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Sixties Holden Archives

Just added to the Sixties Archives are two magazine articles on the HR Holden. Recently, brochures on both the EJ and EH Hydramatic transmissions was added, as well as a Wheels magazine test on the EK Holden.

A page for the FB model, as well as one for the HK model, are underway. I only have limited material for both these models, but we'll see what turns up!

[HR with boat]

Fifties Holden Archives!

[FC Wagon]

I am currently working on a new site dedicated to the Holden models from the fifties. While I don't have anything much yet on the FJ, I do have plenty of items for the FE-FC models.

EH Car Club of Victoria

The EH Car Club is going from strength to strength! Now online at, if you haven't checked it out yet, it's time! Also, if you haven't visited for a while, check out the updates.

I have divided this page into a number of areas which cover my varied interests and hobbies etc. I hope you find something of interest to yourself.

[EH Prem]

My Car - The mighty EH Holden! Currently under restoration, but still cruisin'! New photos are up!

Those not from Australia will be unfamiliar with this Aussie icon, but this model is similar in size to a Chevy Nova, and was produced between 1963 and 1965.

For more information on these cars, see My Car Page. Also, for information on common modifications and repairs to this and other early model Holdens, see the Early Holden Garage page.

[EHCCV Logo]

The mighty EH Holden has a car club in each State of Australia to cater for fans / enthusiasts of this particular model! This is my page of information regarding the club. Click here to see it, or you can visit the official Web Page of the EH Holden Car Club of Victoria.


The Sixties Holden Archives - Previously the History of the EH, these pages have now been expanded to include the EK, EJ, HD and HR models as well. If you are interested in the history of these cars, I have included general information, as well as reproductions of some original sales brochures, advertisements and magazine articles. Go to the The Sixties Holden Archives now.

These pages contain a large number of graphics, and may be slow to download if you have an older system.

[Boston Acoustics] [Boston Acoustics] [Fosgate Sub]

Car Audio - This is an area in which I have been interested for some time. Car Audio is getting bigger all the time. It seems as though every second car now has a booming system in it! Official events run by the IASCA Australia, as well as many local events supported Car Audio shops and clubs, like, keep the hobby alive.

For details of my system, go to My System Page. Also, my Custom Audio page has details and photographs of the build up of my system, located here. For more general information, and some of the best links I have found, go to my Car Audio Page.

[Boyd Coddington Rods]

Die Cast Collectable Cars - You will remember some of these from your childhood. I collect a few different types, including specific Hot Wheels, Matchbox and Trax models. The particular Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars I collect are usually based on the American classics of the Fifties and Sixties, as well as Hot Rods and Customs.

The Trax models I have an interest in are EH Holdens (naturally) and some of the other early model Holdens and Fords.

I have recently also taken an interest in the Aussie produced Micro Models, which had a couple of Holden models in the range, including the FJ sedan and an FC wagon. I now have two of the FC wagons, one in pretty rough condition, which I am restoring and repainting. Will add photos when done!

For more information on collecting these and other diecast cars, and some great links from around the net, click here to go to my Die Cast Collecting Page.

Music - My taste in music is extremely wide, from Alan Parsons to ZZ Top (literally). See my Music Page for more information, links and some recommendations on CD's for audio system evaluation.

Links - A links page has now been added. Some informative and wacky fun sites have been included.

To visit the Sixties Holden Archives click here!

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