I wish to purchase carte de visite tintypes with photographers studio imprints on the mount from all parts of the world,  especially examples from Australia, New Zealand, England and Scotland

figure 1 - Partially cut 1/4 plate - 
 these could usually fit 16 gems

figure 2 - an original box containing Ferotype (sic) Preservers from the collection of Matthew Isenburg

figure 3 - Gem tintype in brass preserver ("price $1.35 per dozen")
frame in carte de visite mount

figure 4 - Gem tintype album - single gem per page

figure 5 - Front and rear of sixth plate cdv tintype showing
studio of Augustus E. Alden of Springfield, MA 
(lateral reversal of image corrected)
figure 6 - Left: CDV tintype by Gove & Allen, 187 J St., Sacramento, CA
figure 7 - Right: CDV tintype by Otis M. Gove of Boston and Sacramento
figures 8 & 9 - Gove and Allen gem tintype album title pages showing Wing Patent Camera

figure 10 - Gem tintype set in lithographed card
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