B.N.J.'s Product list of available items.

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B.N.J. Electronic Counter Measures division:

Our product range that is available for sale to the public are the following:

(there are some products that are not listed as yet, untill they become available, like our cloaking device! The product's marked with a "Jr's" next to them, mean that they are still in there infancy, and are still under development.)

B.N.J. Docking Computer V1.03: Make your docking procedures a thing of the past with our B.N.J. Docking Computer V1.03(range 7.5Km, instead of standard 5.0Km)

B.N.J. Docking Computer V1.04: Same as above but with 8.0Km range, and only with stations that support long range data communications. Elsewise it defaults to the current maximum of 7.5Km

B.N.J. Jr's Lead Crosshair MkI: To make your aiming easier, a crosshear is added that calculates, for where you have to fire, to shoot the ship!

B.N.J. Jr's Lead Crosshair MkIb: Same as above, but with the added advantage of swivelling your ship, to get those hard to get Bayamons, with the thin frame!(product currently unavailable in the Split, Paranid and Boron sectors due to legal issues. But IS allowed to be used in those sectors, if bought from elsewhere).

B.N.J's range of E.C.M. and E.C.C.M.'s are specially developed so you can avoid those missles! Send them going elswere instead of your ship,(85% accuracy, sorry no 100%, as newer missle versions are developed!). These Models are both MkI as the later models are still highly classified, and are yet to bulky to be used on any small ships(except T.L's, but then again, are not allowed to be sold in any "official" system, "neutrol" zones excepted).

. B.N.J. Alarm System MkXIV: This alarm system was initially based on a captured Teladi ship. The version that was cought untouched by a very big coincidence, seems to be a specific verson for the Teladi ONLY, and is not available for any other person (or race). The original Version had some nice charactaristics, like it didn't allow anyone or anything to approach the vessel that it was installed in, within 100Mtr, even in Dockyards, and then, only the true owners of a neighbouring ships, could get to there own ships, in some cramped dockyards, that where unfortunate enough to have a Teladi dock next to them. So now, we have improved on this system, and have made it more workable, and "enjoyable". The main advantages, and extras that we have added are: Has on owner I.D.so NO ONE ELSE can use it(even in the event it is on a ship, that gets captured, it will self destruct upon tampering, and will explode the whole ship, if the pilot has ejected. Will automatically help you out in a dockyard, if you run in to trouble, and give it the command, it will start shooting avoiding you ofcourse( has been tested with furballs, and a "captured pilot"(aka slave), the pilot remarkably survived, and there were roasted furballs all over the place(the "pilot" was so happy, that he had a B.B.Q. for the whole week). It will scan the the i.d. of approaching poeple, and do an InterGal Police check, if he is a fugitive it will activate a small device known as a "stasis" field, and put him in frozen animation, and issue an automated report to the local authoritys, for them to collect him, and you get the bounty. It also keeps a "holographic record"© of all events just in case it may be needed for any later event. If for any event an intruder does get in, a secondary system will be activated, that will do a D.N.A test plus an Aura©[B.N.J.], and will interogate the intruder to see if it a change of pilot(in which case it will adopt to him), or else will put him in a stasis field, and according to your commands, it will either keep him in that condition, or call the authorities. We are so confident of this product, that we even have a guarantee to work or a FULL REFUND of which includes your cargo inventory, things taken from inside(yes even the fur dices!) and if the ship was taken even the ship!(which will mean there is some way of deactivating the system! a Xenon or Ancient Technology? we haven't come across it yet).

So the only thing it can't make is your tea(or coffee), only milk, in choco, banana, strawberry,vanila, and berry flavours. If interested, please leave me a message thru the secure holonet(or InterGal Net, dependant in which system you are located in).

B.N.J. Holonet Converter and Projector: This Device converts the 3D Holonet Image, to a standard, flat panel 2D InterGal signal, for those that can not afford a full Holonet tranceiver in there cockpit(i.e. Split Wolf) due to space limitations.

