Links to other sites regarding X and the X universe:

Egososft Home Page (Of which without them, there would be no game, and neither this webpage. Thank You).

X - Forum Direct link to English version.

"We Would Like To Announce Our Affiliation & Acceptance with the "Federation of Legitimate Traders", of which we are now a Member. " As stated on our main page.

This is a very good site(ok ok, 'cause i'm a member, but regardless of that, I personally still like it alot, it is like "comming home"). There are many things that you can find on this site, plus the rules of being a member, of which, in general, I liked more, as they where more to my style of play. C'mon go have a look, who knows, it may be just what you are looking for, that is if you are more business oriented. Now if you are more towards shooting, rather than trading, there are 3 "clans" that I like out there. And those are none Other than the "SAS", "X-O MERC", and the "Enforcers", in no particular order!, so don't start fighting now...

Fan sites, in no particular order, just click on one of them, and admire, to what lengths some people can reach, for something they love!(I haven't done as nearly as much as they have, I think they have more talent than me in creating there home pages and more time).

Avis [old homepage?](of whom I owe the original Logo and newer ones to).© 2001


Dock with the Eagle Imagery Design Fab Hmmm.. a nice place to get a nice and quick logo at, plus some other things to browse at. His made plenty of Logo's hence the "new Fab" he has! exclusively to producing images! You should also check out the items needed to produce the logo's. Things I never knew existed :) And then they say you can't add more products....


X-O MERC. A Mercenary guild, for the upcoming X-Online edition of the game. Depending on your tastes, this maybe the guild for you, or you, and maybe you! But then again, I might require there services;)

Commander Jamiesons Site, is a must visit for all gamers. Also look at this mans site for the "SAS".

Choljah's Site A site with an attitude.

Erazor's Site A good site, but I think the creator has escaped to the Enforces of which is also "Adamskini's" website.

Another site, very worth mentioning! Handbytec Industries

Well This site has grown from the first time I visited it. every thing seems to have changed! but to the better! it just keeps on improving. What else can I say, I would rate it very high, but then again, i do not have a rating system, for the simple reason being, that I do not like to rate any site, as all( or at least most) keep on changing, and I just can't keep up with everything.


A "newcomer" to the "block" is "GOLDEN OPPERTUNITIES". They seem a very interesting site, and very promising. The site features many things, amongst others a chat section, of which also incorporates "on the fly" tranlsations for some languages, and the ability to make it full screen, once you select an option. Still in it's infancy(13/04/2001), but very promosing.(p.s. I say "very promosing" as the have just migrated recently from geocities, to Homestead, and his job here is much more better quality!. But if you want to, you can visit his old site here)

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