didn't have a nav sat in "Rolk's Legacy", I found Klarix, once in that system, and the other time when I redone the previous mission, I found him at "Lucky Planets". So basically, you should find him, either in the system that you are told, or in a neighbouring system. (One jump in either direction of the system you are given.)

So here I was, low on energy cells. A quick visit to the local s.p.p. quickly fixed that, and of I went, to "Montalaar", as I couldn't jump directly to "Rolk's Legacy", as I didn't have any Nav Sat, in that system. So I chose the southgate, so I could do a U turn, luckily for me, there where no space route signs to forbid any thing like that, as there are on a few planets that still have land vehicles. So as soon as I arrived I went back in the gate, to find myself in "Rolk's Legacy". I found a Goner ship in system, and thought to ask him, where I can find his friend.Two questions possible: 1st. Can you please tell me, where exactly I will find Klarix? 2nd. Surrender and drop your freight!

So we started babbling, and then I remembered why I started the conversation, so here is what he told me, about this Klarix guy.

Klarix, the Goner? I already heard about him. As far as I know he has constructed the best satellite network in the whole universe. Where he is at present however, I do not know. One option: Bye.

So I decided to have another glance on my sector info, and make my mind up, where I should look for him next. To my surprise, I noticed a ship, which either I didn't see before, or it arrived during the conversation I was having. So take a look at the reading I had.

Image is of sector info showing a ship by the name 'Goner One' among other ships.

(P.S. this shot is from "Lucky Planets".)


Yep, that is right! Goner One! The head chief of all the Goners, has even his ship, with a personalised name!

So I didn't waste time at all. I contacted him.

(Please note that now is a good time to save, before contacting him! You would either be offered an Ore asteroid with a yield of 104 maximum or a Silicon with a maximum yield of 108. So if you would like to get the maximum values, it will be easier to reload, since it is given randomly, but still more than your normal asteroid has to offer. You can also mine the asteroid if you like to.)



Part 4a: Mission offered by Klarix, the Goner.

Two questions: 1st. Hello, klarix. 2nd. Surrender and drop your freight!

I greet you, my son. How can I help you? Two selections: 1st. I'm looking for the stolen M3 ship. 2nd. You can not help me. Good bye.

I have efficient satellites. I could interrupt my investigation flight and will help you. Could you meanwhile solve a problem for me? Two selections: 1st. Sure. Tell me what is it about. 2nd. No, I am in a hurry. Good bye.I am searching for an Ore-asteroid with a yield of 104. I heard that one is to be found around here somewhere. Find it please and tell me its location. One selection only. Ok.

So off I went in search of this mysterious asteroid.

At this point I would like to thank everyone that helped everyone out, including myself, since I did have a hunch, much before I actually got the mission, that it involved the sector view ("."), but failed to realise, that there are more controls than the zoom/unzoom. You will find your asteroid, usually, within one sector (neighbouring), and the most 2 sectors, if we are to believe what was written in the forum (personally I do not have any reason to believe elsewise.).

So I looked in Lucky Planets and Montalaar, where I had nav sat's but to no avail. So I went flying to Great Trench (this is the game when I found Klarix in Rolk's Legacy). As soon as I went in system, I had a look, sure enough it looked the same, so I unzoomed, still nothing, then I changed the viewing, using the "insert" button, and voila! An asteroid way way away from the normal confined area of where most things are. Here is what it looked like.

Image info on the asteroid showing 'Resource: Ore', 'Yield: 104

Image of asteroid from within the cockpit.

System info showing the relative position of the asteroid compared to the rest of the things in the same sector, viewing the ecliptic plane sideways, not head on. I have circled the asteroid for conviniance. With some pirates in-system.

So after noticing that I had a ship of mine, in sector, and that theyíre where a few pirates around, I decided to do something about that!

Pirate Bayamon nearly destroyed.Needless to say, I did not show ANY mercy, as I was in a hurry.

So after locating the asteroid, I went strait back to Rolk's Legacy, to find Klarix.



Part 4b: Mission accomplished. Returning back to find Klarix, the Goner.

