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Welcome to my Car Audio Page from Australia.

Car Audio is an area in which I have been interested for some time. A friend of mine owned a Car Audio shop when high Quality Car Audio was a fairly new thing to Australia. My adventures began when I first bought a decent pair of speakers (Boston Acoustics) and then the bug bit!

[CAN's Logo] Car Audio has taken been getting stronger in Australia over the last few years due to a number of well organised sound off events, and support from manufacturers in the form of ACAD (Australian Car Audio Distributors). Real show class installations are becoming more popular, as well as a lot of practical everyday driver installations. Also, Aussie web sites from both Car Audio businesses and enthusiasts are springing up on a near daily basis!

Unfortunately, due to the number of wannabees 'booming' around the suburbs, we now find that we are facing the same noise abatement procedures as our fellow enthusiasts in the USA. These noise limits are being enforced in varying degrees around the country. None of us needs these hassles, so please be considerate and respect other's rights when operating your system.

Currently, moves are in place to revamp the Sound Off scene, with the introduction of a new system based on the American IASCA. It will be known as IASCA Australasia and will use the IASCA Rule Book and Test Software, and will include DB Drag racing. For more information, visit your local Car Audio shop or visit the official IASCA website.

For details of my system, go to My System Page.

If you are just starting out, or generally interested in Car Audio, one of your first stops on the 'net should be to check out an excellent newsgroup, namely the rec.audio.car newsgroup.

This is an excellent Newsgroup with a number of industry reps and installers who regularly post to the group. Also, reading about other peoples' systems, installs, problems and the like may assist you with any problems you are having. This is a SERIOUS newsgroup, so fools wanting to flame and post stupid comments are not welcome. This group has widespread support, with Technicians from JL Audio, MTX and other companies available to answer your specific queries on their products, or to assist in the recommendation of the most appropriate equipment for your particular needs. It's definitely worth checking out!

Also, to find out the latest in what's happening in our hobby, there is one excellent Car Audio magazine published in Australia. Australian In Car Entertainment is published six times a year, and covers installations and industry news. Also, some other magazines, particularly Fast Fours & Rotaries, have Car Audio sections.

Rather than provide information on this page about setting up a car audio system, I have included links to other sites containing information on setting up audio systems, as well as examples of systems in other people's cars.

Below are a number of links to Car Audio sites around the 'net. Before you check them out, it may be a good idea to bookmark this page, as you will probably follow links from some of the other sites and pages listed below, and not be able to find your way back!

Some of the best technical pages on the Web are the JL Audio Technical Pages, and Wayne Harris' Car Audio Articles, as published in Car Stereo Review. Both of these sites provide excellent advice, how-to's and tips for beginners and professionals alike. Check them out!

One of the most dramatic changes to your car audio system is the addition of a subwoofer, or two, or more! For those of you keen enough to build a box yourself, you will need a number of specifications of the woofer, and a good box building program. Two of the most popular programs for doing just this, Blaubox and Perfectbox, seem to have disappeared. So, I would recommend that anyone looking at designing an enclosure should check out the program on the caraudioaustralia.com website. I haven't tried it yet, but feedback seems to indicate that it works well.

For more information and links, check out the IASCA pages, by clicking on this link. This site also contains the Car Audio FAQ from the rec.audio.car newsgroup. Be sure to check this site prior to asking questions on the newsgroup. It's quite likely your question will already have been covered, and reading the FAQ is an excellent way to increase your knowledge of car audio.

The following are links to Car Audio component manufacturers.

These are some links to Car Audio accessory manufacturers.

Some Australian Car Audio Specialists who have an Internet presence are:

Some Car Audio Specialists magazines also have a Web presence. These are:

The Aussie Car Audio club, www.caraudioaustralia.com, just gets better and better!

It's now the biggest club of it's type in Australia, and regular meets are organised across Australia. Members are also able to participate at car audio cmpetitions and events as a club. There's lots of great stuff available at the site, so why not become a member, and show your support for Car Audio in Australia?

Feel free to use the code or the image below to link to the CarAudioAustralia site!

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Any suggestions for further links or information regarding Car Audio, especially in Australia, are welcome.

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