SPRAKE Families of Netherbury, Dorset
A collection of family trees and historical references
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This page contains the references to the Sprake surname I can find in Netherbury, Dorset (and surrounding areas) where my great great grandmother Amelia Sprake was born. Amelia moved to Somerset and married Thomas Perry in 1855 and their family tree is on the Sprake Family of Netherbury, Dorset: The family tree of Samuel Sprake & Betty Cook. Three of their grandchildren, brothers Hubert Andrews Perry, Frank Andrews Perry and Cecil Andrews Perry emigrated to Sydney, Australia  - Marcel Safier, Brisbane, Australia. 
Census No. of Sprake entries  
1871 Channel Islands Census  3 223
1871 England Census  219
1871 Wales Census  1
1871 Census 70 birthplace Dorset
28 birthplace Somerset
32 birthplace Hampshire
10 birthplace Devon
1881 Channel Islands Census  5 269
1881 England Census  253
1881 Wales Census  11
1881 Census 82 birthplace Dorset
29 birthplace Somerset
56 birthplace Hampshire
11 birthplace Devon
1891 Channel Islands Census  5 334
1891 England Census  309
1891 Wales Census  20
1891 Census 92 birthplace Dorset
30 birthplace Somerset
7 birthplace Hampshire
28 birthplace Devon
1901 Channel Islands Census  2 365
1901 England Census  329
1901 Wales Census  34
1901 Census 80 birthplace Dorset
34 birthplace Somerset
28 birthplace Hampshire
7 birthplace Devon
1911 England Census  395 438
1911 Wales Census  43
1911 Census 77 birthplace Dorset
38 birthplace Somerset
45 birthplace Hampshire
4 birthplace Devon

NETHERBURY BURIALS 1813-1857 from Parish Registers
Year Date Surname Forename Age at death Approx. year of birth Abode and/or Comments
1813 21 Apr SPRAKE Mary Infant 1812 Netherbury 1 year and 1 quarter
1818 27 Jun SPRAKE Thomas 32 1786 Netherbury
1819 8 Oct SPRAKE Stephan 73 1746 Netherbury
1820 18 Oct SPRAKE Mary 80 1740 Netherbury
1822 21 Jun SPRAKE Ann 90 1732 Netherbury
1828 21 Feb SPRAKE Sarah 19 1809 Netherbury
1828 22 Sep SPRAKE Samuel 84 1744 Netherbury
1829 4 Jun SPRAKE Caroline Infant 1828 Netherbury
1829 11 Sep SPRAKE Jane 65 1764 Netherbury
1830 3 Jan SPRAKE David 84 1746 Netherbury
1832 28 Sep SPRAKE Stephan 60 1772 Netherbury
1832 30 Sep SPRAKE Thomas 22 1810 Stoke Abbot
1834 1 Mar SPRAKE Mary 53 1781 Netherbury
1835 18 Oct SPRAKE Robert 58 1777 Netherbury
1838 10 Oct SPRAKE Susanna 65 1773 Netherbury
1846 17 Apr SPRAKE Eliza 27 1819 Netherbury
1850 19 Oct SPRAKE John 66 1784 Union
Extracted from Dorset Parish Registers from transcriptions by Yvonne Fulcher

NETHERBURY BAPTISMS 1813-1871 from Parish Registers
Year Date Surname Forename Father Mother Abode Father's Occupation Comments
1813 10 Oct SPRAKE John John Susanna Netherbury Labourer .
1814 3 Jul SPRAKE Elizabeth Stephan Sarah Netherbury Labourer .
1816 26 May SPRAKE Elizabeth John Susanna Netherbury Labourer .
1816 21 Oct SPRAKE Samuel Samuel Betty Netherbury Labourer Aged 19 years
1817 1 Jun SPRAKE Thomas Stephan Sarah Netherbury Labourer .
1820 30 Jul SPRAKE John Stephan Sarah Netherbury Labourer .
1822 24 Nov SPRAKE Jane Stephan Sarah Netherbury Labourer .
1825 3 Jul SPRAKE Hannah Stephan Sarah Netherbury Labourer .
1826 26 Nov SPRAKE William Samuel Elizabeth Netherbury Labourer .
1828 6 Jan SPRAKE Thomas Samuel Elizabeth Netherbury Labourer .
1829 25 Oct SPRAKE George Samuel Elizabeth Netherbury Labourer .
1831 14 Aug SPRAKE Stephan Samuel Betty Netherbury Labourer .
1832 29 Jul SPRAKE John Samuel Elizabeth Netherbury Labourer .
1835 19 Jul SPRAKE Alfred Samuel Elizabeth Netherbury Labourer .
1838 5 Aug SPRAKE Thomas John Mary Netherbury Labourer .
1841 21 Feb SPRAKE Francis John Mary Netherbury Labourer .
1843 29 Jan SPRAKE John . Elizabeth Netherbury . .
1844 15 Sep SPRAKE Martha Jane Thomas Eliza Netherbury . .
1848 6 Feb SPRAKE Sarah Rosetta Thomas Mary Ann Netherbury Labourer .
1854 12 Feb SPRAKE John Thomas Eliza Netherbury Labourer .
1855 10 Feb SPRAKE Mary Thomas Eliza Netherbury Labourer .
1858 4 Jul SPRAKE George Thomas Eliza Whitecross Labourer .
1860 13 May SPRAKE Martha Thomas Eliza Whitecross Labourer .
1860 9 Dec SPRAKE Alfred James John Eliza Solway Ash Labourer .
1862 12 Oct SPRAKE Harriet Thomas Eliza Whitecross Labourer .
1865 23 Jul SPRAKE Emma Mary Annie Charles Eliza Solway Ash Labourer .
1866 3 May SPRAKE Samuel George Thomas Eliza Whitecross Labourer .
Extracted from Dorset Parish Registers from transcriptions by Yvonne Fulcher