Another note: It has been reported that when conversing with Klarix, at times he gets destroyed, or is shot at, or what ever, is not to be found, so after getting the mission from him, save in a different spot, and when you find the asteroid, save again, in another slot, as you don't know if you will find him, when you return.

So this is what he had to say:

You found the Asteroid! In the name of the Legend of Argon I thank you,my son. My satellites reported an unknown ship of Paranid origin which is taking an east course in the sector Scale Plate Green. Good luck, my son and may the faith never leave you. One selection: Thank you.

Having a look at the image that was coming through, I could only but wonder, WHY does a Goner ship have handlebars on the topside of the cockpit! To keep them from rocking? Unfortunately, no Goner pilot has answered me that question.

End of Part 4



Part 5. Finding the Perseus.

So Looking at options at hand, I filled my now, trusty Xperimental full of E.C's, and since I had put Nav Sat's in ALL the systems from Scale Plate Green to Black Hole Sun, I tried to locate the renegade Paranid ship, but did not show in any sector scan. So I decided to fly directly to Black Hole Sun, and work my way back to Scale Plate Green. So before I jumped, I decided to save.

As soon as I arrived there, I saved, again, and had a look on the sector map, there was only the normal Xenon traffic, ad as usual, all the argon forces were on Red Alert, and flying around like crazy to get to those Xenon, and slow them down. So I started going towards the West gate, to Treasure Chest.



Part 5a. Meeting Melissa.

As soon as I arrived, I received a message, from a female I presume, if naming protocols are to be trusted. She said her name was Melissa.

Sweet greetings pilot. My name is Melissa Banks and I am in trouble. My transporter is getting attacked by an unknown ship. Its shields are enormously strong, without assistance I am lost. Would it be possible for you, to stand by me and help me defend my TL? Two options: 1st. I am on the way, Melissa. 2nd. No, I do not want any risks.

So I couldn't resist. So I volunteered to help her out.

Thank you, pilot. I draw back myself somewhat, the transporter still needs me. One option: Ok.

Little did I know, what I was up against. It turned out to be the ship that I was after! What a relief that was, but then it occurred to me, I hadn't saved, in this system yet, so I did just that, and off I was, going to settle the score strait with that "fugitive" pilot, and reclaim the ship. Why heck, I am one of the best top guns around in the known universe! But little did I know about this ship. I found that out the hard way, when I looked up the info again for this sector.

Paranid Perseus. Statistics information.Shield Bay: 125Mw Shield Bay 1. 125Mw Shield Bay 2. Laser Bay: Alpha H.E. Plasma Thrower Bay 1 Bay 2 Bay 3, all same. Missiles: None. Installed Ship Extensions: Cargobay Extensions: 5, Engine tuning: 15, Rudder-optimization: 30, Jumpdrive: 1. Technical Data: Current Max Speed: 244.42 m/s, Upgradeable to: 244.42. [[Page Down]] >>

<< [[Page Up]] Acceleration: 7 m/s2. Current Max Steering: 81.99% Upgradeable to: 81.99%. Power Generator: 100Mw. Current Cargobay: 25 units. Upgradeable to: 25 units. Max Laser: 3 * Alpha HEPT. Max Rocket: Silkworm. Max Shield: 3 * 25 MW Shield. Freight Bay 15/25 units. Energy Cells: 10. Alpha H.E. Plasma Thrower: 3 ( installed ). 125 MW Shield: 2 (installed )

So I took it upon myself, to rid this thief, and hopefully survive to tell the story about it! Why just look at his shield! How am I supposed to lower his shields! It surely is a prototype ship, filled with lots of goodies. Luckily for me, he hasnít got any missiles, seeing his other specs, they might have been even an advanced version of Hornets, and also fast, for all I knew! At least I was slightly faster, why even my mamba would have been faster, and more manoeuvrable, and a larger cargo bay, but much weaker, sporting only one 25Mw shield, and only two Ahept's. So I felt lucky being in this hip, of which I have called "home" for that least few hours. So as soon as I reached him, I saved in another spot again.

At this stage, please take another look, on the sector map, and make sure, that Melissa is still Alive, as this is very, very important. Her ship goes by the name "blue Arrow". So make sure she is still there, and if she is, then continue, if she ain't then reload, either just before you entered the system, or when you saved after talking to her and accepting the mission.

