Metallurgical Testing & Consulting Engineers

Silverdale. NSW. 2752. Australia

(Near Warragamba Dam -Covering Sydney Metro)

Phone: (02) 4774 1017

Mobile (Stephen Hooker): 0419 498 115



Metallurgical Testing and Consulting Engineers provide a testing and advisory service to industry, as well as individuals. Our technical reports are practical and clearly written in a language that is easily interpreted by both technical and non-technical people.

Some of the projects we have worked on to date:

U/S, MPI, DPI of High Pressure components for ICI contractors.

U/S, MPI of steel piles for No. 6 Darling Harbour.

U/S survey of Holdsworth-Macpherson building fire sprinkler tank.

U/S, MPI of boiler (Lloyds Register witnessed) and engine components of international cargo ships.

U/S/, MPI of steelwork for Port Botany - Emergency Response Jetty.

U/S/, MPI of No.13 Pyrmont passenger gantry.

Radiography of high pressure pump casting.

U/S of steel plates for hydraulic press components.

U/S survey of MM Cables reactor vessels.

U/S, MPI of masts for MSB POCC Communications Upgrade.

U/S, MPI of modified vehicle suspension components.

MPI of MSB floodlight tower upgrade.

Assessment of fire damage to warehouse items for insurance loss adjusters.

Failure investigation of automotive engine and chassis components.

Failure investigation of Triumph motorcycle chassis (brittle fracture of welds).

Survey of mixing vessels at pharmaceutical manufacturer for passivation of 316 stainless steel.

Investigation of jewellers safe breaching by thermal lancing.

Investigate and supply procedure for restoration of corroded 316 stainless steel storage hoppers.

Survey of filming industry crane boom for structural damage after impact with automobile.

Investigation of high performance marine propeller failure (material defects).

Investigation of scaffolding component failures.

Investigation of cast alloy wheel centre failure from race vehicle (wrong alloy).

Investigation of high performance splined axle failure from race vehicle (heat treatment).

Failure investigation of extrusion cutter blades (fatigue).

Failure investigation of drive train components for mining industry.

Failure investigation of aviation engine crankshaft failure (fatigue).

Failure investigation of aviation conrod failure (lubrication break down).

Investigation of truck seat base failure (welded tool steel repair).

Investigation of truck stub axle failure (fatigue / overloading).

Investigation of refrigeration pipe corrosion (galvanic corrosion).

Investigation of walkway support strut corrosion (wrong material).

Failure investigation of Hewland differential failure (heat treatment).

Investigation of supercharger wear failure (overspeed).

Assessment of electric wheelchair for accident damage.

Investigation of car engine failure (detonation damage)

Comparison of relative strength of refrigerator door hinges.

Investigation of car engine failure (contaminated engine oil)

Investigation of aircraft nose ski failure (overload)

Investigation of steering shaft at weld (overload fracture)

Investigation of impact wrench anvil failure (wrong material)

Investigation of two piece engine valve failure (poor weld quality)

Assessment of steering rod end assemblies (poor welds, and bad fit)

Assessment of Top Fuel titanium bellhousing to ANDRA requirements.

Investigation of 440C stainless steel casting failure (inadequate heat treatment).

Investigation of corrosion of render corner beads in mortar mixture (environment).

Investigation of Subaru engine failure (detonation)

Assessment of UIM sandwich beam sample performance in four point bending

Investigation of truck body for cause of excessive deformations (wrong material)

Evaluation of 316 stainless balustrade corrosion in marine environment (fabrication error, not passivated)

Investigation of aircraft engine failure after 30 minutes running (loose conrod bolt)

Evaluation of titanium process tubes for effects of hydrogenation using metallography

Assessment of corrosion damage of aircraft fuselage after sea water immersion.

Assessment of 316L instrument tube corrosion failure on off-shore oil drilling rig (wrong material grade)

Investigation of forklift spreader upright failure (fatigue from stress raiser / poor design)

Investigation of aluminium boat hull weld failures (poor weld quality)

Investigation of 316 balustrade tee staining - on-site confirmation of material composition

Investigation of slew ring bearing failure (lubrication)

Investigation of cast automotive towbar failure (overload)

Investigation of diesel fuel filter housing failures (corrosion fatigue)

Investigation of Chinese origin cast iron long stroke crankshaft failure (overload and/or inadequate material design strength)

Evaluation of metal spray adhesive bond strength to ductile cast iron

Evaluation of the effects of electroplated zinc on case carburised pawls, and remediation recommendations (hydrogen embrittlement)

Evaluation of corrosion of tungsten carbide coated stainless steel rollers, and assessment of surface finish degradation

Sorting of tool steel scrap materials using field portable XRF analysis

Positive material identification (PMI) of 316 stainless steel tube fittings used in pharmaceutical manufacture

Identification of small metal contaminants in cured rubber components to determine source of material (PMI and microhardness)

Ultrasonic thickness surveys of steel construction hazardous materials tankers

Investigation of trailer draw bar failure to determine if the cracks pre-dated a collision (fatigue)

Investigation of aviation engine valve lifter failure (machining error resulting in reduced section thickness)

Comparison of unknown paint samples to determine source of origin, using field portable XRF to analyse pigment composition

Investigation of aviation engine valve lifter failure (low hardness)

Evaluation of passivated zinc plating for presence of hexavalent chromium

Investigation of Hayabusa race engine camchain failure (assembly error)

Investigation of 330kV SF6 circuit breaker casting failure (overload)

Investigation of delayed cracking of plated roll pins (hydrogen embrittlement)

Investigation of aircraft engine power lever failure (overload)

Investigation of mobility device transmission drive failure (overload)

Investigation of caravan wheel casting failure (installation error)

Investigation of forklift drive wheel failure (overload)

Investigation of forklift steer axles failures (overload)

Comparison of properties of lithographic plate materials

Investigation of paint blistering on aluminium light fittings in contact with 316 stainless steel fixings (paint preparation, galvanic corrosion)

First article inspection on structural fibreglass laminate, including flexure, tensile, Barcol hardness, % glass content, and macro-examination of layup

Evaluation of 1909 hook quillion bayonet for authenticity (found to be a replica)

On-site PMI of 316 stainless steel fixtures at new apartment complex in Bondi Junction

Evaluation of decarburisation depth on H13 tool steel moulds

Evaluation of aircraft galley flooring coupons by sandwich laminate flexure testing after impact damage

Investigation of cause of foreign object damage to diesel engine (failed valve seat)

Non-destructive evaluation of structural steel column grade in early 1900's building restoration

Investigation of copper cooling coils from condenser for cause of leakage (halide induced pitting corrosion)

Evaluation of corrosion of aluminium seat frames in a light industrial environment

Investigation of stainless steel kettle failure (chloride induced stress corrosion cracking)

Investigation of propeller shaft failure on luxury cruise yacht, and on-site NDT of second shaft (fatigue)

Investigation of cracks in automotive crankshafts after heat treatment (severe quench)

Evaluation of desalination plant SAF 2507 corrosion failure (incorrect material)

Assessment of porosity volume of aluminium metal spray coupons by ASTM E562 "Systematic point count method"

Investigation of desalination plant SAF2507 corrosion failure (poor heat treatment)

Investigation of pivot irrigator failure (loss of wall thickness in structural sections by corrosion)

Evaluation of source of corrosion of internal surfaces of a luxury vehicle (salt water corrosion from poorly seated sunroof)


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