NETHERBURY MARRIAGES 1813-1839 from Parish Registers
Year Date GROOM
Forename Status BRIDE'S
Forename Residence Witnesses Comment
1827 19-Sep SPRAKE Samuel . WILLIAMS Elizabeth Netherbury Ann Williams and Arthur Gerard By Banns
1833 26-May SPRAKE William Widower DIMENT Elizabeth Netherbury William Eames By Banns
1837 13-Apr SPRAKE John . WALDRON Mary Netherbury Robert Hellyer and Richard Tolley By Banns
1815 16-Oct HANSFORD Edward . SPRAKE Ann Netherbury Mary Way and Richard Tolley By Banns
1819 25-Aug BARRATT Thomas . SPRAKE Ann Netherbury Francis Gillha and Martha Tolley By Banns
1837 11-Oct TUCKER Thomas . SPRAKE Eleanor Netherbury Edward Green and Louisa Sprake By Licence
1839 5-Nov WILLMOTT Henry . SPRAKE Louisa Netherbury William Sprake and Mary Sprake By Banns
Extracted from Dorset Parish Registers from transcriptions by Yvonne Fulcher

Full transcriptions of the 1871-1901 censuses will slowly be added
Census Place: Ilminster, Dorset; Ref RG10/2403 p.6 
  Rel Marr Age Sex Occ Birthplace
Alfred SPRAKE head mar 36 M Assistant Baker Netherbury, Dorset
Anna Maria SPRAKE wife mar 35 F Dressmaker Fluish, Yeovil, Somerset
Maria DAVEY mother in law widow 73 F Formerly School Mistress Ilminster, Somerset
Eliza C. DAVEY sister in law unm 29 F Milliner Fluish Langport, Somerset

1. SAMUEL SPRAKE, b. 1806, d. 1875 in Beaminster, Dorset.  He married 19 SEP 1827 in Netherbury, Dorset, ELIZABETH WILLIAMS, b. 1806 in Beaminster, Dorset, d. 1895 in Beaminster. Dorset.
    3. ii GEORGE SPRAKE.
      iii STEPHAN SPRAKE, baptized 14 AUG 1831 in Netherbury, Dorset.
      iv JOHN SPRAKE, baptized 29 JUL 1832 in Netherbury, Dorset.
      v ALFRED SPRAKE, baptized 19 JUL 1835 in Netherbury, Dorset.  He married 1871 in Chard, Somerset, ANNA MARIA DAVEY, b. 1836 in Somerset, occupation Dressmaker.
      vi WILLIAM SPRAKE, baptized 26 NOV 1836 in Netherbury, Dorset.

Second Generation

2. THOMAS SPRAKE, baptized 6 JAN 1828 in Netherbury, Dorset, occupation Hurdle Maker.  He married ELIZA.
    4. i JOHN SPRAKE.
      ii MARY SPRAKE, baptized 10 FEB 1855 in Netherbury, Dorset.
      iii GEORGE SPRAKE, baptized 4 JUL 1858 in Whitecross, Netherbury, Dorset.
      iv MARTHA SPRAKE, baptized 13 MAY 1860 in Whitecross, Netherbury, Dorset.
      v HARRIET SPRAKE, baptized 12 OCT 1862 in Whitecross, Netherbury, Dorset.

3. GEORGE SPRAKE, baptized 25 OCT 1829 in Netherbury, Dorset, occupation Tailor.  He married MARY ANN JEAN unknown, b. 1830 in Worcerster, Worcester, occupation Tailoress.
      i ELIZABETH L. SPRAKE, b. 1857 in Burton Bradstock, Dorset.
      ii JOHN SAMUEL SPRAKE, b. 1860 in Burton Bradstock, Dorset.
      iii ELLEN BRAGG SPRAKE, b. 1861 in Burton Bradstock, Dorset.
      iv JOSEPH G. B. SPRAKE, b. 1864 in Burton Bradock, Dorset.
      v HUMPHREY JEANS SPRAKE, b. 1865 in Burton Bradstock, Dorset.  He married 1885 in Wangford, Suffolk, HARRIET REEVE.
      vi SARAH ANN BRAGG SPRAKE, b. 1868 in Dorset.