Image shows that 'Blue Arrow' is still alive, along with some other ships in the area.That paranid ship is still here in the area. Capture it or destroy it, but please eliminate this danger! One option: Ok, ok.

That is what she tells you, if you are still chasing after the ship.

The Pesreus in my sights with very little shielding left on it, and at a distance of 44m only!(view from the cockpit of the Xperimental).

So now you are sure that she is still alive, and you have approached the "fighting" zone, pounce on him as soon as you can, that way, he will direct your attention to you, ad leave Melissa alone, as you need her alive for what is to follow. Be aware, that this is going to be VERY time consuming, plus, that he has stronger shields than you do, so avoid colliding with him. Try to wear him down, and save often, as you never know if you will shoot one shot extra, or if his shields start to go up. You cannot use ANY missiles or rockets, since they will explode, as you were told, that he also carries a prototype device against these measures. So the only way to get him is by shooting with BOTH your guns! There is NO OTHER WAY! (Or is there?). The first part of shooting, when you are able to sit behind him, is easy. His shields will fall, up to the half way mark, fairly easy. After that, is when you need a lot of caffeine, and an empty room, so there will not be any distractions. As you can see to your left, the shield is low. I tried firing also some dragonfly and Silkworms, but as soon as they exited the ship, they blew up right in front of me. Try keeping him and average of 50m to 80m as anything more and you are prone to loosing him, as he might turn. The other trick is to aim, near the centre, and slightly under his centre fuselage, as that will score you almost 95% of the time with both guns, so the more, the better. Do NOT try and shoot too quickly, as due to the "re-coil" your ship moves out of alignment and you loose valuable energy for your lasers. Try and keep a rhythm, or short bursts, but once you are as low as in this image, just shoot once at a time, as he may blow, as I found out the hard way, and you receive the following message.

In the name of the Holy Trinity the Pontifex Maximus Paranidia wants to tell you that the danger is over and you complited your mission outstanding. You are always welcome in the God Realm. As reward for your courage you will get 1000000 Credits transferred to you. Only one option: Ok.

If for any reason, you did not pay attention to the previous warning, about blue arrow, this will be the last screen you will see, if you blow up the Perseus. It may seem like a lot of credits, but believe me, it isnít! And especially if you let the blue arrow get destroyed!

Now if you were unlucky enough to destroy the Perseus, or you think, for whatever reason, that it is not possible to be captured, then think again. It is possible, According to some accounts, it may take you anywhere from 15-20Mins real life time, up to, and over, 90 mins!!!! Depending how good you are, personally, it took me, around 30 to 45 mins (first when I blew him, and second when I actually got to capture him). SO SAVE VERY FREQUENTLY, when he is at a distance of around 60-80m, so when you reload, he doesn't evade you if you are to close to him, or your joystick throttle was touched for whatever reason, and try saving when his shields are low, like first save or second should be, when you get to be behind him, and he is flying in a strait line, after when his shield is 1/4 from the top, then half, then 3/4, and then near the end, if you don't you will just be frustrated.

Now if you did get to save Melissa in time, and brought all the attention from the Perseus on to you, then you will receive the following.

In the name of the Holy Trinity the Pontifex Maximus Paranidia wants to tell you that the danger is over and you completed your mission outstanding. You are always welcome in the God Realm. As a reward for your courage you may keep the prototype ship, but report back to our technicians regularly so the can examine and read the data of the on board computer and analyse them for our research purposes. One option: Ok.That was a great achievment, pilot! Do you have the time to accompany me and to protect my TL? There might be new dangers on the way. I will show you my gratitude. Two options: 1st. Sure. Fly ahead, I will follow. 2nd. No, this fight was enough. Bye.

Image conforming that it is my new pet ship ;)

So as you can see, he does become yours!. Now upon capturing the Perseus, you will get a thank you message (as seen above), and another to be letting it dock at regular intervals, so they can keep an eye on it. Now it is up to you, if you want to continue, or if you want to call it quits! After all, it was hard enough to get the Perseus wasn't it? And you get to keep it. Personally, I would recommend escorting her TL and protecting it.

End of Part 5



Part 6. After the Perseus.