B.N.J. Holonet Image Communicator: For those with a little bigger cockpit space, can use this device to communicate with others in the standard Holonet format and auto-detect for the older InterGal standard. It comes equipped with a variable size projector(from 15cm to 2.5mtr in size), and captures all the visible spectrum, including the I.R. range and Ultraviolet for the races that can see and use that spectrum, with, a convertor to normal spectrum, if needed for other parties. This device is so versatile you can use it in your house, or in your ship.

B.N.J. S(hip) T(akeover) C(ontrol) S(ystem) Mk0: And last but not least, for the slow triggers, autoaiming with auto select of weaponry, to make capturing of ships easier(this is an optional product, and is not always available, and is recomended for poeple with plenty of patience!!!). PLEASE NOTE: THIS SYSTEM IS KNOWN not to return the control back, if used constantly, or for long periods of time!(a bug?! we are trying to find the cause). Update: please keep a few switches extra(purchased seperatly), as to replace the switch, when it becomes faulty.

Our New range of Replacemt Shields, have now been endorsed, and are available at all our outlets, in all sectors, and at participating equipment docks!

B.N.J. 1.25Mw Shield. Replace those 1Mw shields, with these Newer Stronger, and more versatile 1.25Mw shiled. They have an exact fitting, so the can replace the standard ones in your ships(please note, if fitted in larger crafts, they will become 1.5Mw shields due to PnP sensing of ship and generator readout support!)

B.N.J. 7.5Mw Shield. This model replaces the standard 5Mw shield. This version, as its sibling also, can be used in bigger crafts, to give a maximum of a whopping 10Mw!!! Now is that a deal or what?!

B.N.J. 30Mw Shield. Same as above but in a 30Mw output. This one replaces the good old 25Mw Shield. Unlike the previous two models, this model DOES NOT give extra output if placed on a T.L.! but as a standard feature include an autorepair, so it can sustain more damages longer!(so actually, depending on curcimstances, it may even last as long as a 50Mw, under some conditions(has been known to sustain, two silkworms needing though a lot of energy, but NOT a Hornet missle!, as it is beyond specs!(only if two used together)).

Engine Tweaks & Rudder Opts:

In this section you will see what other new things our engineers have come up with!

Engine Power Tuning: Maxes the Max speed of your ship, in the same space used with the standard upgrades! This is now possible, after a discovery made, that allowed the ships cargo space to be increased. So using the same technique but on the engine, we are able to add more final speed, to your ship without requiring extra space! Here you can see a cam shot that we have, of an experimental B.N.J. Bayamon, using this very thing! it is beyond the recomended spec's!(unfortunatly, the specific Bayamon, didn't last long as it was tested in a test area, and the pilot tried to get away with it! so we had to remote destruct it, but better version are now available, but not to the public). Click here for the picture.


B.N.J. Heavy Spacework Industries Division:

Our products include, but are not limited to:

External Add-On Cargo Space: At the moment, it is currently available only for the "Octopus" Model. It gives it an additional 6 cargo units space.(when ordering, please specify for which "Octopus" model. Standard Boron, or our one, as we will not accept a return for a wrong model!).

Goner Ship: A special limited edition tweaked, with 1 x Alpha High Energy Plasma Thrower (for short A- H.E.P.T), Max Speed. 225, Max cargo 350, Max. Steering 70, Accel. 5, Max. Missle: Silkworm, Max Shields 2 x 25Mw(or 2x30Mw).

This special edition, is with the blessings of the Goner Temple, and was approved after too many ships where lost in the outer eastern regions. As soon as peace comes to those regions, we will be forced to take this model out of circulation, as per agreament. Service and parts, will still be available though.


B.N.J. Bayamon: After examanig a few caputered "pirate" Bayamons, we find a flaw, only one Shield, so after a few trials, and fine tunings to the innards,(hull re-inforcement, re-wiring, it was a mess! very on the spot job!), and some other finer details, we got our "prototype" working! So now the ship is more enjoyable, it also includes a mirror for those tough spots!, as we are still implamenting the rear view cameras. Very soon, the cameras will be standard, and you can bring it back, when it will be available(about a weeks time). So the B.N.J. version consists of:

4xAlpha Particle Acceleratad Cannon(A-P.A.C.'s), Max Speed 230, Max. Cargo 110, Max Steering 45, Accel. 7, Max. Missle DragonFly, Max Shields 2 x 5(or our limited edition 7.5Mw x2). And comes with these standard features 1x B.N.J. Docking Computer V1.03(range 7.5Km, instead of standard 5.0Km), Lead Crosshair MkI to make the aiming easier, E.C.M. and E.C.C.M.'s so you can avoid those missles!(85% accuracy, sorry no 100%, as newer missle versions are developed!) and last but not least, for the slow triggers, autoaiming with auto select of weaponry, to make capturing of ships easier(this is an optional product, and is not always available, and is recomended for poeple with plenty of patience!!!).

And for those that DON'T WANT do get mixed up for a pirate "accidently", we have acquired the right from the Boron's to modify there Octopus. So here is the run down for OUR version.

B.N.J. Octopus: You asked for a custom made, and we delivered! Now the "Octopusy", is slightly larger than the standard model around the Laser mounting areas and some other areas, it can now support 3x A-P.A.C. and 3 x 1Mw(or our own 1.25Mw) Shields, Max. Cargo 9 Internal(max. 15, if you get the external add-on packs), Max. Speed 530(yes, but you get more space and better weapons), Max. Missle DragonFly, Max Steering 670(with external add-on cargo space: 480), Power Generator 150Mw to compensate for the extra shields, and more demanding Lasers( so you can get faster recharge rate on both weapons and shields).

B.N.J. Freighter: This is the freighter we use also. Minus some special electric/electronic systems! It's Charactaristis are:

1x Gamma P.A.C., Max Speed 155, Max. Cargo 1800, Max. Steering 18, Accel 4.50, Max. Missle Hornet(max 36), Max Shields 2x 25Mw(or 2x30Mw) Max.Power 300Mw(to fully support the 30Mw specifications, without affecting other systems).

Upon popular demand, we are researching and producing new models and products. Some of them are in the testing phase, and others, have started in the production line, and others are in limited production, until the completion of our new production facility. When that is completed, we will be able to meet demands for our new products, and some of the older ones will be transferred to our new fabrication facility.

The New products that will be available soon(already, in limited production), are:

B.N.J.Grappling hook. : This hook is used to tow ANYTHING, even a station! to another sector or location. This product has the added bennefit of: being able to be used as a "harpoon" an depending if the target is an asteroid, to penetrate the surface, or if a Factory or ship, to be like a giant, elctromagnet & suction cup. When in place and the pulling is to start, it is slack like a rope, so you have to speed up slowly to get the slackness out, but when reaching your destination,(when giving the command to disengage), it will become stiff so the object being pulled, doesn't continue moving, with you in it way!, and for it to stop, where you need it. Only available for TL's and Boron Dolphin. The reason it cannot be used on any other frieghter is simple, MASS, the rope has 5km length for safety, an extra generator, for the engines, when used in the freighter(an extra 300MW, exclusive for the use of towing and engines, cannot be redirected(officially) for the use of shielding), and for the extra support machinery, needed to control the "FLEXI-ROPE"™®.

B.N.J. Tracktor Beam. : This tracktor beem can be used to capture small craft(fighter class M3 to M5), and needs, an M3 class ship and above, with at least 240 Cargo bay and above. You can use multiples of this tracktor beem in your ships. Notice each device needs: A minimum of 240 Cargo bay units, and 80Mw of power!, if used in multiples(like in freighters), you will need to buy extra generator(s), for that ship also! A maximum of 5 tractor beems per ship. Can also be used to capture ships, with the pilot, but might need 2-5 Beams to get a SECURE LOCK, as if the ship is very fast, or has strong engines, it may brake a lock! Can also be used for towing asteroids and stations, please look at strain, and overheat gauges all the time if you are going to haul something for a long distance. Before entering a gate, please make sure that ALL TRACKTOR BEEMS are fully charged as going thru needs full power, an medium temperature the most!(the cooler they are, the more efficient!, the hotter they are, the efficiancy drops).

B.N.J. Cooler boosters MkIb: These coolers, make your machinery more efficient by 10%, they can be used in a series, to get better results(Max 3 on any one device). No total limit on amount per ship!(as long as used for different devices, or used to sell to various stations).Cargo Bay Unit:1.

