On this page, you will find the complete version of the story, and the last instalment, to make it easier for all of you the have read the previous ones and just need to read the last chapter(of which will include the second last also to tie things up).


You are visitor NoSince this this page came up. Thank you for reading the small(?) story that I have going on.(If you see that I haven't added anything for six weeks, I suppose it will mean that 1.)Either I have been occupied with real life or 2nd)I have abondoned it. Or last, that it has been completed ;)

In either case, feel free to contact me to get an update on the progress.

Complete Story. Last chapter Inclusive. Click on here, for the text version, or over here for viewing on the world wide web(WWW).

Also here you will find the story's by 'Commander Gold' and 'Belgerath', but please visit their sites for more up to date information, and besides, they both have much more to offer than I do, at least that is my opinion, about the game.

Their sites are on the links page

And now for thier story's, copied of the forum.

For C.G.'s press here: The Long Lost and Forgotten Empire. Updated to the last seen installment of 2001-06-25

For Belgeraths story, have a look here: The Academy - A Story of X Updated to the last seen installment of: 2001-06-19

Direct link: here.

Know some of the ships that I use in my story, You can view them HERE. (to be made soon)


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