So you have decided to continue eh? Well good on you! This will be the last chapter, and one of the biggest! Rest assured that I did not follow the usual way of brute force, but of wits, since I was low on M3 class ships at the time.

If you did accept the mission, you would have gotten the following message:

First towards Thyn's Abyss. On my map is an enemy sector marked, which we will have to traverse. Please distract the Xenon a bit, so I can travel undamaged through this sector with my TL. One option: Ok.

So having a look in the sector, I seen that the ship of hers, was very far away, as I had used the jumpdrive, to arrive near the "core" of the system much more quicker. Also I ordered my newly acquired Perseus to land in the Trading station for some performance increases. In the meantime, I ordered some ships I had sitting around in Scale Plate Green, to come where I was (a Paranid Prometheus, a Xenon M, and a Pirate Bayamon, all maxxed out), and from Black Hole Sun, my Teladi Falcon. From Family Pride, I ordered a new Split Mamba, and sold a few Orinocos that I keep stashed away, for moments like these. I was in luck. The Shipyard was going through its "full moon" cycle, meaning that the Mamba was available in the Deluxe Model! A bit further away in Argon Prime, my own Mamba was waiting for me, in silence. So I woke up its system, and ordered it, to go, to Rolk's Fate, and dock at the Boron Equipment dock. I set my S.E.T.A. on, and just waited, after a while, My ships that were near arrived, and my personal mamba had reached Rolk's Fate, so from there I ordered it to by the fourAhept's that were available, and ordered it to come to where I was. Luckily, the Blue Arrow was flying a slow ship, so I still had time, in my favour. I re-arranged some guns, and shields, and got to outfit the Perseus with the shields and weapons from the Falcon, only to leave that out of fighting order, and my Mamba one sector away! So I ordered the Falcon to go to the Equipment dock in Black Hole sun, and gave a new order to my Mamba to go there instead. It turned out that by this time, the Arrow had arrived, and the TL was nearing the jumpgate, so just hoped everything could be worked out. I ordered my Prommy to protect the Blue Arrow. And the Xenon M, the Bayamon, and the new Mamba to protect the TL, and I went ahead, and followed the TL also. Unfortunately, my falcon was flying slowly, so it did not get to reach the Eq. Dock in time, and so I could not re-arm it to my satisfaction, so I left it derelict in the station. Now I gave new orders to my Mamba, it was to fly escort for the Blue Arrow that Melissa was in, together with the Prommy. I went Ahead to the yet, unknown Xenon sectors...

When I went in, I found many "unknown" Xenon types! The M0, the M1's and the M2's!!! Boy was I in trouble, how am I suppose to destroy all these! The M2's are just too fast. But wait, Melissa said, to go in first and DISTRACT the Xenon a bit! SO I DID!

So I set myself, to go for the Xenon Station that is located in that system, near the shipyard. Going through the manual "Xenon: There Programming, and Tactics", I followed the book, to the letter. It explains how to out smart the machines in there own field. Shoot them, and they follow, register as a priority to one of them, and they all go for you. Surely enough, all the heavy ships started to move in my direction AND so did the smaller classes!

Image of a Xenon M0 class.

So as you too, can see, this M0 means business, luckily, it is also very slow. So I was able to outrun it. But the M2's were faster than me, and were catching up fast; I was just lucky to reach their station in time, and for the shooting to stop. As it was, they were shooting there own station, and with me, only a mere 30-120Mts from it, doing circles around it, they didn't dare to shoot, but one M2, couldn't put the brakes on in time, and rammed it! Hitting me also at the same time! I was very fortunate that my shields held together. Having another look, at the sector map, I seen that my plan WAS working! The Xenon, ALL OF THEM, concentrated their efforts on me, and was leaving the convoy unchallenged! That could only mean one thing! That the TL would make it through to Thyn's Abbys. Yeah-ha, uh, oh no... I just realised that I hadnít saved for some time, so I did. What happened was that all the Xenon Big ships were circling around me! And that the eastern way out was very far. Surely the Xenon would just catch up to me! So I waited until the TL jumped and then communicated with the Blue Arrow again.



Part 6a. Change of plans.

I have to go with my TL towards Menelaus' Paradise. Don't go too far away from us.