B.N.J. Generator Booster Mk0: It is what it's name implys, it boost's your generator for small periods of times. Please use with constraint, as prolonged use will render it in-operable. That is why it comes with a extra gauge in he cockpit, to show it's condition if it's nearing it's limit, you will get an audible beeping sound, and the indicator will start flahing, please turn it off, if you leave it on, it will start to overstarin, and the auto cut-off feature, has not been perfected, and instead off shutting it off in time,it may blow it's fuse or worse, have a transformer (core) meltdown, of which only at extreme cases may lead to an explosion, beyond it's enclosure box! So you have been warned. Cargo Bay units: 7.

B.N.J. Emergency "Generator Booster" Extinguisher: Needed only if you are NOT going to use moderatly the Booster. Can cool the booster down, and prevent the meltdown in most cases. Cargo Bay units: 2.

B.N.J. Extra Generator 50Mw MkI: This is our first attempt at generators. It gives your ship, an extra 50Mw of power for any use, may it be tracktor beem, shields, or weaponry, or even climate control, for the passanger compartment!!! This version, will soon be out of production as a newer model will start replacing it. Production permitting. The down side of this generator is, that it should not be in constant use, or only for short trips, and assigned to a specific single duty. As it tends to overheat a little faster than expected in heavy loads. There is a safe cut-off point, but will take time to cool down. Cargo Bay units: 5.

B.N.J. Extra Generator 50Mw MkII: A more robust version, with better surge(draining power) protection, runs more efficiantly, and also more cooler, plus peak loads are handled more smoothly,but needs a little more room due to the extra cooling needed, and extra features. If used in conjunction with the Cooler Booster(s), it can run nearly all the time at full capacity!( Unless you go from Kingdom's End to Two Grand, non stop, then even with the boosters, you may experiance a shut down! we said use it, not abuse it).Production of this model is still limited due to manufacturing process. Once our new facilty is built, it will go in to full production. Cargo Bay units: 8.

B.N.J. Extra Generator 100Mw MkI: This generator needs more than double the room of the 50Mw MkI generator, but can sustain, more drain and peek consumptions, than it's smaller brother and for longer periods of time, and without the overheating problems that plauged the smaller one.(although the 50Mw MkII runs more cooler than this 100Mw). Cargo Bay units: 11

Passenger Liners:

These ships are true passenger ferries, and not just with a life support system!. The basic features that are included are: Cabins, rejuvenation centers, relaxation places, and tax free areas, plus on some are casinos, with a v.i.p. area also! the smaller one does not have a casino, but does have an ejoyment area, like a Holovid Cinema (where the meaning of 3D comes to life), and a gym/track area, for the passengers fitness.

B.N.J. Express Ulysses: This ship is the smallest, but fastest of all the Passenger ships we manufacture. It is our new "Baby" class, and is the first in the line of this class of ships. It is the only model that is able to carry a Warp Drive(licenced from the Goner Temple with there blessings ofcourse, so every corner of the galaxy can hear their prieachings. An amount of 3 Goner priests tavell A Class per trip, free of charge as a token for there help of developing the escape module! They sure know more than your usuall priest about space designs, if you ask me!), and is the fastest of all the passenger ships. It is very good for direct routes, and small distances. This Transporter is the exception in comparison with the others, that since it is used for quick transfer, it does not have any luxuries, and passengers are limited to two classes economy class(with tread mills at the back, for excercise), and A class at the front(of which is with an extra re-enforcement, plus, an escape module if worst comes to worst).

Diagrammes of MkII & MkIV:

Note: The single fuselage version has been superseeded with the triple pack, as of MkII.(Quantitys produced: MkI: 26 Ships, MkII: 18, MkIII: 37,current model MkIV: 5(production of this model is very recent, and there are 268 on order!)


