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 To my visitors,

 I would like to take this opportunity to express my condolences for the lives lost at the Twin Towers in New York City, New York, U.S.A., and in the Pentagon, civilian and military staff alike.

 Although I may be very far from there, and also for many of you, it is still near to all the country's that have some form of Democracy, and I do consider it a blind attack in many ways. It was not only an attack on the U.S. of A. but also to all the Citizens of other Nations (States) that had either offices in that building or were just mere tourists at the time that it happened. As being an Australian citizen and of a Greek, Yugoslav and Turkish decent, I mourn for three countries at the same time. I have temporarily added the U.S. Red Cross banner(temporarily meaning it will stay for some time to come, maybe months as a reminder) as a sign of respect to the victims of the attacks and to all that have been affected by these incidents, meaning all that have lost a friend an associate friend and relative or family member.

 Life can and will continue. The only thing that I can think of at the moment is why? Why is it so hard for all us humans to live together on this planet we call earth, and not be able to understand and communicate with each other. Let us all get together from all backgrounds and religions try to figure out how we can set our differences aside and live together as we are doing at some parts of the world already. It only takes one to stir many up, lets not give that opportunity to that 'one' to destroy it for all of us! But to take an example from an ancient Greek philosopher(can't remember who it was at this moment), "it is easier to convince a crowd than to convince one". Well, it seems that some people know how to use their knowledge for their personal gains, and to quote another that I know "An uneducated person is happier, as he does not know what exists beyond, as soon as he learns, he becomes thirsty and zealous of he who has.", "It is easier to convince a person that does not have much knowledge than one that does. As he who does not know is easier to manipulate.".

 Well, that is what I had to say for the moment, I still have many in my mind but it may make you either bored or anxious or upset or may even calm you. The only thing I can wish for is that all our prayers for the victims also extend to our leaders to keep calm in times like these as it is a very fragile time and the slightest decision made in a time like this is usually not rational and may be a wrong one.

 Lets all get together and set our differences aside and make this world 'one' a home for all, where everyone helps everyone and doesn't look at their colour, characteristics, language or whatever barrier, because the bottom line is, we ALL live together on a blue ball that travels and as one we can achieve many more advances than if we are splintered. Every person, nation, continent has something unique to offer. So why don't we get together as one, and as one solve our problems that we face, either that be diseases, food, calamity (scourge/wrath of God/Allah/Budda or whatever HIS name is or called) or famine let us be one and nothing to come and divide us. I know, it may seem like an Utopian dream, but without dreams many of our surroundings may not have existed at all.

 Sincerely Yours,

Borislau Nektarios Jevic
This web pages creator.

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"WARNING WHAT YOU WILL READ BELOW IS FICTIONAL, AND CAN NOT BE IMPLAMENTED IN THE GAME.[for the time being, if egosoft changes mind, then you never know what happens:-))) ]"

We Would Like To Announce Our Affiliation & Acceptance with the "Federation of Legitimate Traders", of which we are now a Member.

B.N.J. would like to inform you that FLT has died, here and quiet some time (over a year). We are a Proud member of M_Inc. We were the first non-German, or first English speaking company to join this guild.
The link to the FLT is dead here and a long time. If any one is interested, I can post some archived pages from that site locally. Please remember that the link is dead, it is there for historical reasons.

The above alliance has come to an end, and the site ceased to exist in early October. We are now part of something bigger, we now belong to Master Inc.

Welcome X players to my little private space on the InterGal (InterGalactic) place. You are welcome to have a rest, and a look around, and if you spot something of interest, you are invited to ask anything about our product, that has Intrigued you.

Although we started out as a little "backyard" operation, as we called it back from where I originated from, we are now growing, due to our quality, and assurance that for any order you may have, you will be informed, on the spot, if we can fullfill your needs, so you won't be left out in the "cold", if we were to say yes, and couldn't deliver! (as some of our competitors have done, and there business is dwindling....).

We also have a subsidiary, called "B.N.J. Electronic Counter Measures"that is a division of ours that deals with exactly with what it's name implies. Up to very recently, the products that were made, were not readily available to our consumers, due to the Hi-Tech and fabrication procedures required, to produce them. After a very long time in the testing and succesfull implemintation on our ships, we are happy to announce a limited amount will be available to some of our very loyal customers.

Due to the nature of our Heavy Industries Division, we have implemanted (hard coded, with a self destruct mechanism for tampering), on some of our goods, so we will not be targeted with our own products!. So if anyone tried to either tamper with a product of destruction(like our silkworm©; or hornet© missles, they will explode. If they try to fire them against, one of our ships, the I.F.F. will inform the missle to self destruct upon launch! Sorry but these are some of our safety measures, to protect our operations. By the way, our products ARE child safe, as many parents, have asked us about this feature, as soon as the device detects a 'minors' precence, they shut there systems down! and lock up all access hatches to the internals(p.s. the product re-activates, as soon as it is loaded in a missle tube!, as we are conscious about family travels, in rough territories).


If you would like to change the music when you encounter the pirates(or Xenon) to "Mars"(Holst) and "Ride of the Valkyries"(Wagner) then click here. Please keep in mind that it will be a big d/l so people with modems, might as well go and make a cuppa!(if you have 56k modem, it should be just under an hour, if you have a good connection(like more than 48k))

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Story telling, and my experiance, about THE mission, that is present in v2.1 Now in a new variation with chapters and in page jumps(at the start of the page).

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Owner of B.N.J. Heavy Spacework Industries.

And sitting Chairman of my B.N.J. Electronic Counter Measures division.

You can find us in many Teladi, Boron and Argon sectors. And our new office has opened in Paranid space.
Come and visit us. we also have a small operation in a 'neutral zone' so every one can trade with us.

Operation regarding Split space are now possible. The problems we had have been resolved,
but are available only in specific outer sectors.
(better for us, as we don't like them that much, but don't tell them, they are very stingy).

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