So now what? Change of plans again?!! Why can't they keep things simple! And go far away? Who? Me? I am stuck here trying to save their backs, and this is what they tell me? Anyway, I had to swallow it, so, as to not insult her, anyway, according to my map, it wasn't that far away. So I remembered that I also had the jumpdrive and now was a good time to test out the rumours of "mini" jumps, in other words jumping inside the same system, to one of its gates. So I crossed my fingers, continued flying around the station and then... I was at the east gate! It worked, and all my ships made it through! I just should have gotten the Falcon with me also, only if I knew, now there was no turning back, I had a mission to complete!

So After a while, I decided to speak again, and see about our progress. So I received the following message:

Three options: 1st. Where do we actually fly to? 2nd. Way to system: Bluish Snout. 3rd. Surrender!

I didn't pay too much attention, and just pressed the first option. So what the result would have been, had I pressed the second, remains a mystery to me.



Part 6b. The Gods reveal a new gate! A new sector awaits.

So reaching finally at Menelaus Paradise, I started becoming a little jumpy, so I couldn't resist, but asking again.

Only the West Gate to go to reach Getsu Fune. Specs showing the TL is fully optioned. Another image showing the TL as it is on the first screen when hailed.

So off I went to the west Gate, and started to explore this new territory, that had just unveiled itself.

Upon arriving, I done a quick scan of which revealed that there was no trading station yet in the sector, but then I remembered that the TL was carrying one Boron Trading station. So I was right after all, everyone will be in the dance, but the Boron will head it! What a revolting idea!

system showing that there is only an Argon Boron Paranid Split Teladi Equipment docks, and  A Split Python with a Teladi Phoenix, protecting the system. System info. Race: Boron. Pop. 829042. Planets: 2. Suns: 5. This very remote system was discovered only recently by chance by an adventuress. The governments of the individual races could not agree on who should administer this system in the future. In order to underline their own requirement in this area of space each race build space stations, which are to be...

And as I started reading the info about the system, I was rudely interrupted! stations, which are to be found only partially in other parts of the Community of Planets. Despite the hefty protests of the Patriarch of Chin, the female discoverer was appointed during the transition period as independent administrator of this region. Each government sent...



Part 6c. A New threat from an old acquantance.

We have made it, to bring the Trading station in one piece to the target area. But what is this? Wait a moment... I just located a Xenon destroyer coming through the North Gate into this system. Please help the defence forces to annihilate the Xenon destroyer. This will give as hopefully a bit of peace here. Two options. 1st. Sure, I will call back soon. 2nd. No, mow it is enough. Good bye.

But since what I was reading, was very interesting, I decided to finish it off, and then go to the aid of the local defence force, that was at the moment compromised of a Split Python and a Teladi Phoenix.

also space workers and colonists, transporters and combat ships and even mighty destroyers around to keep peace in this virgin system. It was the desire of the discoverer of this system to name it after the name of a ship, in which another female star warrior found the way into the X Universe. So I speared right to the threat, of which were a slow M2 ship, and a few Xenon M's and N's, easy pickings! Especially with the help of the locals (many thanks to Melissa, for pointing out my mistake, it was an M2 not an M1)... Afterthat, I noticed a north gate, so I decided to have a quick look inside. What I seen, I didn't like, plenty of small Xenon ships, and 3 big ones, two M1's and one M2!



Image shows what ships are in the system north of Getsu Fune ( Enemy Sector) 3 Unknown Xenon Ships, 5 Xenon L, 5 Xenon M, 5 Xenon N So after quickly disposing of the minor threat, I get paid a small sum (I think it was 10,000cr, if I remember correctly, as I forgot to save the image :( but you do get a reward). There is no need to try and capture any Xenon ships, as if you concentrate on doing so, they will be blown away from the big ships, or the other smaller ships (m3 to m5 class), so actually there is no point in doing so. But hey, who knows, you may be lucky, and one may bail out quickly, just for you. So here is the info also on that enemy sector.



Image shows my own ships I had in-system with me. They are 'Paranid Perseus', 'Paranid Prometheus', and two 'Split Mamba's' plus the ship I am flying.