Third Generation

4. JOHN SPRAKE, baptized 12 FEB 1854 in Netherbury, Dorset, occupation Shepherd.  He married 1881 in Beaminster district, Dorset, SARAH JANE BROWN.
      i FLORENCE MARY L. SPRAKE, b. 1894 in Burton Bradstock, Dorset.
      ii ALMA JANE SPRAKE, b. 1883 in Pricket St. Thomas, Somerset.  She married 1908 in Bridport district, Dorset, unknown.

5. SAMUEL GEORGE SPRAKE, baptized 3 MAY 1866 in Whitecross, Netherbury, Dorset.  He married LOTTIE LOUISA, b. 1867 in Maiden Newton, Dorset.
      i MAUDE ELIZA SPRAKE, b. 1889 in Beaminster, Dorset.
      ii ALICE LOUISA SPRAKE, b. 1891 in Beaminster, Dorset.

Compiled from the IGI, Parish Register indexes and the Dorset censuses for 1871-1901.

1. Thomas SPRAKE was born c.1818 in Netherbury, Dorset, England. He married Mary. She was born c.1811 in Netherbury, Dorset, England.

 Child of Thomas SPRAKE and Mary is:
 2   i. Rossetta Sarah SPRAKE was born <31 MAR 1848 in Netherbury, Dorset, England.

Second Generation

2. Rossetta Sarah SPRAKE was born <31 MAR 1848 in Netherbury, Dorset, England. She married Samuel John GUPPY <30 JUN 1867 in Beaminster, Dorset, England, son of William GUPPY and Julia. He was born c.1842 in Netherbury, Dorset, England, and died <31 MAR 1874 in Alderbury, Wiltshire, England. She married Henry John MORRIS <31 MAR 1877 in Dorchester, Dorset, England. He was born c.1855 in Netherbury, Dorset, England.

 Children of Rossetta Sarah SPRAKE and Samuel John GUPPY are:
  3   i. Marion Elizabeth GUPPY was born ABT 1868 in Netherbury, Dorset, England. She married Herbert SAMWAYS B<31 DEC 1890 in Bridport, Dorset, England. He was born ABT 1860 in Loders, Dorset, England.
  4   ii. Arthur Sprake GUPPY was born BEF 27 FEB 1870 in Southampton, Hampshire, England.
  5   iii. Christina Jane GUPPY was born BEF 30 SEP 1872 in Netherbury, Dorset, England.
  6   iv. Samuel John GUPPY was born BEF 30 SEP 1874 in Netherbury, Dorset, England.

Child of Rossetta Sarah SPRAKE and Henry John MORRIS is:  
  7   i. Alice "Maud" MORRIS was born ABT 1877 in Netherbury, Dorset, England.

Taken from the Don Ross & Jeanne (Guppy) Ross Family Tree


MARRIAGES 1837 - 1857 Transcribed from parish registers by Zoe Martin - [x] indicates they made their mark

Date; Name; Name; Age; Condition; Occupation; Residence; Father Name Occupation;

1838; 16th January; Charles; HELLIER; Full Age; Batchelor; Dairyman; Stoke Water; Father: Henry HELLIER Dairyman; & Amelia; SPRAKE; Full Age; Spinster; Clay Lane; Father: Stephen SPRAKE Farmer; Banns; Winesses Henry HELLIER Ann SPRAKE.

1843, January 10th, David, KEECH, Full age, Batchelor, Marble Mason, St Mary Well Street, Father: Joseph KEECH Labourer, &, Ann, SPRAKE, Full age, Spinster, Half Acre, Father: Stephen SPRAKE Farmer, Witnesses, Edwin, ALLEN, Elizabeth, SPRAKE, by Banns.

1843, May 30th, Emanuel, LEGG [x], Full age, Batchelor, Labourer, St Mary Well Street, Father: James LEGG Carter, &, Maria, SPRAKE [x], Full age, Spinster, St Mary Well Street, Father: Thomas SPRAKE Labourer, Witnesses, William, WOOL?VI?, Elizabeth, SPRAKE, by Banns

1845, March 10th, Edwin, ALLEN, Full age, Batchelor, Hairdresser, North Street, Father: Abner ALLEN Servant &, Elizabeth, SPRAKE, Full age, Spinster, Clay Lane, Father: Stephen SPRAKE Farmer, Witnesses, David, KEECH, Joanne/a, KEECH, by Banns

1852, September 30th, George, SPRAKE [x], Full age, Batchelor, Tailor, Beaminster, Samuel SPRAKE Labourer & Louisa, BRAGG, Full age, Spinster, , Beaminster, John BRAGG Carpenter, Banns, Witnesses Thomas RUSSELL Mary Ann Jane BRAGG

1854; December 6th; Peter; HANCE; 35; Batchelor; Book Seller; Beaminster; Father: Robert HANCE Builder; & Jane; SPRAKE; 32; Spinster; ;    Beaminster; Father: Henry SPRAKE Farmer; by licence; Witnesses: John SPRAKE Jane Sarah KIDDLE

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