As you can see in the wireframe diagrame, it consists of three(3) pieces, the main body, and the two smaller ones. The smaller ones are where the economy class passengers are, and the center one where the A Class(aka 1st Class) passengers are located. If under heavy fire, and shields are failing, the central fuselage will disconnect, from the other two, and continue by it's self, as explained above. There are pilot compartments also for emergency cases, located in the 2nd class sections(as of MkIII), but are manned ONLY IF YOU HAVE EXTRA PILOTS FOR THEM!. As of the MkIV model, each economy class component also has small 2x1.25Mw shields, and have the ability to reconect with each other, without the A class inbetween. They are still unarmed vessels, and can combine there shields, to get a better total shield rating.

Class B.N.J. F5: Passenger Cap. 180. Cargo Cap.:30, Max Cargo: 120, Speed 110, Max Speed 270, Accel. 5, Steering 7, Max Steering 25, Max Laser 2 x Beta P.A.C's mounted on 2 swiveling turrets(one above and the other below the main fuselage, centrally located). Max. Shields 2x 25Mw(can sustain a direct hit from a single Hornet, if using our 30Mw version). Power: 200Mw.

Escape Module of the F5( Express Ulysses): Life support for 48Hours(dependent on amount of passengers, more time if less than max.), food rations for 3 days, speed 545, Accel. 180, Steering: 360(with anti -grav for passenger compartment and utilities), Cargo 15, Max Laser 1 x G.PAC (not available when one with the rest of the ship,as it is embedded), Shield 1x 7.5Mw, Power 75Mw , Missle: 5xSilkworm. And a B.N.J. Docking Computer V1.04 for emergency docking to a station nearby(if any, if not, do your best to get near one! Your a passenger pilot, your not in a fighter, think of the passenger!).

B.N.J. Flying Hermes: This ship belongs to the small line of passenger ships, with the normal luxuries you have come to expect, except the casino. The two side engines that are mounted in the middle of each side wing, are actually two support fighters(M4 class, modified B.N.J. Bayamons, so they can attach to the linner,and a side camera to see more precisly the manouvers needed to secure itself once again), when in danger! This model also has two swivel lasers, one on the aft, and the other on the fore of the ship

Class B.N.J. F4: Passenger Cap. 400. Cargo Cap.: 80, Max Cargo: 320, Speed 80, Max Speed 215, Accel. 4, Steering 5, Max Steering 14, Max. Laser: 2 x Gamma P.A.C's, Max. Shield: 1 x 125Mw, Power: 300Mw.

More models are comming out in this class of ships.

B.N.J. Apollos Asylum A/B: The poeples mover and shelter. These ships can accomidate 1150/750 with no luxuray, and only the basics, as there main role is to tend to refugees, and to sick/injured poeple. The A version, can also be used a ferry, if so desired, and ordered for that job. The B version, is mainly a medical ship, with a research centre on board, and can accomidate all species with no hassle, as is required by the Space Carta, regarding medical ships. The B version is also able to transport more medical products, and has all the equipment a ground base hospital has, with extra generators, to supply the extra grunt needed for all the medical equipment, and virus areas(or epidemics) for when there is an outbreak, due to overcrowding or if already infected. It is state of the art Medical ship.(more information is disclosed until further notice. Maybe never? or when it becomes superseeded by a newer version).

Class B.N.J. FS: Passenger cap.(A/B): 1150/750(bigger medical wards), Cargo Cap.:120/180, Max Cargo 480/600, Accel. 4/3, Steering 3/2, Max Steering: 6/4, Max Laser: None/None, Max. Shields: 2 x 125Mw/3 x 125Mw, Fighter Escort in bay: 2/3, Power: 400Mw/600Mw.