You have proven again you have what it takes. I thank you. I am willing to leave the TL if you eliminate the enemy ships behind the north gate. Fly through the gate and return once the invasion danger has passed. Two options. 1st. I'll return and get my reward. 2nd. I think, I am overtaxed. This was an offer too good to turn down! so I decided to take her up on her word, and accepted the mission! A new TL, fully maxxed, and having seen that the Orca finally delivered the Boron Trading Dock, to its proper place, I decided to call off my wingmen, and go in by myself, but before doing that, I had to visit the Paranid equipment dock, to replenish my supplies of Hornet missiles.

After filling up on supplies, and before the gate, I saved, yet once again. I was now ready to go in. I waved farewell to my wingmen, and told them to stay alert, as I might need them on a momentís notice!

Upon entering the system, the M2 had moved closer to the jumpgate. My priority was now, to play it strategic, so I went in for the kill! In this instance, the kill was the two M1's, as they were slow, and hence vulnerable to Hornet missiles. So I selected the Hornets, seen that the total was around 50. More than enough. I pressed the Booster, went full speed, and approached the first one, which was nearly in a strait line with me. I let loose 14 Hornets, as soon as I was around 4Km from him, so the hornets could be in range to do their job. After I let loose, I acquired the second M1 as a target, and went speeding off towards him, surely enough, in a little time, I reached him also. Let the Hornets fly, and then went for all the small ships, without hesitating a single moment, with both the Beta Hept's firing, the Xenon N's and M's were no match!, then came the time to start heading towards the gate, as soon as I got a good distance away, from the L's, and the M2 hot on my tail, I done a U turn, and went right back! To finish those off also. Then all I had to get rid off, was the M2. Another moment to save, and off I went. I done this part twice, as in the first time, I went out of the sector, and called my M3's in for assistance. There is a very critical thing about the M2's!!! They TURN VERY SLOWLY, so I thought up of a tactic. I trialed it a few times, and now it is near perfection. This is how to perform it. You are heading towards one direction, the M2 will follow you. GO near the jumpgate, or an asteroid, and stop very close to it, in its attempt to evade, and turn towards you, it nearly stops to a dead halt! At this moment, you will need to be near him, with a slow speed, and let your hornets loose, having some wingmen, will also be great, to distract him, but be careful to launch around 15-17 Hornets, and try to change direction at a slow speed, and as soon as you see that YOUR shields are under half, then it may be a miss, and you will have to reload, as you need to get away from him fast, and as soon as you build up speed, you can kiss your hornets good bye. Another way is to have plenty of wingmen, and that will make your job much easier, but then again, every one has his own styles of playing the game, and set their challengers differently. So it is up to you, how you will clean that sector.

So here is what happens when you finish this part of the mission also.

You have done it! The Community of Planets and I are extremelygrateful. The TL in this sector belongs to you from now. I wish you many excitin adventures and much profit. Perhaps we will meet again some times. I will soon leave the sector. After a failed space jump there was a new race dicovered, the Khaak. I'm very curious anout that. Bye, Melissa. One option. Thank you! Sweet greetings, courageous friend. I will prepare now for the next exciting adventure. The Khaak do not seem to be very peaceful. one selection. Ok

image verifies that the Boron Orca becomes yours.

Boron Orca screen showing that my own ships are now landed in the bay of it.

And Yes, YOUR new TL is fully equipped with all shields, and speed, every thing. Also your Boron Dolphins (albeit, somewhat slow), are also maxxed out, full cargo bay, speed, everything, besides the fluffy dices!

And this my friends, is the end of THIS mission.

Take care, and may you prosper, and grow your empire.

There are also plenty of smaller missions that you will find, but those are for you to find out by yourself, as those are much easier. Please be advised, to upgrade from your original version, to the latest (aka v2.1a), and start fresh, so you will not encounter any incompatibility problems. So I hope you enjoyed your game, as much as I have, as I know that this is one of the RAREST games, that has me hooked for such a long period of time! (The other ones being, ELITE [original], Privateer I, Pirates, Privateer 2, Ports of Call, and Pool Of Radiance, and maybe another odd game or two that are just slipping from my mind right now.

Originally started: 19 May 2001(part 1 only)

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