Hangan/Heels/Copeland/Hanigan Descendants of Hobart 1804


This Web site is for the ongoing research into the descendants of John Hangan. There are many different ways the family name is spelt, and there is even research to show that one branch changed their name completely.


Following on from the work which was commenced by David Noakes for the research of family members in First World War, I am starting the collection of information for family members’ involvement in the Second World War. Stories and any other information that you might have about any family member, and their service during this conflict, or any other conflict, would be appreciated.


Any Photographs taken during active service, or in Uniform, would be appreciated. Research into records held at the War Memorial at Canberra, and other areas will be carried out too. However, I’m inviting you to contribute your memories, and those of your family. This new chapter of the book will not completed in 12 months, but it will be an ongoing project. In advance thank you for your help and contributions. Noel, Oct 2010.


Favorite Links 


www.aitpow.com - A link to POW’s in WW2

www.ww2roll.gov.au - WW2 nominal roll

www.naa.gov.au - National Archives of Australia – links then to ANZACS and other information.

http://www.awm.gov.au/histories/ - Australian War Memorial official Histories link.

http://www.ryersonindex.org/ - Ryerson Index – a great site to help find people.

www.flickr.com/photos/nah011 - Photo collection. There are sets which are family research and others of my direct family relations. There are sets of my childhood too.


On the First Saturday in November each year, a family BBQ and get together is held at Dubbo. Bring along your own chairs, food, and drinks, together with your stories and memories. This event is held Rain, hail or shine. This event is Orgainsed by the Hagan Families of Dubbo.


The location of the annual reunion is at Victoria Park, Dubbo. Entrance is off Talbragar St. There is a lane way off TALBRAGAR St, near the end of the Pool & Men’s Shed. Drive up to end of the park.









The Electronic Book of the Family history is going through some re-working.


The first section is complete! There are several more to go.

Please note. That this section of the First World War is the work of David Noakes. All research and writing is his, and as such David is the holder of the copyright. David has given permission for publication on this web site, but asks anyone else who uses the information, to give the necessary credit to David.


Hangan’s at War – Boer and First World War



Also the Original work which was Compiled and Produced by David Noakes, has over time been added to and modified, but the creator is duly recognised.


Following finding of the Original Compact Disc




Although this electronic version of the Book is free to all, all days and months have been made generic. The year is the only part of a date which remains. I welcome people to submit changes, corrections, and updates. If anyone has an interest in writing the World War Two, or other military records, please let me know too. This book is what I call a living book. Changes can be made as time goes on.

Following the request from contributors I removed dates. I know I have to work through the publications to add back the dates where people are deceased. Also I have placed the chapters in PDF so that you are able to print without the fear of pages becoming out of alignment.

I remind you that the original document was compiled by David Noakes, with the help of many individuals, and in no way do I take away the acknowledgement of that work.

Thanks Noel


 The electronic version of “John Hangan – Convict to Freeman”

due to the size of pdf files the book is split into 7 parts

      John Hangan 1779-1826 Convict to free man – Intro

      John Hangan 1779-1826 Convict to free man – Family Group 1

      John Hangan 1779-1826 Convict to free man – Family Group 2+3

      John Hangan 1779-1826 Convict to free man – Family Group 4a  

     John Hangan 1779-1826 Convict to free man – Family Group 4b

 -  Hangans at war see above above

       John Hangan 1779-1826 Convict to free man – Family Names index

       John Hangan 1779-1826 Convict to free man – Full index


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