B.N.J. Kronos Emporium: Well this is the PINNICLE of B.N.J. excelence in manufacturing! We needed to make a special verion of the common shipyards, as the design is even slightly larger than the Argon Mammoth!(the Split Elephant pales in front of it!). Although the first ship is still under construction, there is already a new nickname for it! "The Kronos Titanic". According to a myth that has gone from generation to generation in priest hood of the Goners, the word "Titanic" was given to an Earth ship, that was the largest built, but sunk on it's maiden voyage! Well, we will see to it that our "Kronos" will not have the same fate!. It is equipped with the latest gadgets that technology has to offer,in this side of the galaxy. Unfortunatly, a warp drive was not able to be installed, due to the sheer size of it!, it would not be able to move it. So untill we develop a newer version of the warp drive, we will have to use it's main features. There is one string attached though, as this will be the largest "peoples mover", it can be temprorally confiscated by the sectors goverment that it is going thru, in case of an emergancy, to evacuate a planet.. When this curcimstance arrises, its carrying capacity grows by x4! so every space available is utilised. We were forced to accept these conditions, from all goverments, as all the other ships will be helping and these "monstrositys" will be able to help big time, in times of crises.(a sun goes super nova? where and when?). It also has a flight deck, to accomodate 15 TS class ship at any one time, AND 10 M3 class fighters(either for own protection, or visitors), and 2 Shuttles capable of going planetside.(used exclusivly for tourism, as they are bulky and slow(max pass. 200, max. speed 30, accel. .95, 1 x 1Mw Shield, and plenty of windows,(on the older models) or see thru steel in the newer ones(passengers please note: these newer ones are not for the faint hearted! as everything is vieawble, in all directions, and there is also a containment field, in case of structual breach!)). It also carrys one laser mount on each side(top, bottom, fore, aft), just incase, someone is mad enough to try and capture one ;)

Class B.N.J. FL: Passenger Cap: 22.000(emergency: 88.000-90.000), Cargo Cap: 2000, Max. Cargo Cap.: 8000, Accel. 10, Steering: 0.85, Max Steering 1.75(with extra manouvering thrusters, it can reach 2.50. Bought extra), Max. Lasers: 4 x GHEPT, Power 10.000, Max Shields: 6 x 125. Freigters: Max:15, Fighters: Max: 10 M3 class(either owned or visiting).

Notice: When the first lot of the B.N.J. FL class has finished, the next production cycle will have a little more better version. It will be called a Mk II. The main differences will be: 5 x GHEPT,(the additional one will be mounted on the nose and will have be able to move in a very small arc, for those dare devil!). It will have a blast shield, to protect the crew that are working at the bridge!.

Products currently in trial, and/or under developent:

B.N.J. I.F.F. Transponder. This nice little gadget can be fitted to the normal Squash mine, with very little effort. What it does, is, discriminate against parties, and does NOT blow you up, if you happen to be in it's path. Very usefull, for putting many around your station. Please not, do not pack the mines near each another as they are known, to cause a chain reaction!. This product will shortly be available in limited quantaties. Update. This product is now in full production!

B.N.J. Laser Mounts for Mines: These mounts give the added advantage of being able to mount a maximum of two A-P.A.C.'s on a mine, for self defence, and to lure an enemy in closer to the mines range.(notice: Laser's bought extra!).

B.N.J. Laser Mount for Satellite. As you all know, the Satellites, have one extra cargo bay!. So we have taken advantage of this, and have come up with a small convinient mount, with it's own generator, as the one on the satellite, is only 10Mw. So what it is consited of is this: 1x25Mw generator, 2 x mini rapid fire B-IRE or 1 x G-IRE. Note: the mini rapid fire is able to shoot 5 times faster than a normal B-IRE but is only able to do so in short bursts. The combined firepower of this weapon puts it between a single B-IRE and a G- IRE. These guns are NOT sold seperatly.

B.N.J. Automated Emergancy Distress Call. This device is vey huge, and can be transported only by a frieghter or an M3 class fighter(Teladi Falcon/Pirate Orinoco), as it needs 225 cargo bay units to be transported. When installed in a station, it enables to send out/receive a distress call to all your factorys in the same sector, when either your laser turrets or the station itself is under attack, so they can send back-up ship's to help out with the invading force. Very usefull if you can't maintain a huge amount of fighters for every station.

B.N.J. Gatling Weapon Holders: This device comes in three flavours. 1st is the one that holds the I.R.E range of guns. 2nd the P.A.C. of which holds all p.a.c. variants, and last but not least the H.E.P.T. flavour, of which holds the most powerfull guns. Please note that each gatling mechanism has to hold the same type of weapon, as else it will not function, due to weight instability, plus there are two groups! the three(3) gun version, and the seven(7) gun version. Also the charges that are shot are somewhat less powerfull of the normal weapon, if it were by itself. This is due to the complexity of the cooling procedure of which becomes very complex!. i.e., if you were to put 3 Gamma H.E.P.T.'s to a gatling, the firepower that each gun will soot, will be cut by half, but fire more rapidly!(apprx. 5 times faster!), due to the larger amount of time needed to overheat, and since there are 3 guns, the total power output is multiplyed by many times!.


