On This Page You will find links to various files and info, to help you for the game,

so it will be more enjoyable.

Some of these, are copy and paste, from the forum.

Notice the following color schemes were used to make it easier to see the links: "visited" and this for "unvisited".
Text files that I put together, reading JeffB's D.B.
Basic Factory 
Armament Factorys
Technology Factorys

The Map I preffer to use, it can also be found at C.J.'s site.

X-Tension Map for V1.0 - V2.0
X-Tension Ships(Up to V2). Will be updated as soon as the new pacth comes out to include any new ships that may be added.
                           It is in Excel format.(ver.97 and above).
To view MS-Excel Spreadsheets on your local machine get free MS-Excel Viewer for Windows/Macintosh ==> 
Click here.

TL's and how to start using them, and avoid the bug. (V2.0 only).

B.N.J.'s Personal Thought's and Suggesions about ships and there uses.

All the below files are cut to fit in note pad, that is why some are not joined.(thought to let you know.).

Various things mentioned in the forum:
File1: Various Info pt.1
File2: Various info pt.2
file3: Various info pt.3
file4: Various info pt.4
file5: Various info pt.5
file6: Argon Flu! 
file7: Info and tips about shield factorys(incl.125Mw)
file8: Mine formula
file9: Various, including some tips about capturing ships, and about drones.
file10: TL Trading.
File11: Crystal Fabs.
File12: Killing Xenon.
File13: File13b: Snippets for the Stoertbecker mission.
File14: Still gathering :-)

Off Topic:
Info About "UK" military

Last updated: 3rd February 2001
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