Special operations Products currently in trial, and/or under developent:

B.N.J. Mine Mk.IV .It incorporates an IFF transponder(your ships should be equiped with an iff, to avoid getting "done"), a remote destruct(just in case you want to set it of at a strategic moment), and a time limited cloaking device(we are working on making it last longer), of which make it invisible to sensor & optiv arrays, your "foes" won't know what hit them!. Update: We are trying to update teh energy pack, as the cloaking device uses to much energy to sustain it always on.

Another new product is, the new multi launcher! it can fire 3 Hornets(or any other missles, if so desired, or even a mix!), at the same time to different targets!, it will surely make your persuiers think twice. BTW there are two versions of it, one standard, and one that fires behind you!, so even when being persuid, you can fire at them!(needs some special arrangment, with a second h.d.d. (head down display), that shows the rear view, so you can have more selections...). The good thing with this is that once loaded, it empties space from your cargo space, so you can add some extra cargo in it! Comes in handy, especially for the smaller ships, like the Pegasus and Octapus, but unfortunatly, they can only accept the dragonfly missles due to electronics incompatabilty.(basicically, if the host can support the Hornet, then the launcher can launch it). There is also a version for "pirate" TS's that is a rotating version, so the missile can launch directly to the target, and avoid unnessasery manuavering and fuel!).

B.N.J. Weapon Cooler Mk.0b. Cools the laser being used. Hence making it fire more rapidly, than it would under normal conditions. There is also a verion for chainguns. This product is still under trials.

Energy capacity booster. With this, the laser is able to fire for twice as long, as it would from the normal ships energy reserves.(there are different versions for each "gun"). This product is still under trials.

Combo pack, combines both of the above in one neat pack. This product is still under trials due to that the components used are!. But can be purchased as an add-on pack. The standalone versions are not yet for independent sale, due to "other" reasons.

Update: The Combo pack is now available for the "gatling lasers" variety also!!!

Ships currently under development/trial

AND last but not least... some "info" on the soon to be released ship... it is a M3 class(more like a mix between a M1 and a M3..). It has two forward firing lasers, and two small lasers, mounted on each side, on swivel turrets, giving them the oportunity to also fire strait forward & backwards, and all the side arc, and limited vertical aiming. The hull is based on the old trustworthy Pirate Orinoco class, with some modifications. It can now pack Hornet Missles for a nice punch, an auto retrieve mechanism for drones, when the battle is over(unique to this model only, so don't ask for it on any of our other lines :) sorry), a maximum of 2 Beta H.E.P.T.'s for the forward lasers, and a maximum of 1 x Gamma I.R.E. for each side mounted laser turret. There is also a position in the cockpit for a second person, that can take control of the weapons, or you can have the autotargeting computer that comes with the turrets to acquire and fire at a target automatically(around 68% accuracy, until a software update is released). its cargo capacity has shrinked slightly due to the equipment needed, it is now 325 Max Cargo capacity. It's maximum steering has increesed from the 46% it was previously to 80%, and speed from 93, to 208!!! thanks to some tweaking to it's engine. Its generator has also been changed to the larger 400Mw version to be able to sport the B.N.J. 7.5Mw Shields, in the 10Mw version output, as described further up the page. So now it has a total of 20Mw of shield, DOUBLE that of the normal Orinoco model. There is also one more slight detail, its maximum accel. has decreesed to 5m/s/s. But then again, it wasn't meant as a pure fighter, or was it? I think of it as a small "side" ship, with a few extras, that make it more viable. If needed, we can reduce the two shield places to one larger one, to accept the standard 25Mw shield or our 30Mw version. Please state in your order if you require this option.

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Just some trials of a new ship design I was thinking of :)


The firefly, still incomplete.


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